Jessie j: big tears after miscarriage and an emotional performance

By Katharina Schad 26. November 2021, 15:12

Jessie J (33) showed off to her fans on 25. November at a concert in Los Angeles as emotional as perhaps never before: with tears in her eyes, holding on to herself and with a trembling voice, she explained that she had lost her baby.

  • Jessie J is a British pop singer.
  • The 33-year-old rose to worldwide fame with her song "Price Tag".
  • Now the British woman lost her baby.

If you haven’t already experienced it yourself, it’s hard to imagine how bad it must be to lose a child. British singer Jessie J has now had to go through this painful experience herself. As she posted on Instagram, she lost her unborn child.

Jessie J learned of her miscarriage at 3. Screaning

As the singer announced with an Instagram post, she lost her unborn baby and learned about it during her third checkup. The doctor told her the baby no longer had a heartbeat, she wrote under her post.

That very morning, she said, she was talking to a friend and was unsure how she was going to play a concert the next day without telling her fans she was pregnant. A few hours later, this worry was then replaced by another: How should she play a concert without collapsing on stage?

Under the post, numerous fans and celebrities expressed their condolences to the singer. The fellow singer Pixie Lott (30), for example, sent Jessie "lots and lots of love.". Also JoJo (30) backed Jessie up by telling her she loved her.

The night after, she was already playing a concert in LA

How painful the loss of her child must have been for her became clear to all fans at the latest when Jessie J told about it at a concert the next night. Just a day later, she performed at "The Hotel Cafe" in Los Angeles and touched her fans.

I have decided to have a baby myself. And miraculously, it worked. For a while. And yesterday, yesterday fucking sucked.

Jessie J on her loss

Accompanied by soft guitar music, she told her story to about 200 fans and had a hard time keeping her composure. Again and again she paused to speak and fought with the tears. Moments that broke your heart as a viewer.

This year Jessie J has suffered particularly many setbacks

The miscarriage was the tip of the iceberg for her. Even before that, she had to suffer through several low points in the last year. "It’s been the hardest year I’ve ever had to go through," she said in LA.

In December 2020, she lost her hearing due to a chronic inner ear disease. Subsequently, she lost her voice – probably the worst thing for a singer, as she told: "I didn’t know who I was without singing", now now the loss of her unborn child.

Jessie J

© Instagram / Jessie J

Nevertheless: she does not want to let it get her down. "I know I will be ok, because there is no other option."She made the decision to play the concert mainly because she knew that the most important thing in a world full of embellished Instagram posts is to be real, human and vulnerable. Never before had she felt so weak and lonely, she told, sobbing.

Thanking her fans via Instagram

In her Instagram story, she thanked her fans the next day. The performance helped her to come to terms with what had happened.

Already in 2018 she had told at a concert in London that according to doctors she could not have children. To increase her chances, the 33-year-old changed her lifestyle in recent years. All the greater must be the disappointment that it did not work this time.

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