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Already since Nintendo Wii times applies Let’s Sing as the karaoke alternative for all non-PlayStation owners. After all SingStar and SingStore servers were shut down in January and Sony is not planning to release any more games, the music game Let’s Sing 2021 from developer Voxel Games to fill this gap.

For a long time the Let’s Sing-game series the reputation of a Singstar-Clones on and that is unlikely to change with the 2021 edition. The gameplay of the two music games is too similar, not to say almost identical in many areas. The player’s task is to sing more or less well-known pieces of music in such a way that the given voice pitch and tone length, which are represented on the screen by colored bars, are hit as accurately as possible. At Let’s Sing 2021 This is done either via the wired USB microphones, headsets or the smartphone app, which is available for free in the Google and Apple stores.

All variants have both advantages and disadvantages. The easiest way to start warbling right away is certainly to use the microphones. They are usually recognized immediately after plugging them in and can be used right away. The cable of the devices has a passable length, but I was still always afraid for my Switch console, especially when my teammates put on too intense a stage performance. In direct comparison to the hardware of the competition, the Let’s Sing-microphones are not quite as high quality, but still do a good job. However, I do not see these as a "must-have" and so you can theoretically also save the approximately 20 euros extra for the set and fall back on the standard edition.

When using the smartphones, on the other hand, setting up the microphones turns out to be much more awkward. Not only do you need to download the app, but you also need to be on the same Wi-Fi as the console and logged into the Nintendo eShop afterwards. In order to connect the phones to the game, a four-digit code must then be typed in. Then, if you’re lucky, you can select it as an input device afterwards. In my attempts, this only worked after several attempts. Furthermore, we first noticed that the players who used the microphone were clearly at an advantage and only after calibrating the smartphone was the equality of opportunity restored. Overall, though, the setup is a bit of a hassle – that was the case with the 2021 edition Singstar a little easier after all.

Speaking of which, Playstation players can rejoice, because with Let’s Sing 2021 may on the PS4 now also the SingStar-Microphones dusted off and are used.

Let's Sing 2021 Cordula Gruen

High Hopes with Cordula Grun

Enough with the preliminaries, let’s concentrate on the essentials: the song list! In Let’s Sing 2021 35 new songs are included and in contrast to the international version of the game, about a third of the music pieces in the German version are by local artists. That would be for example Mark Forster with "194 Lander", Max Giesinger with "Legends" or our Christina Sturmer with "Millionen Lichter". Internationally, Shawn Mendes with "If I Can’t Have You" or Billie Eilish with "bad guy" are represented. You can find the complete songlist here. As always, the selection is of course purely a matter of taste, but for me there are clearly too few party hits here that could create a good atmosphere at the next karaoke party. If you need more, you can find them in the respective store as downloadable content. There then a song package consisting of five songs currently costs 4.99€. The offer ranges from Chart Hits, Classic Rock to Best of 80’s. If you don’t find anything there, it’s your own fault.

Give yourself to the music! Sing for yourself or be the star of your party! The next part of the Let’s Sing series offers current hits from the charts and timeless classics!

I also find the recommended age rating of 6 years somewhat inappropriate. My daughter is able to sing Sarah Connor’s "Vincent" as well as "Cordula Grun" and at least gets the right voice pitch for "Dance Monkey" and "High Hopes", but unfortunately she has to pass on most of the songs. The fact that it is still a serious competitor for the songs mentioned is due to the very lenient vocal recognition in places. Humming along is usually enough. Nevertheless, different levels of difficulty, adapted to the individual singers, would have been a nice addition.

Let's Sing 2021 Dance Monkey

Let’s Party

In terms of game modes Let’s Sing 2021 certainly not hide. In "Classic" it is solo or in multiplayer to hit the right notes and to collect as many points as possible. Brand new is the "Legend-Mode", in which you can sing against AI opponents for the bet. There are a total of 16 challengers, three standard challenges and then a final duel against each opponent must be completed. In addition, there are team fights, duets or the "Mix Tape 2".0", an innovative game mode in which different medleys are generated dynamically. If you don’t feel the urge to sing, you can simply watch the music videos or create your own playlist in the "Jukebox" mode. If you’re sitting at home alone and still want to compete against other singers, you can do so in the online mode "World Contest". Here points can be collected for a ranking list. But since this variant only works asynchronously, you can’t expect direct duels, only the results are compared with each other.

In terms of presentation Let’s Sing 2021 score points with the original videos of the artists, which at least acoustically give no cause for criticism. The picture quality is a completely different matter, which suffers somewhat due to the strong compression – not so much that the game fun is diminished, but sometimes clearly perceptible. I found the animated avatars in comic look a bit too annoying. Even if you can unlock more and more of them by leveling up, I could have easily done without them. Basically, the optics of Let’s Sing 2021 nevertheless in order, a really coherent total scenery, as for example in Just Dance, but should not be expected. The same goes for Voxler’s vocal recognition technology. The recording of the voices works quite reliably overall, but in my opinion is a tad too lenient.

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