Jewelry is supposed to protect against 5g radiation. Now it turns out: he is radioactive

Whimsical twist This jewelry is supposed to protect against 5G radiation. Now it turns out: He is radioactive

Fear of the 5G mobile communications standard is taking on strange forms. One manufacturer promised to protect the wearer from radiation with jewelry. And exposed them to a much greater danger.

Rarely has the introduction of a new technology caused so much headwind as with the new mobile communications standard 5G. Long before providers began converting their networks, citizens in many countries protested the new standard, fearing disease and mind control. Numerous manufacturers then began to market products to concerned customers with questionable sales promises. Several of the products are now turning out to be dangerous themselves.

The Dutch nuclear authority ANVS warns against this. According to the report, alarming amounts of radioactive materials have been found in ten products that are supposed to protect against radiation. They include bracelets, pendants and even a sleep mask, which is considered "anti-ionic" or "Quantum were advertised, the agency said. There was also a bracelet explicitly addressed to children. Some of the products, such as the "Quantum Pendant, a stone pendant, is to be acquired as import also in Germany. A full list of proven radioactive products can be found here.

Mentally ill: They believe it's a conspiracy - why people with schizophrenia refuse treatment

Mentally ill they think it’s a conspiracy – why people with schizophrenia refuse treatment

Radiation instead of protection from it

However, the authorities do not see an acute danger. Radiation levels were elevated, but still low. The main danger is that the pendants and chains are worn close to the body for a long time. "They continuously emit ionized radiation. As carriers are exposed to it, it can have a negative effect on their health", warns the ANVS. To exceed the amount of radiation allowed in the Netherlands, he said, you would have to wear the pendants continuously for a year. According to the report, the cancer risk posed by the products is increased, but is accordingly assessed as low.

Dutch authorities have nevertheless cracked down: all trade in the products deemed problematic has been banned, and suppliers have been contacted, authorities said. However, he said, it was not impossible that other products of this type or from these manufacturers were not dangerous. Owners of relevant items should take them off immediately and contact the authority to have them tested, advice says. In case of doubt, the products should no longer be worn, but should be stored in their packaging or in a closed bag in the cupboard. "Then the light radiation can do no harm."

The supposed protective products have become increasingly popular in recent years. There were reports as early as last year that demand was growing for protective cases for routers that could be used to protect against radiation. In fact, the devices do work – but completely differently than the conspiracy believers thought they would. Another product turned out to be a fraud: A device sold for 390 euros promised to be able to ward off 5G radiation. But tested by skeptical authorities, the expensive protective shield turned out to be a simple USB stick.

Discussion about harmfulness of 5G - long-term studies missing

5G is scary

The introduction of 5G technology has caused uncertainty worldwide, which quickly turned into conspiracy theories. It didn’t help that the technology is considered safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). For example, when air traffic was largely shut down in the early months of the Corona pandemic, what were known as "chemtrails" were released into the atmosphere as infamous contrails from airplanes disappeared from the sky, the 5G network was quickly declared the new mind-control technology. As a result, not only were radio masts repeatedly set on fire, but in some cases the workers who erected them were also attacked. The conspiracy story reached its peak when it was said that the coronavirus is triggered by 5G, alternatively a 5G chip is to be transplanted during vaccination.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who is often the focus of conspirators because of his support for several companies involved in the vaccine and his years of warnings about the dangers of a pandemic, summed up his despair in a simple phrase: "It’s hard to deny it, it’s so stupid.", he explained irritably last year. Actor Ryan Reynolds preferred to make fun of the conspirators. "Finally I have 5G", he wrote in an Instagram post. Its real news: He had received his vaccination protection.

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