New car warranty: how long is the warranty granted for new cars?

Is a warranty required for new cars in the EU?

In the EU, a warranty must be granted for new cars?

The purchase of a new car most represents a large investment This is often preceded by a long process of saving money. It is only understandable that the new vehicle should provide good service for as many years as possible.

But it can happen that when buying a car the Bad luck and the vehicle is already covered by a after a few weeks or months serious defects has. Often there is talk about faulty production or so-called "Monday cars.

But as a buyer, you actually have Entitlement to a new car warranty, so that the manufacturer must pay for the defects? Does the new car warranty apply to brakes and co.? The following guidebook gets to the bottom of these questions and provides you with comprehensive information.

FAQ: New car warranty

In Germany, there is no legal obligation for car manufacturers to offer a new car warranty. Nevertheless, many suppliers decide to integrate such a service when selling a new car.

This is stipulated in the terms and conditions of the warranty. In this country, it is customary for a new car warranty to run for two years. In the USA, a four-year warranty is also regularly offered. How long the respective dealers grant a warranty for the new car, you can read here.

As a rule, the new car warranty covers damage to paintwork and rust through. The exact scope is defined in the warranty conditions. These can vary depending on the manufacturer. It can therefore be worthwhile to compare the relevant offers in advance.

Finding the right new car

What does a new car warranty cover?

What benefits are covered by a new car warranty?

As already mentioned, a new car is a big investment, which must be well considered. In order to find the perfect car, you should first be clear that, what requirements the car should meet.

Once these have been defined, the price framework be covered by a warranty. Afterwards you can look for appropriate models and make appointments for Test drives agree. This allows you to test whether the vehicle will meet your requirements in everyday use.

If you then have several models with roughly the same benefits in a similar price segment, you should also have a possible new car warranty into account in your decision to buy a car. In doing so, you should consider both the Term as well as the integrated services Include in your decision.

Important: To get a New car to finance, you can find on different models fall back. In this way it is generally possible to Payment in installments for the new vehicle. It is not uncommon for a higher down payment to be made at first.

Is a new car warranty mandatory in Germany?

Basically, in Germany no manufacturer to this obliges, a New car warranty to grant. In the first two years after the purchase of a new car, on the other hand, the so-called Liability for material defects.

This obligates the seller for two years to be liable for damage that already existed when the new car was handed over. The New car warranty on the other hand also comes with defects on which only occur over time.

However, this only applies if you purchase the vehicle regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications have, i.e. it is considered to be "checkbook-maintained". It is not mandatory that all inspections and repairs must be carried out at an authorized workshop, you can also visit an independent workshop.

The New car warranty grips on the other hand not at Signs of wear and tear, such as worn brake pads.

Important: The new vehicle warranty is a voluntary performance of the manufacturer. This can accordingly the determine warranty conditions and define what services are included in it. As a rule, these are additional services that supplement the statutory liability for material defects. It is not uncommon for the additional agreement between manufacturer and buyer to include rust-through and paint warranties.

New car warranty: How long is it valid??

Does a workshop commitment apply to the new car warranty?

Does the new car warranty apply a workshop commitment?

An essential factor when you are dealing with the new car warranty is, of course, its Runtime. Since there are no legal regulations in this regard, it can be used by the Manufacturer itself determined become.

In addition, the vendors themselves determine, which parts are included in the respective warranty period. Below we have gathered for you the duration of the new car warranty of some major car manufacturers:

  • 2 years: Audi, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Jeep, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Smart, VW and Volvo.
  • 3 yearsDacia, Honda, Hyundai (depending on the model also five years possible), Jaguar, Land-Rover, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota.
  • 5 or more years (if necessary. with restrictions on individual components): KIA, Mitsubishi and Subaru.

Good to know: It is not uncommon for the Duration of the new car warranty tied to a mileage limit. If you drive disproportionately much with the vehicle, this can lead to the fact that the warranty services do not last the full two years over. As a rule, the mileage has no effect on the liability for material defects.

What damage must be covered under warranty?

As already described, in addition to a possible new car warranty, there is also the Liability for material defects or. Warranty. The seller is for two years obliged to be liable for defects that already existed when the new car was handed over.

So make a corresponding Lack firmly, you should Contact the seller directly. The latter is then obliged to remedy the defect accordingly. you have a claim to the use of new or. Original spare parts.

But what happens if it is not possible to remove the defect or the vehicle keeps showing defects? In this case the buyer usually has a Entitlement to a new vehicle.

But when can you actually use the Reduce the purchase price or even withdraw from the purchase contract? This is usually possible, if one of these three possibilities is given:

  • Rework does not bring the desired success, the same error occurs again and again
  • The seller does not carry out the repairs within the agreed period of time
  • The seller refuses to initiate the remanufacturing process

The Liability for material defects ends after two years. However, some sellers are accommodating enough to remove defects beyond this period. So, in case of doubt, it may be worthwhile just to ask once.

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