Kitchen counter: perfect for quick snacks

More and more people wanted a kitchen counter, also called kitchen counter or kitchen bar. The reasons are obvious: until a few years ago, the home kitchen was often simply functional and utilitarian. Work was done here, family life took place in other rooms. But this has since changed fundamentally.

  • Counter in the single kitchen
  • Counters in the family kitchen
  • Space for guests
  • Finding the right measure
  • Matching chairs
  • Unusual alternatives
  • Frequently asked questions about kitchen counters

The right choice for almost any kitchen

Today, the kitchen is often the central meeting place of the family and a large part of life together takes place here. And, of course, this also includes eating. Be it the generously designed dining place for the whole family or a smaller version with bar stools for coffee in between or a quick snack. The classic dining table is becoming increasingly less important and is often replaced by modern counter variations replaced, which allow even in rather cramped conditions in the kitchen to realize a cozy place for dining. For all those who are toying with the idea of relying on this modern and at the same time practical solution in their own kitchen, we have put together some tips and suggestions to help you plan your very own individual kitchen counter.

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The professionals near you

Leave nothing to chance – leave it to the professionals! Find from over 1.000 certified kitchen studios the right partner for kitchen planning.

Counters are true all-rounders and can be integrated in almost all kitchens in a meaningful way. For some living situations – for example, in small kitchens – they are particularly well suited because of their flexibility and because they take up very little space.

Counter in the single kitchen

Especially in single apartments, unfortunately, the kitchen is often quite small and lacks the necessary space for a proper dining table. In such cases, a small counter or bar table is almost perfect, because it takes up little space and can be multifunctionally combined with other kitchen elements. For example, you can simply extend and support the kitchen countertop, and you will not only have an enlarged work surface, but also a dining area that can be used with bar stools. Or simply place a counter from behind a base cabinet or kitchen island. The result is a piece of furniture that offers storage space from the front and invites relaxed dining from the back.

Counters for the whole family

While in small single kitchens a counter is often used due to lack of space, in large and spacious family kitchens it often fulfills the function of a room divider, which provides an unobstructed view and still separates different areas in the kitchen from each other. Depending on your preferences, you can either use such a counter directly to eat with the family, or use it as a buffet to have more space at the dining table. Especially for modern, open kitchens, counters are an ideal addition, or often the replacement for a dining table that is perceived as boring. For example, the free-standing part of a U or G kitchen is perfect for adding a counter to the back of it. Add a few bar stools – done. And even a trendy island kitchen is significantly upgraded by a counter. By its shape alone, such a kitchen island already invites communication. Combined with a counter you can also take a seat comfortably.

Convivial get-together

In the catering industry, counter and bar tables are popular because standing guests require significantly less space than at a classic table with chairs. If you like to invite guests frequently, a counter and a few bar stools will allow you to benefit from this fact in your home as well. Because in this way you can offer your guests a place without having to borrow additional chairs from the neighbor and it becomes too crowded at the table. And since the cozy part of many celebrations usually takes place in the kitchen anyway, there can never be enough seats here. So a kitchen bar is perfect for those who love to socialize.

The dimensions of your kitchen counter

Kitchen counters are one of the least standardized pieces of furniture, so almost every counter is unique and can be designed according to your preferences. Whether straight, curved or corner, whether mounted on a kitchen countertop or free-standing, whether with or without a substructure, there are almost as many options as there are kitchens. But before you give free rein to your creativity when it comes to counters, you should consider a few empirical values that have proven their worth in everyday kitchen work.

The ideal width

The correct width of the counter depends primarily on how you plan to use it. If you plan to have only small snacks or drinks here, a width of ca. 40 centimeters is quite sufficient. If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy your main meals at the counter on a regular basis and possibly also set the table in style, it should already be around the 50 to 55 centimeters its. After all, you want to have enough space when you’re having a leisurely meal.

The right height

The height of a counter is mainly based on the height of those who use it day after day. So if you are taller or shorter than average, you should definitely consider a custom counter height in consultation with your kitchen professional. The usual standard is 113 to 115 centimeters. This height allows people of average height to comfortably rest their forearms on the counter while standing, and at the same time it is adjusted to the seat height of bar stools, which is usually between 60 and 85 centimeters. New are height adjustable kitchen counters, which can be adjusted individually.

The seating

Especially if you are planning a new counter with seats, you should not grab the first best offer. Almost a must for bar stools is the ability to adjust the seat height. So every member of the family and every guest can individual optimal seating position for itself set. Whether you opt for a model with upholstery and backrest or even armrest, on the other hand, depends largely on how you plan to use the counter. Here, the more often and longer you sit at the counter, the more comfortable the bar stool should be.

Unusual alternatives

In addition to small counters, there are a number of other alternatives for integrating a dining area, especially in mini kitchens designed for singles. Often in such apartments, there is little choice but to eat your meals in the living room. But this is far from everyone’s cup of tea, and so when furnishing the kitchen you are often faced with the question: dining table or freedom of movement? Fortunately, clever offers that solve this problem can also be found here in the kitchen studio. For example, you can mount a small table on the wall, which you can easily fold out when needed. Depending on the model, you will find tables that can be folded up as well as down. So after each meal you can easily make the table disappear, it is not in your way while cooking and the kitchen looks much more spacious.

Beautiful examples of kitchen counters

The counter for the bar stools in the kitchen was placed on a wall cabinet

Coffee break pleasing: Even in small kitchens, with a little skill, you can install counters that are large enough for a coffee or a quick meal. In this case, the counter was placed on a wall cabinet, which gives it the ideal height for a few bar stools. Clou: In the table leg sockets were accommodated, where you can charge tablet or smartphone conveniently.

Kitchen counter to island

Counter in the family kitchen: This kitchen counter turns the kitchen island into a cozy seating area.

Counter in the kitchen

Kitchen counter in gray: A kitchen counter creates a dining space in the kitchen.

Kitchen counter nobilia

Height adjustable kitchen counter: This model is space-saving and allows you to eat sitting down or standing up.

Kitchen counter made of wood

Comfortable kitchen counter: Kitchen counters are well suited for the open kitchen.

Small table in kitchen

Small kitchen with semicircular dining area: Even in very small kitchens fits a dining table.

The kitchen counter is attached to a kitchen island

Versatile kitchen counter : With a counter, the kitchen becomes the center of family life.

Another way to reduce the amount of space required for your dining area semicircular tables. These are placed with the straight side against the wall. The organic shape gives the kitchen a cozier feel than straight, angular tables. Both folding and semi-circular tables need at least one free piece of wall that is not occupied by kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, this also reduces the available storage space. But there is an easy way out of this dilemma as well. For some manufacturers now offer Swivelling or extendable plates on, which are suitable for use as a table or counter. The new movable countertops can be extended up to 30 centimeters from the countertop, creating a convenient counter to sit at with just a flick of the wrist. There is also the possibility of accommodating a table in a pull-out drawer. This can then even be up to 80 cm long.

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