La graciosa

La Graciosa is the smallest and most remote island of the Canary Islands. The natural paradise with its dream beaches, however, is an ideal destination for a day trip from Lanzarote. In our travel guide you will learn everything you need to know about La Graciosa: how to get there, the best beaches, where to stay and what to do on the island. Book now your day trip to La Graciosa from Lanzarote and discover the hidden gem of the Atlantic Ocean (website in English).

Aerial view of La Graciosa island, Spain, with two volcanoes

La Graciosa is the smallest of the Canary Islands.

Vacation on La Graciosa

Whether Day trip from Lanzarote or Longer vacation close to nature – La Graciosa will enchant you for sure! On the island you will find neither mass tourism nor paved roads. The peaceful island is an ideal destination to take a breath away from crowds and urban daily life.

On the Canary Island, which is dotted with delightful, unspoiled beaches, Time seems to pass more slowly when you are surrounded by rugged volcanic landscapes and a magnificent seabed. And if it may be a little more excitement, then take part in a Jeep Safari share and discover the scenic highlights of La Graciosa.

How to get to La Graciosa?

The only way to get to La Graciosa is by ferry from Lanzarote. Several crossings are made daily with a travel time of 25-30 minutes offered. The ferry to La Graciosa departs in Port of orzola in the north of Lanzarote from. On La Graciosa it arrives afterwards in Caleta de Sebo.

For more information about ferry schedules and tickets to La Graciosa, see the section below.

Sustainability on La Graciosa

La Graciosa belongs to the Natural Park of the Chinijo Archipelago. The entire area is protected due to its great ecological value. With a few simple actions, you can help to preserve the unique Preserving La Graciosa’s biodiversity:

  • Make sure you do not leave any litter behind (including food and cigarette butts).
  • If you are hiking or biking, never leave the marked paths. This can be dangerous and cause damage to the natural environment.
  • Do not feed wild animals. If you encounter an injured animal, please report it immediately on 112.
  • Please do not pick flowers or other plants.
  • Leave stones and other objects in their natural place. The sometimes widespread trend of stone piling, for example, can have significant ecological impacts.
  • Please do not light fires outside approved areas.
  • Respect the silence of the landscape and avoid excessive noise such as loud music and shouting.

What you can do on La Graciosa

With its minimum of tourism and wild landscapes, La Graciosa offers you the unique chance to really get away from it all and reconnect with the Get in touch with nature. On La Graciosa you will hardly encounter cars. Therefore, you can easily explore the lovely beaches and unique natural sights on foot or by bike. the crystal clear sea invites you to swim and snorkel.

If you still want to get around La Graciosa more comfortably, you can choose one of the all-wheel-drive cabs that Tours on La Graciosa offer. In addition there are Excursion boats, that will take you to secluded beach resorts.

Sounds exciting? Read on and learn everything you need to know about La Graciosa vacation: travel tips, useful information and what to do on the Canary Island.

A sandy beach and a volcano on La Graciosa, Canary Islands

It couldn’t be more turquoise: The sea at La Graciosa.

Beaches on La Graciosa

La Graciosa is home to some of the most beautiful and remote beaches of the Canary Islands. Relax in the middle of a scenery of golden sand, crystal clear water and bright sunshine – and the whole in absolute silence, because on La Graciosa you will meet only a few tourists.

Some of La Graciosa’s best beaches are:

    La Francesa: This breathtakingly beautiful beach is located on La Graciosa’s south coast, only 2 km from Caleta de Sebo. The white sand and turquoise water bring back memories of the Caribbean. At high tide, a shallow lagoon forms, ideal for snorkeling and swimming for children. From the beach you also get a great view of the north coast of Lanzarote and the cliffs of Famara.

To get to La Francesa, you can walk along the coast from the harbor (approx. 35 minutes) or by bike (20-30 minutes). Alternatively, the beach can be reached by a four-wheel drive cab in only 5 minutes.

Tip: Most of the beaches of La Graciosa have no visitor facilities. So pack enough water, snacks and everything else you need for a beach day.

Footprints on the sandy beach of Las Conchas on La Graciosa, Spain

Wonderful walking on the dream beach Las Conchas.

Activities on La Graciosa

La Graciosa’s natural beauty and wide range of outdoor activities make the island a paradise for Adventurous and nature lovers. Pack your hiking boots and swimming gear and get ready for an unforgettable experience between deep blue sea and fantastic landscapes.

Some of the best things to do on La Graciosa are:

    hiking: Its manageable size makes La Graciosa a nice destination for exploring on foot. You will find 4 main hiking trails that lead to beautiful beaches and imposing volcanoes.

If you want to spend only one day in La Graciosa, you can follow the coastal path that leads south from Caleta de Sebo. The sandy path offers spectacular views of the sea and leads you to some of the highlights of the island, like the beaches La Francesa and La Cocina and the mountain Amarilla. The walk is about 6 km long and takes about 1 1/2 hours.

Important note: Never leave the signposted paths when hiking or biking, as this can be dangerous and harmful to the environment. The only stores on La Graciosa are in Caleta de Sebo. So make sure you pack enough water and food before you leave the village. We also recommend that you always carry a hat and sunscreen with you, as there is no shade on La Graciosa.

An unpaved country road on La Graciosa, Canary Islands

La Graciosa’s cycling and hiking trails lead through a fairytale volcanic landscape.

