No panic at the wheel! How to lose your fear of driving

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Sweating, racing heart, panic in the eyes – for many driving is the absolute horror. Above all, those who drive infrequently tend to feel less confident and drive even less frequently. But the less driving experience one has, the bigger the problem becomes. Enough of that: We create remedy!

  1. · Fear of driving in the city
  2. · Fear of driving on the highway
  3. · With a wink, these situations are familiar to everyone who HATES parking:
  4. · Fear of driving while parking
  5. · Fear of driving: What to do if I can’t overcome it?
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Riding your bike in the pouring rain or in ice and snow or walking to the train, although your own car is parked in front of the door – this may sound absurd, but for many it is reality. Because the fear of driving is so great that they avoid it whenever possible.

Most of the time, you simply drive too infrequently or perhaps let your partner sit behind the wheel out of convenience, so it’s no wonder that insecurities and fears slowly but surely creep in. Many have hardly driven for years and are now afraid to drive at all. And of course it doesn’t get any better this way.

Do you feel the same way? Do you hate the thought of driving on a highway, changing lanes or – oh God – parking like the plague?? Maybe you’ve gotten out of practice in the last few years, too? Then take a deep breath and face your problem now.

Even if we should leave the car behind as often as possible because of the exhaust fumes and the catastrophic CO2 levels in the cities, driving a car is also a certain freedom for each of us. And it would be a shame if we didn’t enjoy it from time to time, just because we have developed fears about driving.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you finally tackle your fear of driving!

Fear of driving in the city

Depending on where you got your license, driving in the (big) city can be quite scary: Swiftly changing lanes in heavy traffic across multiple lanes, having to pay attention to traffic lights, pedestrians, buses and cyclists, and to make matters worse, not really knowing which way to go because one-way streets are teeming with traffic . Help!

This is how it works: Unfortunately, there’s only one thing that helps: practice, practice, practice. And preferably late at night or on a holiday when the traffic is not so heavy. Grab a friend who is an experienced driver or venture out on your own – and then practice everything you don’t feel confident doing over and over again. Little by little, you’ll venture out into heavier and heavier traffic – and you’ll notice: The secret really is: practice makes perfect!

Fear of driving on the freeway

Have you ever wondered why you spend comparatively few driving lessons on the highway in driving school, although so many people have a lot of respect for it?? Actually, the answer is obvious: driving on the highway is much easier than, for example, weaving through heavy city traffic.

You don’t have to turn and rarely change lanes, there are no traffic lights, bikes or pedestrians . But here the high speed, the acceleration on the slip road, trucks and nasty tailgaters are scary.

That’s how it works: Try to stay calm! Don’t get anxious or insecure. The most important commandment on the highway is: Determination! As with city driving, you should practice at times when there is little traffic. Or take practice drives on low-traffic highways first.

Drive up and down, stop at rest areas and practice getting back onto the often short acceleration lane, change lanes and remind yourself that in Germany the right-hand lane is mandatory on freeways (so don’t stick to the left-hand lane)! So you also avoid the problem with annoying tailgaters).

As you start to feel more confident, take a friend with you in the car who can support you when you’re unsure, remind you to look over your shoulder, and talk reassuringly to you when you panic next to a truck.

With a wink: These situations know all who HATE parking:

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Fear of driving while parking

A big fear topic: parking. The bad news first: you can’t avoid it, because you have to park somewhere, and not every space is huge and the road is rarely untraveled. The good news: Parking can be learned pretty fast (yes, you can easily do it without parking assistance)!).

How it works: If you are completely inexperienced, you can try out a so-called "traffic training course" first train courage and technique. Everyone else practice in quiet side streets – like this: stop parallel to the parking space and calmly make sure that the length fits – it should be about 1.5 times the length of your car. Then pull up until your passenger window is about level with the rear window of the parked car.

Turn the steering wheel about once until your tires are at 45 degrees to the gap and back up carefully. While doing this, look over your right shoulder to the corner of the rear that is on the side of the parking space.

Drive back until you are in the extension of this corner, looking through the rear window, at the level of the headlight of the car behind you (meaning the headlight that is on the sidewalk side). Then you swing the other way and park. Try it out, always works!

Fear of driving: What to do if I can’t overcome it?

You have tried everything, but still can’t get your fear of driving under control? Then there are several ways for you to still manage to drive a car at least halay relaxed at some point:

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