Making friends at university – the best tips for freshmen!

New studies, new university, new city – and new friends. Making friends between hundreds of students and changing courses is often not that easy at all.

How you can best meet new people as a freshman in your studies or in your free time, we tell you with these eight tips.

Making friends at university - the best tips for freshmen!

1. move into a dorm or student shared apartment

When you decide to start studying, you often also decide to move to a new city. The question arises: student dormitory, student flat-share or your own apartment? When it comes to finding like-minded people with whom you can go through thick and thin and enjoy the good things about student life, the first step is to move into a student dorm or student shared apartment.

Cooking together, going out to eat at student parties or spending evenings together watching TV and playing games – that’s what brings people together. Even the "not-so-nice" parts of student life, like tight deadlines or cleaning the kitchen, are easier to endure in a shared apartment. Just leave your room door open when you are there, because this often leads to good, spontaneous conversations. Plus, there’s always something going on in a dorm. Stop by your neighbors’ house or common areas with a few drinks.

Making friends at university - the best tips for freshmen!

2. Attend introductory events

The good thing about introductory events is that everyone there is new at the university. Finding things to talk about is relatively easy here, because everyone has the same goal: to find answers to the questions that come up when you start college – Where can I find what on campus?? What do I need for a successful start to the semester? ? Such welcome events offer the ideal opportunity to exchange ideas with other freshmen about the upcoming study routine and to eliminate the first organizational uncertainties. You will quickly realize that you are not alone and that everyone else is at least as excited as you are.

So be brave, approach people and ask questions – maybe you’ll run into each other again later or exchange contacts to meet again and make new friends

Making friends at university - the best tips for freshmen!

3. Start study groups

Of course, it depends on what type of learner you are, but mastering the subject matter is the ultimate goal. Understand university scripts better when they are reviewed and discussed in a group, then network well with your fellow students. They can help you prepare for your exams and you can help them. Because the great advantage of learning in groups is that everyone has different strengths and you can learn from others. In the best case, this will be followed by a shared sense of achievement – passing the exam, which can then be properly celebrated.

4. Be active and open to new things

We don’t just mean staying active in terms of your studies, but also staying physically active. Sport offers a good balance to your studies and clears your head for new knowledge. Find out about the sports offered at your university. Is there a soccer team or a swimming club?? Often just lacking a suitable sparring partner to try new sports classes or stay motivated. Check out social media groups, people are always looking for "sports friends" there to do sports together.

If sports are not your thing, then why not take part in other leisure activities at the university, such as language courses, music courses or art courses?. The people you meet have the same interests as you, and that is a good start for a new friendship.

Making friends at university - the best tips for freshmen!

5. Work (voluntarily) on the side

Volunteering, if your resources allow, is always good and appreciated. So you get to know social and helpful people with whom you can work together for a good cause. In addition, internships or minor student jobs are very useful in "making friends" and "building professional networks". It is advisable to work in areas where you have a lot of contact with other people, for example in NGOs, in the catering industry and in sales or tutoring.

Making friends at university - the best tips for freshmen!

6. Use social media for socializing

After all, that’s what social media is for – to share interests with other people, connect with them, and make friends. Never before has it been so easy to make the famous first step. Send the friend request, write the person a message, comment on a post – go ahead! There are countless groups you can join and find like-minded people quickly and easily.

In the meantime, there are also apps that make it easier to find friends. So similar to dating apps, but for people looking for new friends for leisure pursuits.

7. Be a language tandem partner

If you want to expand your circle of friends internationally, become a tandem partner for exchange students. The best way to learn a foreign language is to listen and speak it and spend as much time as possible with a "native speaker". How about a tour of the city or a night out at your favorite restaurant? Win-win for both – new language and new boyfriend or girlfriend from another country.

8. Last but not least: Be yourself!

Of course, it’s no good for you or the person you’re talking to if you pretend to be someone else. Stay true to yourself and just be authentic, then the right people will come all by themselves. Meeting new people is always exciting, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Of course, sociable people find it a little easier to make new friends in college, but it’s also perfectly okay to be more reserved and let people find you. Everyone is different, the most important thing is to give yourself time and maybe still step out of your comfort zone from time to time. You don’t have to make friends for life on the first day and know everyone.

Set up your new social environment in such a way that you feel comfortable – and you will have plenty of time to do this, because you will meet many different and interesting people in the course of your studies.

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