Married couple volk in dampfach united for 50 years

"We have experienced ups and downs in the 50 years of our marriage. But with our motto ‘With a little peace and quiet, many a problem solves itself’ we have always done well", say Rita and Gregor Volk, who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary yesterday (Friday).

Gregor Volk was born on 18. Gregor Volk was born in Dampfach on June 1940. After elementary school, he attended the agricultural school in Hassfurt and worked from 1958 to 1964 as a whaler and plasterer in Obereuerheim. After his basic military service in the German Armed Forces, he worked from 1966 until his retirement in 2004 at the road construction office in Schweinfurt as a leader of the marking squad.

At home in Gerolzhofen

His wife Rita, a native of Reichert, joined him on 20. He was born in August 1944 in Gerolzhofen, grew up in Monchstockheim and after elementary school attended the agricultural school in Gerolzhofen. Until her marriage she worked in her parents’ farm and in her spare time she worked as a seamstress.

Rita Reichert and Gregor Volk met and fell in love with each other at a church dance in Monchstockheim in 1962. On 29. In April 1966, they tied the knot at the registry office in Dampfach; one day later, they walked down the aisle in Monchstockheim.

Into their own house

As Rita Volk reported, on the day of the wedding the building site in Dampfach had already been excavated and so the couple could already move into their own house at the beginning of 1967. Rita Volk subsequently took care of the upbringing of their three daughters and the household. "My husband’s favorite child was the fire department", Rita Volk told with a smile. For Gregor Volk had joined the volunteer fire department Dampfach at the age of 18 and was commander from 1974 to 2001 as well as from 1997 on also leading commander. Under his leadership, one of the first women’s groups in the Habberge district was founded in 1975.

In addition, Gregor Volk, who was honored with the golden fire department badge, also held the office of chairman of the fire department association from 1974 to 2007. From 1978 to 2002, the man celebrating his jubilee also stood up for the interests of the citizens in the Wonfurt municipal council and held the office of third mayor from 1990 onwards.

Active in the church

Since 1975, he has been a member of the church administration and, as church administrator, responsible for finances. During this time, he was responsible for handling the financing of several construction projects at St. Andrew’s Church and the Ottilien Chapel.

Furthermore, he served for many years as a communion helper, lector and leader of the liturgy of the word. For his commitment he was awarded the honorary pin of the diocese of Wurzburg. Since 2009 Gregor Volk has been working as a community messenger and is supported by his wife. Rita Volk’s hobbies are handicrafts like knitting, embroidery and crocheting as well as gardening. Both spouses have participated in many bus trips to Holland, Italy and Austria, but also within Germany and have also taken private day trips by car to get to know their home country. "We wanted to see something of the world", told Gregor Volk. Rita and Gregor Volk never miss a monthly meeting of the "Herbstzeitlose" senior citizens’ group.

Congratulations on their wedding anniversary were extended by their three daughters with their spouses and their five grandchildren, as well as by the mayor Holger Baunacher (JL).

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