Mercedes g-class: order stop because of too high demand

At the last IAA Daimler presented its electric G-Class. This should have been the starting signal for the run on the last G models with gasoline and diesel engines. The model is sold out until 2024 – and can no longer be ordered.

This is reported by various media and the insider blog "MB Passion". "As it looks at the moment, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class will be available retroactively to the 17th of the year. January 2022 an order stop. According to this, only existing orders of the SUV up to and including 16. January confirms", so "MB Passion. It is said to be a temporary measure, about an early discontinuation of the G-model is not known. The Business Insider reports that initially orders are to be processed until 2024.

Mercedes will only build electric cars in the future

The G-Class, introduced in 1979, is one of the few cult models of the Swabians that is still being built. However, the end is foreseeable: Group CEO Ola Kallenius has made it clear that Mercedes wants to get rid of its gasoline and diesel buyers and build only electric models as soon as possible. The development of new combustion engines is outsourced to China.

Rustic icon under power: Mercedes is showing the Concept EQG, the electric version of the G-Class, at the Munich IAA

This also means the end for the G-model in its current form. The cult off-roader – considered the best all-wheel-drive vehicle ever, along with the Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender and Toyota Land Cruiser – has been built at Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria, since 1979.

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High six-figure sums for tuned G-models

The price of a new "G are steep: From 102.019 Euro (350 d 4×4) to 158.300 euros (63 AMG V8 4×4) is the range. And these are just the lists. If you look at the current prices at, buyers seem to be clamoring for the car: For models built in 2021, it starts at around 150.000 euros off, refined models from Brabus, Maybach or AMG are offered for enormous six-figure sums.

Mercedes has cast the G-Class in synthetic resin

Will the G-Class function as a battery car?

Mercedes presented a possible successor to the battery-powered G model at the last IAA in Munich in September 2021. But if and when such a model will come is still unclear. Germany and Europe are rather subordinate markets for the living classic, more important are the USA, Russia or the Middle East. While the trend toward electric pickups in the U.S. may well create opportunities for an electric G-model, things look rather uncertain in other markets. In Germany, however, it will probably only be possible to buy a G-Class with battery drive in the future.

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Mercedes g-class: order stop because of too high demand

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