Locate your cell phone without the owner noticing – how to do it??

Secretly and free of charge locate a cell phone, that is interesting for many a person. If you’re not a police detective, you might want to know where your lost phone is and not alert possible thieves that you’re looking for your phone.

At the same time, you may want to keep track of your children as you go about your daily life and make sure they are really where you think they are. Every now and then someone wants to track his partner who may have started an affair.

Some of these cases make locating a cell phone illegal without the owner realizing it. I will list you when this technique is useful and advisable.

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Locate your cell phone without the owner noticing - how to do it??

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When exactly is unnoticed tracking important?

In principle, there are at least two reasons to want to locate your phone secretly and for free.

  • The wanted person would change his behavior if the tracking is detected
  • The own phone was stolen

In the event of a theft or if you can’t find your phone, you should make an attempt to locate your phone first and without waiting too long. In the best case, you realize the phone is somewhere forgotten in a drawer at work or at a friend’s house. If it really has been stolen, then haste is required, because quickly a phone is cracked, the battery removed or the operating system deleted.

In the event of theft, it is therefore particularly important to be able to locate a cell phone without the owner noticing. That’s why it can be useful to install an application on your own phone that allows you to track your partner. Apple offers a very versatile service for its phone for this, but it also goes even more, if you install a special app for tracking.

The data about one’s whereabouts are already registered by Apple anyway, if the Find my phone function has been activated on the phone.

Why do many people want to track their partners via cell phone?

It’s also good to locate a cell phone for free, without the owner noticing, if you want to monitor your partner, for example. Unfortunately, more and more people are becoming unfaithful these days. This is probably also due to the fact that with the cell phone many people can be reached quickly and you constantly have the great choice among all the people on Tinder and Co. has.

When suddenly overtime becomes more and more frequent, it is reassuring to be able to see if your partner is really where he pretends to be. Of course, you have to locate the cell phone without the owner noticing, otherwise there will be big problems and a loss of trust with the partner. This is especially a problem if your partner has really been working overtime.

Can parents locate the phones of their children?

Another important case of wanting to see where a phone’s owner is is tracking children as you go about your daily life. When children are still younger, it is very reassuring for parents to know exactly whether the little ones have arrived safely at school or whether they are already at home.

But as our little ones get older, the problem becomes that they don’t really want to tell you everything, and they may have adventures that are neither legal nor safe that they don’t want to tell you about.

That’s when it helps a lot to locate a cell phone without the owner noticing it. If an adolescent skips school or goes to the pub instead of soccer practice, then you can find that out by tracking it.

How to track a cell phone secretly and free of charge?

Now it is clear when it is helpful to locate a cell phone, we would like to briefly analyze how to find a cell phone:

  • secretly locate a cell phone for free, can be done even without a registration with a tracking app
  • Using the location services of Google and Apple
  • Locating with a multifunctional application

Let’s take a closer look at the individual options:

Location services from Apple and Google

Those who use a cell phone also download applications. If you use the Google Playstore or Apple’s app store, you also have to sign in and connect your phone to a Google or Apple account.

If a phone is registered with such an account, then one can also activate the option locate my phone. Really locate a phone without the owner noticing, but you can only do it with Apple. Google sends a message to a tracked phone. So in this way it is hard.

With Apple you have more chances to locate your phone. Apple offers several options and you can also track your iPhone without being noticed.

Online apps for tracking

Locating a cell phone for free without the owner noticing is also promised by many online services. However, be careful, because these services use techniques that are not legal and often such a service is more likely to do something against your privacy than to find out anything about another device.

Tracking with multifunctional applications

There are applications like mSpy that offer more than just locate a phone without the owner noticing it. For these applications to work, however, you need to install the monitoring application on the device you want to monitor and make a few settings.

If you can do that, then you have a very good way to locate a cell phone. You can try the installation on your own phone and become as fast as possible.

How does cell phone tracking work with specialized app?

Locating a phone with the app without the owner noticing, this offers some advantages. The tracking tool from mSpy works via GPS like a normal tracking method. But the GPS must be turned on for this on the monitored device. In this way, inevitably, the attention of the user of the phone is aroused, because the battery discharges faster when the GPS is turned on.

Locate a cell phone without the owner noticing, but also goes through the location reports in social media or applications for communication. Since you get an overview of everything on the spied phone, you can also use this location data.

The legal aspects

Locating a cell phone without the owner noticing is only really allowed in a few cases. As a rule, only the police and only with a court order are allowed to locate a phone without the owner’s consent.

However, if you track your own phone or if you track your young children, then you are on the safe side. As long as your children are under the age of majority, you are allowed to monitor their phones and especially if you have bought the cell phones yourself and sign the contracts with the mobile provider.

Then it is your own phone and if you secretly locate a cell phone for free, with an app, then you can even install this app before you give the phone to your children.

What methods are secure?

The most secure way to track your phone without the owner noticing is of course the Apple tracking feature. In addition, the mSpy app and similar programs installed on the phone, but where you need access to the phone.


There are many situations where locating a cell phone without the owner noticing it can be very useful. For example, you may have misplaced your phone and not know exactly where it is located. If you use a service like Google’s in this case, then a notification will be sent to the phone and a thief will notice that he is being tracked.

So if you want to locate a stolen phone, you should definitely make sure that no notification appears on the located phone and therefore it makes sense to use an application or service that performs the location without notification.

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