Martin suter’s biography of bastian schweinsteiger is his worst book ever

If you want to read a cheesy life story full of linguistic and psychological banalities about a German soccer multimillionaire and world champion, this book will serve you well. This time, Swiss bestselling author Martin Suter makes it a bit easy for literary critics. The feuilletons have poured generous amounts of ridicule on him. "A really bad book" was the headline of the "Suddeutsche Zeitung". Even in the SRF it was said: "Kitschy."

Basti, the sports-crazy rascal from the Bavarian provinces, who made it from truant to hero of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, received 14 million euros a year at Bayern Munich and, as the temporary crowning of his still quite young life, won the most beautiful tennis No. 1 of the world in a luxury dream wedding in Venice marries. Basti, who doesn’t want to be called Schweini anymore – as fans used to call him in the past (his PR agency tries to forbid it to the media). So Basti has fulfilled his boyhood dream, which he claims to have achieved purely for the joy of playing, was injured a few times, but always got himself back up again.

The only low point: He missed a decisive penalty in the Champions League final against Chelsea in 2012. So someone says after his farewell game in Munich:

"I am one of you and will always remain one of you."

Apparently he really means it – because despite his jet-set life he has remained a simple, nice guy. The few aesthetic escapades (dyed hair) have been forgiven by the fans. Schweinsteiger actually does not perform like other aloof football freaks like Christiano Ronaldo or Neymar Jr.

A story full of platitudes is simply not a novel

Ronaldo and Neymar would, of course, be better novel characters because they are more shrill and contradictory. Because one asks oneself while reading "One of you" constantly: Is there anything more literary to come?? Bastian Schweinsteiger himself has always refused to write an authorized biography about his career, he said before the book was published.

Martin suter's biography of bastian schweinsteiger is his worst book ever

Martin Suter:One of you. Bastian Schweinsteiger. Novel biography. Diogenes. 380 pages.

He only changed his mind when a friend suggested that Martin Suter could write a novel biography about him with literary liberties. Certainly an original idea, even if Schweinsteiger rather consumes videogames than novels. Just silly and debunking, Suter thanks the characters in the epilogue for the quotes they used. So we can assume that his characters in the novel really do talk like that in real life.

This is then also the main problem of this book: the psychological and linguistic platitude. Before Schweinsteiger could reach his tennis no. 1, he has gone through two breakups with long-term girlfriends. Both times he simply explains that they "grew apart". No additional sentence, no more thought comes to his mind. Is it permissible for a writer to expose his main character as such a simpleton?? When Martin Suter writes about the footballing qualities of his character, it sounds like this: "He had an unbelievably sure pass and a high level of playing intelligence."

That’s what a soccer reporter says, but not a writer. Schweinsteiger’s life-philosophical short sentences like "Bad luck in the game, good luck in love" or the consolation attempt of his ex-girlfriend "That’s normal, after the euphoria you sometimes fall into a hole" are just embarrassing platitudes. Suter saves his book a little with charming childhood scenes, in which Basti’s duck walk and his kisses in the cemetery are described with irony.

From "Small World" to "The Cook", Martin Suter has written some elegant and clever zeitgeist novels, but "One of You" is a nuisance.

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