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08 February 2018

My first newspaper article .

Which magazine it is, what I wrote about and how it came about, I’ll tell you in this article!

A short time later, I find what I’m looking for and I’m blindsided. It was not friends or acquaintances who linked the article but the magazine "Desire for Italy". How many times have I bought this paper to get ideas for my next vacation?? In disbelief, I jump off the couch and rummage through my bookshelf. The logo is the same, I do not believe it! Completely perplexed I stare at the Facebook page of the magazine.

It takes me quite a while to get my bearings again. Afterwards I get in touch to link the article with my newly created Italy Compass page on Facebook. I’m delighted when, a short time later, that’s exactly what happens and the number of clicks continues to rise over the next few days.

At the end of November – I am fittingly on my way to Rome – I suddenly receive a message. It is Angela Flandorfer, an employee of the newspaper editorial office. She writes that the newspaper intends to allow bloggers to have their say in the future. If I like, I could gladly write any article for the magazine. I have to read the message twice and can hardly believe my luck! Sleep is hardly to think of the next days, too big are excitement and euphoria !

Back in Germany I rack my brain. What could I write about best? The choice is not easy at first. After all, all regions have their peculiarities and with every single one of my vacations I associate something beautiful. In the end, however, I decide on Sardinia. In the east of the island I spent one of my most beautiful vacations. With a motorboat we sailed then the 7 bays in the gulf of Orosei and enjoyed it to be able to be our own captain. That was a feeling of boundless freedom and therefore an extraordinary experience.

I use the free time between Christmas and New Year to prepare the article. In contrast to other times, I can’t think of any suitable words at first. The excitement and joy about this huge opportunity is too great! Finally I just start writing and even finish a little earlier than expected. I then search for suitable photos that best reflect my personal paradise. When I send the article, I am overjoyed! Now we have to wait and see. Whether the editors like the lines. Whether much has to be shortened or changed. I wonder if the photos are good and if the readers will like them. Questions over questions rob me again the sleep.

Relatively quickly I get a response from Angela. The feedback is extremely positive: My article pleases and the photos create wanderlust! In addition, the next issue of the magazine will be about Sardinia, among other things! When I also find out a good week later that my article will be printed on a double page spread, I can hardly believe my luck! Excitedly I jump through the apartment. My cats are apparently of the opinion that I have gone crazy and are looking for the distance.

I finally receive the draft from the editorial office by e-mail . When I see my words in black and white in the layout, it feels like a dream. Lost in thought, I look at my photo: In the middle of the Gulf of Orosei, I grin contentedly into the camera from the boat. If someone had told me at the time that this grin would end up in my favorite newspaper a year later, I would have thought it was a joke! I still can’t believe it.

At the end of January I phone Angela once again. "You were printed today for the issue 2/2018!", she laughs and is happy for me. So, as a partner blogger of the magazine, from now on I wear with great pride the pretty, blue logo on the top right of my page! :)

By the way, the magazine with my article is available since yesterday in all major book and magazine stores and can also be ordered through the online store of Lust auf Italien! :)

At this point I would like to thank again very much Stephan Quinkertz and all contributors of this great magazine! In particular Angela Flandorfer, who contacted me so cordially, and supported me so sweetly! Thanks for all the previous phone calls and messages! With the publication of my article in your magazine you have fulfilled me a huge dream! ❤

Further, I hope to encourage all fellow bloggers with this article! If you write with heart and soul and pay enough attention to your blog, you don’t necessarily have to be registered on 10 different social media platforms to achieve something.

By the way, you can find all articles about my dream vacation in Sardinia here!

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