My reading recommendations for 2022

My reading recommendations 2022

As every year, here are my reading recommendations again this year. Books are still my number one source of inspiration. Reading is an integral part of my morning routine. A start into the day without my morning reading is unimaginable for me.

As always, I’ve pulled together books from a wide variety of genres. As always I have read all the books myself.

As always, not only business books are included in my reading recommendations. As always, I recommend a biography and as always, there is also a tip for a vacation read.




My reading recommendations for 2022

The big book of sleep:
The enormous importance of sleep

by Matthew Walker

Book cover The Big Book of Sleep

A recommendation from the community and what a one (thanks for that. ). An eye-opening book on the importance and function of sleep. Forget about diet or exercise. Sleep is much, much more important.

Prof. Dr. med. Matthew Walker is an American scientist and the head of a sleep laboratory. His conclusion: proper sleep makes us smarter, more attractive, slimmer, prevents cancer and dementia, strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. What are you waiting for? Off to bed!

The manana skill – Even power people need a break

by Gunter Frank and Maja Storch

Book cover The Manana Competence

Although our lives are full of deadlines, tasks and commitments, they often feel empty and insignificant. This is exactly where this book worth reading comes in. Using insights from medicine and neuropsychology, the two authors show what matters in a successful and satisfied life. This has a lot to do with what many of us have forgotten: Switching off and feeling inside ourselves.

A clear reading recommendation for all power people, for whom switching off, idleness and "postponing until tomorrow" are foreign words.

Ambition – How great careers succeed

by Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter

Cover image Ambition - How great careers succeed

The two authors are consultants to top management. In the book, they didn’t string together the all-too-familiar career tips. They have examined the career system and found out that great careers, be it in business, art or sports, only succeed if there is ambition behind it.

How to discover this in yourself and bring it to fruition, she explains in detail and expertly in this book. For those who like it more compact and quicker, I recommend my podcast interview with these two on this topic.

Less taxes& more wealth: How to make more of your money as an entrepreneur

by Alexander Keck

Book cover Less taxes and more wealth

Alexander Keck is neither a tax accountant nor a certified public accountant. Nevertheless, the book "Less taxes& More wealth" written. He reports from his own experience as an entrepreneur.

In this book, Alexander describes very clearly and with many examples how you as an entrepreneur make more of your money. In my view, an eye-opening must-read for all entrepreneurs. With simple changes in our company structure we can save taxes and build wealth.

I have also dealt with Alexander in my Hello FOKUS! Podcast to talk about his book.

Utopias for realists

by Rutger Bregman

Book cover Utopias for realists

Dutchman Rutger Bregman is a gifted author and inspiring thought leader. In his book, he presents big ideas for our time: the 15-hour work week, open borders and unconditional basic income. And he backs up all his ideas and theses with very well-researched facts and studies that are almost overwhelming in number.

The Times sums it up, "Rutger Bregman shakes us awake".

What if we just save the world? Acting in the climate crisis

by Frank Schatzing

Book cover What if we just save the world?

Ok, I admit it: I couldn’t do much with Frank Schatzing’s books so far and so I was also very skeptical when this book fell into my hands (I somehow forgot how exactly that happened).

But anyway, it’s a great book. Schatzing writes with humor and brilliance about the climate crisis and its effects. Scientifically sound, never boring, a real page-turner.

Shoe Dog: The official biography of the Nike founder

by Phil Knight

Book cover Shoe Dog: The Official Biography of the Nike Founder

I love biographies and last year I read some of them again. Outstanding was that of Phil Knight, the founder of Nike.

He is relentlessly open. He lets us in on all his setbacks and near bankruptcies. He shows us his weaknesses and fears. He shows us how rocky the road is as an entrepreneur. That is what makes this book so inspiring.

About people

Book cover About People

Those who have been following my reading recommendations for a while know that I am a big fan of Juli Zeh. Her books are terrific and the latest one is no exception, rather the opposite. It’s just great.

Juli Zeh holds up a mirror to us in "About People. It confronts us with our pigeonholing, weaknesses, biases and fears. And it shows us how to find our strengths when we dare to be human again…

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