Money gifts for every occasion

Money gifts for any occasion

A gift of money for a special occasion is always well received. For birthdays, weddings and many other occasions, many people wish for money to fulfill a special wish of the heart. It is not quite so relevant whether this should be originally packaged or self-made with a romantic touch to present. Even if it’s hidden in creative packages at Christmas, it’s to everyone’s taste. Finally, there is also the knowledge that you can fulfill whatever you want with it!

After all: Three quarters of all participants in a survey conducted by the Emnid Institute have money gifts most preferred. This was revealed by 500 participants aged 14 years with the question of what they think of monetary gifts. Three quarters of respondents would be happy to receive money, only 25% said it was silent. It was interesting to note that participants with a higher level of education had problems, Money as a gift Acknowledge. There were also regional differences. Thus it was in the east 30% and in the west 23%, which felt gifts of money as rather unimaginatively.

Nevertheless, there is an accurate way to find out if money is really appropriate. You can talk openly with the recipient! Often the person also already expresses the desire to rather choose something for themselves.

How much money should be given as a gift?

With money gifts one always asks oneself naturally the question, which sum is appropriate at all. Initially, there are no fixed guidelines in such cases. How much and on which occasion is given away, always depends on the relationship to the receiver and above all the own financial situation. However, it may be easier to clarify the question of the amount by the gift occasion.

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Money gifts for the wedding

Especially at weddings Money gifts ideal, of course. The bride and groom are helped by the monetary attention to cover the costs of the celebration or to be able to go on a nice honeymoon. Often dishes and other things for the common dwelling of the pair are given away, without meeting however the taste of the presented ones.

If a big celebration takes place and the bridal couple wishes money to the wedding, one can orient oneself at the following sums:
– Known up to 50€
– Friends to 100€
– Family up to 250€

Piggy bank with money as a gift

With money gifts there are naturally upward no borders. Nevertheless, the own financial framework should not be blown up. That a student with pocket money cannot give as much as a lawyer is understandable for all concerned.

However, to find the right setting, the following criteria may also help:
– The location: At a very elaborate wedding with expensive skewers and champagne, you can give a little more.
– In which relationship one stands to the pair: Naturally one will give family members and best friends more than far relatives, whom one hardly saw.
– Travel: If one travels abroad at one’s own expense for the wedding (or even to a distant city), the gift may be smaller.

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Money gifts for a birthday

Every year people find it harder to present a loved one with a fabulous birthday gift. With each upcoming birthday of friends or relatives, look for a suitable accessory that is guaranteed to bring joy. Many therefore see money as a welcome compromise.

To create a sense of wonder when handing over money in spite of everything, money gift wrapping ideas are a perfect suggestion. Without much time and effort, each bill can be transformed into a small work of art. The money gift will be an unusual attention to the birthday. A personal touch can also be given to a card with a few nice words to show the recipient that you have put some thought into it.

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It becomes problematic when an agreement has been made that the recipients will give each other approximately the same amount of money. Here then a good average value should be taken, so that neither of the two sides in financial distress comes. Gifts should ultimately delight and not unintentionally encourage competition.

Money gifts for confirmation, communion and baptism

Important church rituals such as baptism, communion and confirmation are usually accompanied by a large celebration. In addition to the usual guests, the godparents are in the foreground here, as they assume an important office. Thus money gifts of godfathers with up to 150 € are considered quite appropriate. Relatives and close family friends can’t go wrong with €50. Neighbors or distant acquaintances who could not attend but would like to show their appreciation are well advised to give 20 €.

For First Communion heartfelt wishes (money gift books)

Other occasions to give money as a gift

At family celebrations, anniversaries or special occasions, gifts of money or vouchers are always a good idea if the recipients do not express a wish or if you do not know what to give to them. For example, since they feel they already own everything.

Money gifts are suitable here then for many occasions:
– As an additional payment to the new bike
– For teenagers getting their driver’s license
– As support for the first car
– Wedding anniversaries (i.e. wedding days, not the wedding itself)

Is the gift of money actually tax-free?

Normally a gift is taxable; just like an inheritance. However, there are allowances which are valid for both cases. In many cases, the donee does not have to pay tax on the acquired asset in full or possibly not at all as a result.

The amount of the allowance is graduated according to the degree of kinship. Allowances are usually the same for heirs and donees, but with one important exception. The exemption amount for gift tax is much lower for parents and grandparents than for inheritance tax, but in any case starts at an amount of 20.000 €.

