Lego castle 6008 king richard in classic review

LEGO Castle 6008 King Richard in Classic Review: I like the classic small sets!

King Richard the Lionheart is on a ride through his kingdom with his trusty ward steed. Even when his bodyguard is not with him, he is anything but defenseless! His horse North Star is the fastest warhorse in the whole kingdom and he is ready with shield and sword to fend off possible attackers. But probably this will not be necessary, the kind-hearted young king is popular everywhere and has brought prosperity and peace to the country..

And with that we go back to the Classic Review and of course we are in the middle ages. While the Black Knights and Dragonmasters are having their conflicts on the battlefield, today we’re going to take a look at a small set from 1995 to. This is the set with the simple name 6008 King Richard from the Royal Knights Series.

As I have often noted in Classic Reviews and also "modern reviews", I’m a big fan of LEGO releasing sets that are very affordable with the help of pocket money. Even better if they contain super parts and remain useful if you got one of the bigger sets as a gift. I think this exact description fits the set we’re looking at today very well! Let’s go!

The key data

  • Name: Royal King / King Richard
  • Number of parts: 10
  • Minifigures: 1
  • Animals: 1
  • Retail price: 3$ / 4-5 DM? (UVPs hard to find)
  • Price: completely used from 13 Euro, OVP from 51 Euro
  • Year of release: 1995

Scope and assembly

Okay… the set has 10 pieces and I usually talk about special pieces here, but I want to save that for the actual review, otherwise I’ll run out of topics soon. &

Instructions were not included with the set as far as I know, but the box art is once again absolutely gorgeous and to me so much more appealing than today’s LEGO boxes. In any case, I managed to assemble the highly complex kit without any instructions at all. Alternative models are understandably not available here.

The minifigure

Even the mushrooms like the king!

And here we have a character of my childhood, King Richard the Lionheart. LEGO calls him only King Richard but for me the surname always stood! It is a very wonderful minifigure and by the way the first LEGO king. Yes you heard right! After already one of the first knight castles in 1984, more than 10 years before, was named "King’s Castle", a king was nowhere to be found. But when the king came in 1995, he came in full glory and that quite literally. LEGO gave him a chrome crown and a chrome long sword. Both parts are included in this small set.

I would like to note that I sometimes feel that LEGO seems to lack confidence in set design these days, especially with licensed series, because often it feels to me like a set is offered for an exorbitant price and peppered with a few exclusive minifigures and nice elements to make it appealing to customers. LEGO Castle didn’t seem to need that back then, because as you can see, almost anyone could get their hands on the exciting new king figure. But it has to be said that the castle of the King’s Knights didn’t have to hide behind exclusive figures. We’ll get to the 6090 another time, for now just this: fantastic.

Richard’s torso imprint was also new and exclusive to this king figure. But his face already came out in 1993 with the Dragon Masters.

His crest is of course fittingly a lion! Many do not like this design of the lion crest and it was even reused later in the Knight’s Kingdom 1 series in 2000. But I have a good bit of nostalgia for this emblem and therefore the design doesn’t bother me at all.

The Gardeross

"Wait Wolfgang, we are about to strike!"

As I said, this set is primarily about the king, who was also a good deal more "exciting" and thrilling back then than nowadays. Nevertheless it is always great to get cavalry. The horse is white and I christen it Nordstern, even though horse names were rather uncommon in the Middle Ages, as peasants considered them farm animals and the nobility considered them inventory. In white it fits of course great to our king.

The saddle is red and there is a lance with a blue flag on it. The flag color confuses me a bit, as the knights under King Richard the Lionheart usually wear red and white flags. Well, now I’m really whining on a high level.

Conclusion: 6008 King Richard

"Surrender, Your Highness! You are surrounded!"

Can you imagine such a set today? A king (or a knight) on a horse as a single set? I’d be willing to consider 8 to 9 euros MSRP as justified there! Unfortunately LEGO doesn’t make such sets anymore and horses are now rare scarce in the LEGO assortment.

"Oh dear! That was a very bad idea!"

When this came out back in the day, it was genius on so many levels: kids could have a king even if their parents couldn’t afford the big castle. Theoretically you could buy several of them to equip other factions with the crown! Truly an interesting set. Also, the chrome sword is included and any set that includes this part gets a big thumbs up from me. Also, the set has undoubtedly been a great cavalry battle pack.

Unfortunately it’s the chrome parts that make this set stand or fall these days. The price seems to hover around 13 euros, however, in offers in this price range, usually the chrome is scratched and in poor condition, which is a pity. As is often the case, the price for a complete set in good condition is too high for me to recommend it without turning my nose up at it. But I’d like to remind LEGO how great sets like this are and that maybe it’s time for a remake. Creator castle could use a king! &


  • Nice little set
  • Cavalry included
  • Useful parts
  • King as a figure well accessible for everyone at that time
  • Quasi no setup necessary

Your opinion!

What do you think of King Richard the Lionheart? Do you like such sets? Should I more often also shine a light on the small colleagues, instead of only looking at their big brothers? Did you have the set then? Who is your favorite LEGO king? Tell me in the comments!

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