Food on La Graciosa

During your stay on La Graciosa you should try the delicious local cuisine. All restaurants of La Graciosa are located in Caleta de Sebo and serve fresh fish and popular canarian dishes like Papas arrugadas con Mojo picon (boiled potatoes with spicy garlic sauce). Some of them are located directly at the harbor and offer a beautiful view of the sea and the coast of Lanzarote.

In Caleta de Sebo there are also some bars and cafes where you can have breakfast or a snack before you leave for the next excursion.

Villages on La Graciosa

In La Graciosa there are only 2 villages: Caleta de Sebo, the port of the island, and Pedro Barba. Caleta de Sebo Is a quiet fishing village that is inhabited all year round. In Pedro Barba but there are only a few houses which serve as summer residences.

Walking through the sandy streets of Caleta de Sebo you will encounter whitewashed houses, pretty little squares and very few cars. There you will also find all the restaurants and cafes of the island, as well as the Chinijo Museum. It is the smallest museum in the world and houses an informative exhibition about the history of La Graciosa and the Chinijo archipelago.

Accommodation on La Graciosa

Even if La Graciosa is more a day trip destination from Lanzarote, there are also some accommodations for longer stays. There are no hotels or large resorts, but there are houses and Apartments for rent. Most of them are located in Caleta de Sebo. Some vacation accommodations can also be found in Pedro Barba.

If you are interested in staying at Pedro Barba, please note that there are no amenities there other than electricity and water. For everything else you need during your vacation you have to go to Caleta de Sebo (6,5 km distance). You should also book as early as possible, because accommodation on La Graciosa is limited.

Wild camping is prohibited on La Graciosa. But there is an Camping with toilets and showers in the immediate vicinity of the beautiful beach El Salado (10 minutes walk). There you can park your tent for free, but you have to get a permit in advance, because the whole island of La Graciosa is under nature protection. The number of tents allowed is limited, so book your place in advance.

A sandy promenade in front of white houses at the port of Caleta de Sebo

The romantic fishing village Caleta de Sebo on La Graciosa.

Useful information for La Graciosa

La Graciosa covers an area of just 29 km 2 and is located a few kilometers north of Lanzarote, near the northwest coast of Africa. It has a population of 730 and has only been officially considered a eighth Canary Island.

All inhabitants of La Graciosa live in Caleta del Sebo, the main settlement and also the only place which Visitor facilities offers. Among them are: supermarkets, a pharmacy, an ATM, a diving center, a few cafes, restaurants, bike rentals and a small health center. There are no cars or asphalted roads on the island. La Graziosa has only sandy roads and a limited number of four-wheel drive cabs to take tourists from A to B on the island.

Like its neighboring Canary Islands, La Graciosa is also happy to welcome sunny weather. The average temperature is about 22 °C and it rarely rains. Moreover, La Graciosa is quite windy and therefore very popular with surfers.

Important phone numbers for your stay on La Graciosa

Some useful contacts for your trip to La Graciosa are:

  • Health center La Graciosa: +34928842027
  • Port office Caleta de Sebo: +34828181145
  • Port Authority orzola: +34828181147
  • emergency number: 112
  • Local police: 092

How to get from A to B on La Graciosa?

La Graciosa is one of the last places to stay in Europe without asphalted roads. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the island, except for a limited number of Four-wheel drive cabs not allowed. The cabs drive on order. Alternatively, you can join a jeep tour and visit some of La Graciosa’s top natural sights and beaches.

If you would like to explore the island on your own, then you can very well on foot or move around by bicycle. A Bicycle you can moor in Caleta de Sebo for about 10 € a day rent. The landscape is mostly flat. Therefore, even if you are not a top athlete, you can easily get around by bike.

La Graciosa’s port

La Graciosa’s only port is called Caleta de Sebo, in the southeast. The port of Caleta de Sebo is mainly responsible for ferries to and from Lanzarote. In the immediate vicinity of the port you will find cabs, supermarkets, bicycle rental, restaurants and vacation apartments.

Ferry connections from La Graciosa

The only destination that can be reached directly by ferry from La Graciosa is Lanzarote. To get from La Graciosa to Lanzarote you take the ferry from Caleta de Sebo.

The ferry La Graciosa – Lanzarote departs several times a day and arrive on Lanzarote at the port orzola. Thanks to the short distance between La Graciosa and Lanzarote the ferry takes only 25 to 30 minutes.

Vacation on the Canary Islands planned? On Ferryhopper you will find all the necessary information about the timetables of the ferries and the ticket prices.

La Graciosa ferry: timetables and tickets

The only way to get to La Graciosa is by ferry from Lanzarote. It will be several crossings daily offered and the driving time is about 25 to 30 minutes. Therefore, La Graziosa is ideal as a day trip destination from Lanzarote. The ferries leave from the port orzola and arrive on La Graciosa at the port Caleta de Sebo.

The price for the ferry from Lanzarote to La Graciosa is 14 € for adults (one way) and 7 € for children (3-11 years). Check the current timetable of the ferries before your trip to La Graciosa. Because it can change from season to season.

An overview of all available Ferry connections to La Graciosa and to the other canary islands you can find on our map of ferries. This is an easy way to plan your island hopping in the Spanish islands.

La Cocina bathing beach on La Graciosa, Spain

The beautiful bay La Cocina nestles against the volcanic hill Amarilla.

You can hardly wait to experience the dreamlike Canary idyll La Graciosa? On Ferryhopper you will find all important information about your trip, as well as the Ferry service to La Graciosa. Plan your vacation now and discover the most remote island of the Canary Islands!

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