With teenagers, the whole thing looks a little different. Here the demands already increase slightly and with it also the magnitude of the wishes. Teenagers are more happy about money gifts from relatives, as they contribute to the fulfillment of their heart’s desires. Often these even seem so banal that you as a gift giver would not even think of getting them. For example, because it is a craft kit or something even smaller. In addition, teenagers are in their own taste development, when it comes to clothing, music and other things. As an adult, it happens easily not to meet this, especially since it can often change within a few days. Money or gift certificates are probably the best choice here.

In any case, the amount of the gift should be determined according to the age of the child:

– For children in preschool or. Elementary school age 20 to 25 € is a lot of cash.
– For teenagers, the amount of pocket money can be used as a guide.
– Teenagers from the age of 15. Children in their second year of life already have larger projects ahead of them, such as the driver’s license, the first moped or a used car for the first practical experience. Here you do not need to have a guilty conscience when giving money, it should only be ensured that it is also used for the respective desire.

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How to wrap gifts of money?

It is of course boring if you always just use a pretty envelope or card to give money away. Optimal would be therefore, to craft something nice with the money. The classics are the bouquet of flowers, in which banknotes are incorporated, or a money tree.

If you want to present your money gift in a special way, you should focus on individuality and packaging. This way you can show the recipient that you want to give him a special pleasure with a rather practical gift. A personal touch of the gift packaging is therefore almost inevitable.

Folding money has become a popular way to do this. With a little flair and folding instructions, many ideas can be easily implemented. At the same time, the time involved is also comparatively low.

For weddings, the heart motif is often chosen, but also a shamrock as a sign of luck or a bouquet of folded roses are a great sight. Gift wishes for clothing can be easily implemented by choosing motifs such as a shirt, a coat or even a pair of pants. Zodiac signs are for birthday children certainly a successful eye-catcher.

Money is also great to give away in a self-designed interactive card or even in a picture frame. In most cases, however, it needs at least a creative folding, because the money is, after all, the center of the presented gift. For example, with the help of a couple of shirts as visitors to the soccer stadium. This gift is then ideal to give pleasure to someone who is an avid footballer and could use a new jersey or shoes every now and then.

The 3 best ideas for money gifts for the wedding

Often you will find on the wedding invitation already a hint that the bride and groom want money as a gift from the guests. However, an envelope or a card is usually too impersonal for this purpose. Therefore, here are the three biggest favorites of packaging ideas.

1. A small money box
For brides and grooms who are going on their honeymoon afterwards, the money suitcase is a great way to wrap it up. A small matchbox can easily be transformed into a small suitcase and decorated with flags and pictures of different countries. Of course, it also makes sense to know more about the destination of the two of you, so that you can adapt the decoration accordingly.
In this original packaging some folded bills have place. In addition, it is quickly explained what they are intended for.

2. A champagne glass for the wedding
Every wedding is a toast; and with stylish champagne glasses, it’s even more fun. Whether for the honeymoon, for the celebration or joint first purchases, the contents are guaranteed to find a use.

The champagne glasses are a visual highlight on the gift table and can also be a trendy decoration in the home after the wedding. In addition, they can be used later still often for common romantic evenings for two.

3. A pretty thread heart to hang
The thread heart (perhaps still decorated with folded money hearts) is quickly and easily made on a wooden board. Here you have the opportunity to add your own fingerprint, the favorite color of the recipient or other creativity.

Of course, the size of the heart and the amount of money can vary as you wish. These are inserted inside the threads, so that it needs no further fastening. Even after the wedding, this work still makes quite a decoration.

How to make a thread picture?

If you want to create memories that will remain in retrospect, you can of course create a thread picture. Any shape can be created by nails and thread, which is perfectly suited to the respective theme. In addition, folded banknotes can be accommodated super easy, because they simply need to be inserted!

What kind of background should be used?
Of course, you need a wooden board as a base for the thread picture. Absolutely should be paid attention to the purchase that this has hardly any wood grain, because when hammering several nails exactly in those places the wood could split. In addition, the plate should always be at least one centimeter thick, so that the nails have a hold.

Which thread should you take?

Color pictures look very colorful and expressive. This is not only due to the color, but also to the thickness of the thread and its type (i.e. the material). When choosing, you should definitely pay attention to the style you want to achieve.

