Motorcyclist injured in accident

Motorcyclist injured in accident

A motorcyclist was injured in a collision with a truck on tuesday afternoon. According to a press release from the police in wurzburg, the 80-year-old had disregarded the right of way of a truck with his two-wheeler and was hit by it. The motorcyclist was only slightly injured.

the accident had occurred around 3 p.m. in mainbernheimer strabe (bundesstrabe 8). The man from kitzingen was riding his light motorcycle on bohmerwaldstrabe in the direction of mainbernheimer strabe. A truck from the reutlingen district was traveling into town on mainbernheimer strabe at the same time. at the time of the accident, construction work was being carried out in the area of the crossing. That is why the traffic lights were not in operation.

The senior, who should have given the truck the right of way, entered the intersection for reasons as yet unexplained and crashed into the front bumper of the truck.

the man was only slightly injured in the traffic accident. He was taken to hospital. The light motorcycle was totally damaged. The front bumper of the truck was damaged. the exact amount of damage has not yet been determined.

The scene of the accident was attended by a large number of emergency services, an ambulance and the fire department from kitzingen. The accident site was closed for the duration of the accident investigation.

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