Living and working in paris: a dream or too high a cost of living??

Living and working in Paris: a dream or still too high cost of living?

Live in Paris sounds tempting to many Germans, but is it feasible?? Could one simply find a partner there? Looking for a job and moving there? In addition, you are often warned not to move to the French capital, because there the Cost of living much too high be. But is that also?

The British market research company Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has selected 133 cities around the world and compared there the costs of 160 indicators such as Rent, Local transport, educational institutions or Groceries compared with each other. Paris has unfortunately made it to the top – along with Singapore and Hong Kong. What the Rental prices you have to spend quite a bit in Paris in the inner districts. For example, for a two-room apartment of 50 square meters ca. 1800 Euro per month.

Public transportation costs

But are all the costs in the French capital so high, and what else do you need to plan for costs? Metro or transportation costs z.B., because usually one does not live directly at the Workplace. For a one-way ticket you pay 1,90 €, with that you can travel for a maximum of 2 hours and also change trains. Cheaper, of course, monthly subscriptions (Pass Navigo) for 75.20 € within all zones or annual subscriptions with 827.20 €. This is actually not so different from German cities.

Where to live cheaper in the greater Paris area

In addition, the monthly ticket 50% of the cost is covered by most employers. So when looking for an apartment, it would also be worth considering whether, instead of an overpriced apartment in the city center, you might prefer to move first to a WG or one of the Suburbs pulls. So we could afford a bigger and cheaper apartment and thanks to the Navigo passes Travel comfortably everywhere by bus, metro and RER, even to work.

Prices for food and beverages

The prices in the French are – especially in Paris supermarkets much higher than in Germany, ca. 20-30 %. Those who don’t want to spend so much money should rather go to Carrefour or Franprix. They are not really cheap either, but the prices are below those of Monoprix, where often, however, somewhat higher quality products are on offer and the house brand is not expensive. And of course there are discounters, like Lidl, the principle is well known.

Skilled workers wanted for French and international companies

Many people dream of, to work in Paris, also the French. capital’s unemployment rate fell to 7.5 percent in 2019, below the national average. Paris and the region Île-de-France are ideal places to Job to find. Especially for Professionals, especially at big French and international companies, z.B. in the business district La Defense.

Opportunities for start-ups

It is also possible to work in a start-up: according to a new study by the auditing firm Ernst& Young, Paris could soon overtake Berlin in terms of investment in startups.

In 2018, almost 2.5 billion euros were invested in the new innovative companies in the French capital. Paris is through Station F (the largest incubator in the world) and the cargo to the European start-up capital become.

French not a must, English is also possible

But could be at all work in Paris without knowledge of French? There are very many Job offers in Paris, that specifically require other languages, english jobs, especially in the areas Sales, Content, Marketing and customer support for example. But you should have a good knowledge of the French language, preferably also of another foreign language. Of course, the degree of French proficiency depends on the type of work being sought.

French companies, those looking for z.B. German business developers are or also German companies in France are always looking for good Professionals. The strongest demand for these qualified employees is in the commercial sector wanted, but above all in the IT Area.

There are jobs in all kinds of fields, especially in the service sector. Three quarters of all jobs in Paris are here and in the Trade located. 20 percent of employees also work as Consultant or in the Administration of companies (PSA Peugeot Citroen, Danone, etc.).

What salary can you expect?

The Average salary in Paris is 75.000 €, in contrast to 68.000 € in the province. In the greater Paris area, salaries are on average the highest in France. This trend is also reflected in the fact that 10% of jobs in Ile-de-France with more than 125.000 € annual income are remunerated.

A Annual income in France sees compared to Germany perhaps lower, but is higher in net terms. To better appreciate all of this, you need to know the differences, find out about applicable taxes and social contributions. In Paris, the residential tax (taxe d’habitation) may be significantly higher than in the other French regions. In addition, you should also think about a suitable health insurance, because there are also differences, depending on the type of employment contract.

Contacts and networks are helpful

If you don’t have any contacts in Paris yet, you should Use social networks. You are of course also an important factor in France to find a Finding a job. According to a French study, about one third of all jobs result from personal contacts and relationships.

The number of vacancies, which are not published or advertised, is approx. 40 %! Applicants without personal acquaintances in France, therefore usually have no choice but to apply on their own initiative.

There are many German-French networks, for example on Xing or Viadeo, which you can use to create a personal and/or. expand your professional network

On special German-French job portals you can get an overview of how things are going in the particular Sector look for vacancies and apply for them directly! Connexion-Emploi offers a variety of interesting Jobs in Paris and the Île-de-France region to. On the leading german-french job portal you will also find a list of German companies in France and Paris.

If you take the time to study suitable job ads, think about Gross-net differences compared to Germany To inform yourself and perhaps look at the housing market a bit, the Dream of Paris maybe soon no longer just a dream!

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