For a noble overall picture, gold yarn would be a good choice. For rustic works, you can achieve the right effect with jute twine. The smaller the overall picture, the finer the thread should also be to make the lines appear more filigree.

And what nails will you need?

To form the contours of the motif, hammer nails into a wooden plate. Usually 15 to 20 mm long nails are used for this purpose. The larger the motif, the more nails are needed, of course. To minimize the subsequent risk of injury, nails with a large head should be used.
Important, to prevent injury, is that the nail is held below the head and is thus applied to the wooden plate. Then hit the head of the nail with a hammer until it holds by itself.

How to make thread pictures – a quick tutorial

This equipment is needed:

  • Carpet pad or. Wooden board
  • If necessary, some paint to color the plate
  • A template
  • Adhesive tape or. also like painter’s masking tape
  • Nails and hammer
  • Yarn or thread
  • If necessary. a pair of tweezers or pliers

To begin with, the wood can be enhanced by lending paint. For rustic-looking pictures, a simple wood glaze can be used to preserve the existing grain. But remember: There must not be too much grain!

Without a template, the thread image may not look as desired. Therefore, it is recommended to look for a motif and print it out, if necessary. This printout can be attached to the wood panel, making it easier to place the nails in the right places. With even spacing, the nails are placed little by little, which thereby give the desired contour of the motif. The previously used template can be torn off afterwards after simply, as soon as all necessary nails are in the wood.

To create the image, the end of the thread is tied to one of the nails and continued to each nail driven until the contours of the motif are connected. It is important to put a loop around each nail, so that the thread is securely in place. After that the picture is completed.

Many variations of designs can be created with this technique. To get a perfect overall picture, it is also possible to use black or gold colored nails.
By the way, an alternative to the classic thread picture is not to fill in the motif, but the background! This leaves a free space, which ultimately releases the desired shape.

Money gift for a bicycle – what you should know about it

About twice a year you are looking for a creative gift idea. Recipients who not only go shopping by bike, but also go on longer bike tours, need a certain budget to be able to live out their hobby.

But there are some accessories that should not be given away in the process. This includes the bicycle helmet, bicycle saddle, bicycle shoes and handlebar grips, as these are usually dependent on personal preferences and needs. To estimate as an outsider is almost impossible. Then it is better to choose a monetary gift, which the bicycle enthusiast can use optimally according to his wishes.

5+ gift ideas when money is involved

Now through the preceding advice and instructions could already be collected a lot of inspiration. Last but not least, of course, a few final gift ideas should not be missing. There are the most diverse ways to make the gift of money as creative as possible!

1. Give away money in a picture frame for a birthday

One should be aware that it is not alone crafting, painting or embroidering a picture. Because even without money can be a unique decoration. With a deeper picture frame there is also the possibility to achieve a 3D effect with accessories.

Before creating such a work of art, it is advantageous to have thought about how you want to present the money in it. Also, what you want to express with it should determine from the outset. Are it congratulations? An inspiring saying, since a difficult school exam is coming up? Or an appeal to the fact that one could make quietly nevertheless again something break? How would it be at this point, for example, with money that can be invested in (joint) ventures?

2. A collage instead of the usual card
For special moments in life, a collage with photos, tickets or sayings reminiscent of good times is recommended. Spiced up with a few money hearts or euro coins, you can’t go wrong with gift giving.

3. Birthday gift in a jar
An easily created scenario is the birthday in a jar. With the right accessories, such as candles, cupcakes, streamers or a toot, you have everything that is needed. All together in a beautiful canning jar or jam jar is with a monetary donation a very creative gift for the birthday child. Of course, it is also possible to put allusions to the reason for the gift in the jar.

4. How about a treasure hunt?
This is less about the chest. It’s all about the charm and how it can be opened. Locking a small box with a combination lock is not difficult. But so that this can be opened again, there are many ways to disguise the numerical code.

One would be, for example, to design a crossword puzzle in which the numbers can be revealed when the correct solution is found.
Creativity is definitely needed to include a treasure hunt as a party game or even make it a puzzle that has to be solved first. Basically everything is allowed for it, what makes fun!

5. When it has to go really fast
A simple balloon can hold a fantastic surprise. Whether transparent so that much of the content is revealed just by looking at it, or hidden in a non-transparent balloon; fun is guaranteed! Filled with confetti or small beads, there’s still enough room for a rolled-up bill or two.
Congratulations can be written on the balloon with a sharpie after it has been inflated.

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