Not all kisses are the same

I’m not a one-night girl. Not a one night stand slut. Then rather a girl for a kiss. One-Time-Kiss could also be said. I love making out! A kiss has something so wonderfully innocent, and yet can be so passionate. If – mind you – executed correctly. It would be the worst thing for me if the man I adore turns out to be an absolutely incompetent kisser. An insurmountable flaw?

Long, short, wet, deep, tender, hot, sensual – the kiss

Spring is coming and I can see it now: snogging couples everywhere. I’m happy for them, honestly, and still I envy them a little bit. Snogging is just great. However, I notice that one or the other is not so good at the technique. In the subway I sit across from a newly in love couple who can’t get enough of each other . I look twice briefly, and avert my gaze again as quickly as possible. The sight of two tongues, which push themselves unrestrained in the throats of the partners, and besides still lick the breakfast Nutella from the corners of the mouth, produces in me a discreet gag urge. Fie! Nevertheless, both seem to like it – incomprehension spreads. What do we perceive as a "good kiss"? A good kiss is probably one that combines best with your own technique. Stormy guy with lots of saliva and tongue will probably not land a hit with the shy bus girl. The passionate seduction kiss at the uptight fish mouth just as little.

Can you learn this?

Opinions differ on this question. You can or you can’t? Some say kissing can be learned. You just have to tell the other person what you don’t like and then they can change it. Good. "You darling… the people look at me already always quite strangely, because I get from your over-motivated and with much too much saliva accompanied Abgelecke meanwhile already a rash around the mouth. Think it goes a little more restrained?" Optimally, one would probably teach the partner such a concern more gently. But still. But you can not learn that! At least I think so. One kisses just as one kisses, that comes out from within. I think very few give serious thought to how they kiss. You just do it and it either feels good or just…irritating. Kissing is not like sex. Talking about sex, saying what you like, hinting at what can be left out. The kiss, on the other hand, is something wordless. Somehow a feedback conversation would rob him of all magic.

The power of the kiss

To get that one kiss. The one you will always remember. A magical moment when the world around you stops for a moment. Perfectly. Many men are not aware of what a kiss can trigger in a woman. It is often misused as a means to an end. Tongue in, hand under the sweater and off it goes. Yet men have the power to completely invalidate a woman with their kisses. Why don’t you use them?

The moment when your lips are so close that you can feel each other’s breath. When his hand tenderly runs through my hair and pauses on my cheek. When our lips touch carefully as if it were the first time. Wonderfully soft and warm. When he detaches himself from me, looks deep into my eyes, his fingertips run along my neck. Goosebumps all over your body. Heart palpitations. When he kisses me passionately, firmly yet tenderly. Pulls my body to his and makes me forget that the world around us still exists. This moment is what makes us women melt. And all that with just one kiss.

May I lick you?

The kiss is for many people a direct indicator of whether someone is good or bad in bed. Rightly so. I remember with horror my kiss with Paul. Paul and I had met a few times and I admit there was something between us. It crackled. Then came the first evening with him – cooking and DVD, plus wine and candlelight. Perfect ambience for a passionate first kiss. There was a kiss, but it was more irritating than passionate. Overly passionate you could say. "May I kiss you?" he asked. Well sure honey, always here with it, I thought to myself. Even as he approached me I wondered why he opened his mouth so wide. Immediately I realized the answer: He wanted to eat me up. And so that it slips better, he licked the area around my mouth wide as a precaution. What’s wrong with you, boy? In a second his pointed tongue stabbed into my throat, in between it lay in my mouth like a dead fish. I guess he needed to rest. For my part, I always backed away from him, which he saw only as an invitation to give even more. Shortly before suffocation I politely broke off the action. "May I lick you?" should have been his question. Then I could have said no right away. Never in my life (especially because my body is sacred to me) would I have slept with this man. The idea of what he’s… oh let’s not go there. NEVER!

In whatever form of physical interaction the magic word is: empathy. Even if it’s just a kiss. To feel the other and perceive what he likes and what not. If the person you are talking to constantly backs away from you, it is most likely a sign that he/she does not like it very much. Find a good mix. A little tender, a little passionate. Seductive. Perceive signals and act on them. A simple game. And now go for a little smooch – it’s good for the heart and soul.

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