Massive house: these are the fairest providers

Around one third more of their income remains for retirees with their own property. According to a study by the LBS, it will become clear by the time you retire in your mid-60s at the latest: tenants will then be paying an average of 688 euros per month, while homeowners will only be paying 499 euros. If you have already paid off your property completely at this point, you will only be charged 386 euros a month. Makes summa summarum 300 euros monthly savings, which owners can invest instead of in the rent in a vacation or other pleasures.

Around 100.000 building permits for single-family homes were issued last year. Increasingly, home builders are opting for solid houses. One in three new buildings in Germany was built using solid construction methods in 2016, according to the Central Association of the German Construction Industry. Their advantages: they are affordable, have a long service life, have energy efficiency that exceeds the standards, and can be designed individually. The latter in particular is a strong argument. Because among the massif house buyers rank families just like couples and single ones, which connect their dream of the home of one’s own in each case with different needs.

Real estate exchange

However, customers should look carefully when choosing a solid house provider. Not only should he be technically competent, but also fair in dealing with his customers.

Already for the fifth time FOCUS MONEY together with the Cologne analysis and consulting house ServiceValue evaluated the fairness of altogether twelve massif house offerers. In the online survey, more than 1,000 customers gave their opinion on 34 service and performance features. The results are once again very positive: 78 percent of respondents describe their provider as "excellent" or "very good". 87 percent would have their next house built again via their house partner. Just as many respondents would recommend it to friends and acquaintances.

Accurate investigation

Seven companies were perceived by their customers as being fairer than average, and four of them were even awarded the top grade. Right at the top: Viebrockhaus, the only provider to receive a "very good" rating in all six categories. Dennert Massivhaus received five times the Bestnote from its customers, Arge house four times and Baumeister house – a union of over 50 independent enterprises in Germany and Austria – still three times.

Likewise pleasing: The total level rose altogether clearly. In all categories the offerers could improve in the comparison to the previous year – partly even clearly. The companies were particularly strong in the subcategories "Fair customer communication" and "Sustainability&" Responsibility".

Massive house: these are the fairest providers

However, the study not only reveals the strengths of the suppliers, but also shows in detail where the companies can improve further. This is particularly the case in the "Fair customer service" category, which is the weakest in the comparison. Overall, however, the solid house providers once again present a strong picture this year. "With the enterprises examined here the customers are mostly on the safe side. You are accompanied throughout the entire construction process as a partner and can also find a contact person in the event of problems," says Dr. Claus Dethloff, Managing Director of ServiceValue GmbH.

Great solidarity

The approval is immense: 93 percent of all customers feel they are in good hands with their solid house provider. A clear expression of emotional attachment, which indicates that the construction project went smoothly.


Four times "Very Good", three times "Good" – seven solid house providers made it into the overall ranking of the fairest in 2017.

A total of twelve companies were evaluated by their customers as part of the study. As already in the past year Baumeister house, Dennert massif house and Viebrockhaus are also in this year again completely in front with it. New in the field of the best offerers is this year Arge house. The newcomer from Rostock made the leap from the "good" to the "very good" providers in the overall assessment.

Above-average performance was also rated by newcomer HausCompagnie from Hamburg, Heinz von Heiden from Isernhagen and Town & Country Country House from Horselberg-Hainich attested to. They were able to place themselves in the overall ranking with a "good" rating.

Particularly pleasing: In all six categories the industry could improve in the comparison to the previous year. In particular, the companies made substantial improvements in "fair customer communication" and "fair customer service" (see subcategory rankings starting on page 77). The sector has its greatest strengths in "fair customer communication" and "sustainability&" Responsibility".

Other categories

Fair product performance

Product selection, product quality, adherence to delivery dates: Customers’ expectations are high. However, the performance of the solid house providers in the "fair product performance" category is capable of further development. For example, one in five complains that there are sometimes problems in coordinating the various trades.

The sector also has room for improvement when it comes to "Reliability of products and services": 17 percent of respondents would like to see even better performance from their provider in this area. Arge-Haus, Town & Country Haus and Heinz von Heiden scored best here Country Haus and Dennert Massivhaus.

On the other hand, the companies received particularly high praise for their range of products and services: 93 percent of all respondents were satisfied with this.

Fair customer advice

Floor plan, choice of plot, architectural and engineering services, fittings: anyone building a house needs a lot of advice. It is particularly important to customers that their consultant has a high level of professional competence and takes their individual needs adequately into account in the discussion.

The industry is well positioned in this respect. 89 percent of all respondents rated their advisors as having a high level of professional competence and 82 percent as providing advice tailored to their needs.

However, there was also criticism. One in five customers would like more "advice on aspects of ecological building and living", for example in the planning phase.

Fair customer communication

In no other subcategory has the industry improved more than here compared to the previous year. Fair customer communication" is even the strongest subcategory in the entire test this year.

This is matched by the fact that the service and performance feature "Permanent contact partner during the construction project" is the best overall from this subcategory. Above all category winners HausCompagnie, Favorit Massivhaus and Viebrockhaus convince their customers in this point.

The performance density is also convincing: the gap between the best and the weakest provider in "Fair customer communication" is smaller than anywhere else.

Fair customer service

Most people only build a house once in their lives, and the construction project can take several months to complete. Good service is therefore the be-all and end-all. All in all, the industry is welcome to make further improvements here. Because in the category "Fair customer service" it again achieves its weakest result this year.

One in five customers would like to see more goodwill in the event of complaints, for example. Even more customers would be pleased to receive low-cost assistance in the event of problems.

Good marks, on the other hand, were awarded for "support with the delivery of construction documents" – above all for Dennert Massivhaus, Town& Country house and Heinz von Heiden.

Fair price-performance ratio

There is hardly any other aspect of service that expresses the idea of fairness more clearly than the price/performance ratio.

Particularly pleasing: 85 percent of respondents fully or somewhat agreed with the statement that they get adequate value for money from their provider. Viebrockhaus, HausCompagnie and Arge-Haus occupy the top places for this item.

The highest cost transparency attested the customers Viebrockhaus, Dennert Massivhaus and Exzellent Massivhaus.

Customers of Dennert Massivhaus, Helma and Hauser Massivbau complain least about hidden costs.

Highest sustainability& Responsibility

Natural building materials, high energy efficiency, social commitment: More and more builders are attaching importance to sustainability and responsibility.

Altogether the enterprises give here a good picture.

In the category "socially responsible and environmentally conscious actions" – the technical term is "corporate social responsibility" – the companies Dennert Massivhaus, Hauser Massivbau and Viebrockhaus were particularly convincing to their customers.

According to customer ratings, Viebrockhaus, HausCompagnie and Baumeister-Haus will be the most successful on the market in the long term. They are awarded the highest "Economic Sustainability.

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