Oldtimer meeting breaks all records

This was also the case at the oldtimer meeting of the oldtimer club Kronach, where all previous records were already surpassed in the morning. Most of the convertibles managed to reach the Real-Markt parking lot just in time, some had to take a forced break during the big exit of the classic car meeting to close the roofs. A heavy thundershower pelted down and some of the oldies had not yet reached the destination of their excursion tour.

Up to the midday hour all past records were already broken, were pleased the chairman of the old timer club Kronach, Gerhard Moser, who was overjoyed up to then. An unprecedented caravan of well over 200 vintage vehicles from Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Saxony and Thuringia had arrived, which the Real-Markt parking lot was almost unable to accommodate. "And there were spectators and visitors there, as we never had them up to this time", Moser drew an interim balance at noon. More than 150 vehicles took part in the big round trip. Drivers were proud of their polished and decades-old cars, and passers-by were amazed at some of the rarities, whether on two or four wheels, or in two-wheelers with sidecars, that can only be seen in museums.

Fun and excitement

Fun and excitement was associated with a raffle. The content volume of a radiator had to be estimated, the weight of a truck spring had to be guessed and before starting the trip the exact kilometer length of the exit had to be named, which by the way was 23.6 kilometers long. The trophy for the youngest participant, 20-year-old Sven Eck, was presented by Bernd Steger, the deputy district administrator. The driver who traveled the furthest was Norbert Fischer from Esslingen/Neckar near Stuttgart and the winner of the competition was Herbert Saska from Hofheim.

There were quite a few vehicles from the 1920s and 1930s in Kronach, such as favorites like BMW Dixi built in 1926, Dodge Chrysler built in 1928 and motorcycles of the brand NSU and Triumph from the 1920s. An eye-catcher were also twelve lined up Goggomobile from the 1960s, whose owners all came from Habfurt or a hot rod Chevrolet, a really hot eye candy that takes some getting used to. "Even if in the early afternoon because of the heavy rain most drivers with their vehicles have started the journey home, the Oldtimertreffen was for us and the many helpers nevertheless again a success, because it is also visited by many spectators from near and far with pleasure", Gerhard Moser stated.

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