Joint bang on new year’s eve

New year’s eve has just passed, but is already playing a role again. the CSU faction submitted a motion to the cultural committee to examine a new year’s eve celebration in the city center: "the administration is commissioned to examine the establishment of a central new year’s eve celebration in the city center and to submit design variants and costs for the year 2020"."

the explanatory statement said: the CSU is asking for consideration of the possibility of holding a new year’s eve party for our citizens in the city center between the towers or on the market square. many citizens wanted to celebrate new year’s eve and the beginning of the new year in the city center under the open sky. For many people, this celebration could also be a good alternative to their own fireworks with rockets and firecrackers and thus help protect the environment and animals.

Enjoying together

An event character could also be created by a laser or light show or a musical performance. The neighboring restaurants should also be involved and design their New Year’s Eve menus in such a way that guests can enjoy them at midnight in the marketplace.

At the end of the motion, the administration was asked to show the costs of a new year’s eve celebration in order to be able to weigh up the establishment of such an event, taking environmental aspects into account.

The proposal was positively received, but led to an extensive discussion. as judith jochmann from the office for city marketing and culture explained, this is nothing new. The topic was suggested by the promotion and advertising association more than ten years ago, but was not pursued further. At the citizens’ meeting, a visitor also raised this issue. After the discussion, it was unanimously decided to examine the various aspects, and judith jochmann had already done some preliminary work on this.

the costs are estimated at around 20000 euros and mayor german hacker (SPD) pointed out the safety aspects in particular. According to an initial regulatory assessment, if the marketplace and main street are to be integrated, there will be considerable organizational effort and increased financial expense due to higher security requirements.

In the opinion of the administration, the number of visitors must be limited to a maximum of 1500 people, and it could lead to people having to be turned away. This means barriers with admission and bag checks. For example, the taking of drinks and the carrying of fireworks would have to be prohibited. Drinks and snack stands would have to be set up to cater for visitors, and fire and rescue services would have to be present in addition to security services. The mayor was skeptical about reducing the number of fireworks, which could be an argument if about 1,500 people were actually celebrating. But he also pointed out that people still celebrate and fire up in private, as was recently the case at the turn of the year, and that the issue of particulate matter and the environment did not seem to play a major role.

Private planning

It is still open whether the fire department and rescue service can be engaged, and discussions would also have to be held with the restaurateurs beforehand. On the last new year’s eve, only one restaurant was open in the city center.

The mayor does not think that a central party is necessary and useful, as there would be much easier options on private initiative and gastro level in smaller units decentralized. Nevertheless, the application is being examined by the administration, talks are being held with various parties and a basis for decision is being worked out.

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