Locating children’s cell phones: these three options exist

child with smartphone

"How can I locate a cell phone with cell phone number??" This and similar queries are becoming more common in search engines. If you want to know how to locate your child’s smartphone in a few seconds, you’ll find it in this post.

Locate cell phone by WhatsApp

A cell phone location via WhatsApp is now possible with almost all devices. The catch of this method of localization is that the person to be located must initiate the process themselves.

This works as follows: First, a chat window is opened. In the advanced menu the item "Send location" is selected. The current location is then determined by GPS receiver. If there is no GPS signal available or the GPS location is deactivated, the GSM location of the target device is determined by the network operator.

Locate cell phone via location app

Location apps are enjoying increasing popularity. With them GPS data can be determined within a few seconds – accurate to the meter. Unlike spy apps (see below), location apps have a very limited feature set.

Basic features include location tracking, a chat function, sharing your location, and tracking multiple targets separately. With some apps, it is also possible to save the determined location data. Attention: a location app can only be used if it has been previously installed on the target device.

Locate cell phone by spy app

The use of a spy app (also: "spy app") is by far the most convenient way to locate children’s cell phones. Unlike pure location apps, which often only determine the current location, spy apps create complete movement profiles that are compiled from the location data obtained.

If the target device is currently switched off, the last known location is displayed. A popular feature of spy apps is setting up virtual zones ("geo-fencing"). As soon as the child enters or leaves one of the defined zones, the app sends an automatic notification.

Spy apps create security and save time

The target group of spy-apps, with which you can locate cell phones of children, is very heterogeneous. In addition to employees and civil servants who are tied to their place of work during the day, many self-employed entrepreneurs also use such apps. Because of their affinity for the Internet, online entrepreneurs "by nature" have a soft spot for software programs that make it easy to solve everyday problems.

Spy apps solve not only one, but several problems: they locate the child’s current whereabouts, give the user access to all contact lists and read out almost all communication data. In addition to text messages and e-mails, this also includes social media chats, which are used for a large part of communication today. In case of a case, the parents do not have to search long for the child, because the location is already known. If the child shows conspicuous changes in behavior, it is easy to determine whether he or she has become a victim of cyberbullying by analyzing the communication data.

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