Money rules the world: how to ban unnecessary money guzzlers from your life

Money rules the world: How to ban unnecessary money guzzlers from your life

With the constant expenses that arise in everyday life, it is easy to lose track of everything. The view on the account balance at the end of the month is then often sobering and demands comprehensive savings measures. However, the monthly expenses can already be avoided with simple tips and tricks. Because it turns out you don’t have to be a stock market genius to accumulate a small fortune.

05.05.2021, 07:59

In the following article we have compiled some advice for you that will help you save money permanently.

Check running costs

Before you decide to accept cutbacks in your everyday life, you should first get an overview of your actual expenses. It is advisable to keep a budget book in which all costs are listed. By this procedure the evildoers, who reduce the budget, are made out very fast.

Electricity provider

Electricity dominates our everyday life. It supplies household appliances, consumer electronics and our lighting with energy. But the contracts with the electricity provider have usually been in place for several years and are only very rarely questioned. In fact, however, therein lies the error. Because if you regularly check your electricity costs, you can make price comparisons with other service providers, snag a better deal, and thus save money.

With more than 22.000 tariffs, however, it is easy to lose track of them. For this reason it is advisable to use an automated comparison service. Comparison portals for electricity providers not only disclose the price-performance ratio, but also the terms of the contract. This is because these should definitely be included in the decision.

Cell phone contract

The same applies to cell phone contracts. Most consumers change smartphones regularly, but remain loyal to your carrier. In the course of time, however, life circumstances or demands may have changed, which makes an update of the cell phone contract unavoidable.


Often, you also have a number of subscriptions: Spotify, Netflix, YouTube Premium, magazine subscriptions, gym membership, etc. But the majority of subscriptions taken out are not used to the extent necessary to justify the expense. It is therefore advisable to review and cancel these contracts as well. Also make sure that you observe the cancellation periods in order to avoid further contract commitments.

The basics of saving

In addition to reducing everyday costs, it is also important to save on new purchases.

Quality over quantity

Companies and web stores often advertise special offers:

  • two for the price of one
  • phenomenal price reductions
  • additional gifts at a certain purchase value

However, these offers are usually nothing more than empty promises. Because often the sold goods have a very low quality, which is why a replacement must soon be found. This is naturally factored in by companies, as it encourages customers to buy while also ensuring they return as soon as possible. Try to avoid such tricks and rather go for products that will serve you well for a long time.

Repair instead of disposing

In addition, defective consumer goods do not always have to be disposed of. Clothes, for example, can often be repaired: Defective zippers, tears, lost buttons and clothes that are too loose can be made ready for use again in just a few simple steps. Electrical appliances can also be repaired. Laptops and computers, for example, often just need a thorough cleaning to run faster and without problems again.

Hunting for bargains

Last but not least, you can also save money on shopping. It is advised to check the brochures of supermarket chains for special offers. This is especially worthwhile for meat, sausage and dairy products. Vegetables and fruit are offered cheaper at the end of the day, because you want to sell the remaining stock – as best you can.

When shopping online, you can use coupons, promo codes and vouchers to reduce the price of the shopping cart. These are available all year round. Do not fixate on one service provider. Compare different suppliers to locate the best buy offer.

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