Long hair for men: the ultimate guide

Long hair for men: Does it suit everyone?? Depends on the guy who wears it. And how he styles and cares for them. How to make it an eye-catcher.

After beards have grown in length in recent years and baldness has long been in, it is now the turn of the main hair. Here’s the good news: long hair has long since become socially acceptable among men. And yet it is not done with pure waxing of men’s hair. So that the look really looks good, the gentlemen of creation must style and maintain their men’s hairstyles well. This is where the know-how comes in:

Long hair for men: the ultimate guide

Style, care, braid: What men should know about long hair

Long hair for men: Who can wear it?

No one has to worry about the image anymore. Long Hair for men today fit into any etiquette and any age. Provided that you do not emulate any rock star hairstyles, but find a look that really suits you individually. The decisive factor is the structure of the hair. If it fits, everyone can let his hair grow.

As a rule of thumb: The thicker and curlier the hair, the longer it can be worn. For fine hair, on the other hand, a medium length is ideal, as it makes it look fuller and healthier. Gentlemen whose hair is thinning in places, are generally better advised with a short hairstyle. Or else: you always wear long hair tied in a braid to conceal bald spots.

How men grow long hair: What to look out for?

Long hair is a long-term project. About 10 to 15 centimeters grows the mane per year. And even if it sounds paradoxical at first: If you want long hair, you have to do it regularly cut – approximately every six to eight weeks. Corrective cuts are especially important when the hair has already become about shoulder length. By lying on the clothes or rubbing on the shoulder, the strands dry out, become brittle or split lengthwise.

The hair does not want to grow? This helps!

With age, the growth activity of the hair roots slows down. This is normal. But by no means a K.O.-Criterion for long hair in men. Through targeted massaging and nourishing of the scalp, we stimulate cell activity and thus also mild hair growth. Growth-promoting tinctures and scalp care products with caffeine, seaweed and provitamin B5 are recommended.

Long hair for men: why braids make sense!

If you want a healthy dream mane, you should tie it up as often as possible in everyday life. We already know the reason: the tips rub against the clothes, become rough and brittle. Also, hair worn open tangles easily and breaks off at these knots.

Tied hair is especially practical in everyday life, since it neither falls disturbingly into the face, nor is it difficult to style. Important to know: The stricter you tie the braid, the narrower the face appears. For round and angular face shapes are strict ponytails therefore advantageous. But those who have a rather narrow face anyway, prefer to tie the braid a little looser.

Dyeing men’s hair?

Also applies to the hair color: Naturalness is the trump card. Instead of blond Backstreet Boys strands or opaque color pastes when dyeing hair, men’s manes live on what Mother Nature has chosen for them. Yes, it can be quite gray. For gray beards are gray ponytails currently absolutely en vogue with men.

Styling: How to tame long manes?

Also when styling long men’s hair applies again: The more natural the better. Less is therefore more when dosing the styling products. In towel-dried hair, a dab of mousse is enough to give the hair more stability. Curly hair is kneaded in the dry state with some curl cream in form, while full, but smooth hair with shine wax or gel get more radiance and structure. Important when using: always apply styling products only to the tips, to make the look look natural.

And another tip: Blow dry you dry the hair ideally upside down. It gives volume. And do not forget: The cooler the hairdryer air is, the gentler it is for the hair.

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