Is permanent make-up worth it??

Permanent make-up experience

Never get up early again to put on makeup for the day? Always look fresh, whether after getting up or before going to bed?

Admittedly, this sounds very tempting and this possibility is given with a permanent make-up.

But what exactly is permanent make-up?? Where can you get it done and what are the costs?? What are the alternatives to permanent make-up and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure??

We clarify these questions in the article for you and especially the question, for whom a permanent make-up is really worthwhile.


What is permanent make-up?

For whom is permanent make-up worthwhile

Permanent make-up is considered cosmetic tattooing. Color pigments are, as in the case of the well-known tattoo, pricked under the skin and remain permanently visible there.

Pigmentation is a process in which color is applied with a fine needle to the corresponding area of skin. Depending on the skin type, an effective durability of 2 to 5 years is achieved.

In the area of the eyes, the permanent make-up can be used as eyeliner or eyebrow pigmentation. The application as a lip liner or lip color filler are used to contour and fill the lips.

Even a beauty spot, as it is done on well-known models z. B. The lips of Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford can be created artificially.

Permanent make-up helps women to have a good self-esteem and an aesthetic look. As a woman, you may often spend a long time in front of the mirror: the eyeliner must fit perfectly and accentuate the eyes, the lips must be brought into shape and should look as full as possible. So with the permanent make-up you can also save a lot of time.

Where can I have permanent make-up done??

Cosmetic make-up permanently

You can have this cosmetic pigmentation done in a beauty salon you trust or also by a tattoo artist.

The professional training of the tattoo artist does not exist. There are small workshops in which the art of tattooing is taught. It is therefore important that you know the beauty salon or tattoo studio well and pay particular attention to the hygienic conditions.

Needles intended for tattooing, for example, should always be sterile packaging and also otherwise the studio should appear clean and inviting.

I once went to a beauty salon with the specific intention of having permanent make-up done. I made the appointment for it by phone. I did not know the salon before. Already when entering the salon I noticed a certain disorder. Utensils were lying around everywhere and a chaotic picture prevailed. The employees were not exactly convincing by friendliness and I decided due to the overall impression without further ado against the appointment.

It is therefore definitely worthwhile to look at the studio you are looking for before a possible appointment and put it through its paces. Only if you also feel comfortable, a treatment is promising and you can recommend the studio to others.


How expensive is permanent make-up?

You certainly know that tattoos are expensive. Permanent make-up is ultimately a cosmetic tattoo that requires a certain sensitivity.

The following prices are due once for the various areas for a permanent make-up:

Eyeliner (simple) on the upper lash line – 190 to 220 Euro
Eyeliner on the lower eyelid – 120 to 160 Euro
Eyeshadow – up to 600 euros
Eyebrow thickening – 240 to 300 euros
Full eyebrow drawing – 280 to 320 Euro

Lip liner – 280 to 320 Euro
Lip full shading – 400 to 800 Euro

Beauty spot – about 60 Euro

By the way, the removal of an external pigmentation treatment costs around 400 euros. This is the case, for example, when you want a correction for your permanent make-up because you were not satisfied with the result of a previous external treatment.

The prices are in the same range for tattoo artist and beauty salon. Certainly there is a certain range in the cost of permanent makeup. After all, it depends on what city you live in and in which district this makeup service is offered.

There are numerous providers who advertise low-priced offers of pigmentation – for example, it costs around 99 euros there. In this case, however, it is often beginners who want to recruit you as a trial model. Maybe it is also a provider who has no customers at the moment (why not?)?) and would like to generate new orders? Be that as it may – I would definitely advise you against such dubious-looking offers.

What are the alternatives to permanent make-up?

Make-up yourself

Putting on makeup is part of a daily ritual for many women. Make-up gives you self-confidence and makes you feel attractive and self-assured. You radiate this throughout the day.

In this section I will show you what alternatives there are to permanent make-up and what I think of them.

Alternative #1: Make up yourself

Aesthetic beauty care is a sign of yourself. Depending on what you wear or how you style your hair, the makeup must of course also match your look.

You want to put on makeup to match the occasion. For this you need the basic makeup kit, which consists of these utensils:

  • Face: tinted day cream, liquid make-up, powder, rouge
  • Eyes: eye shadow (base and top coat), mascara, optional highlighter kohl pencil, eyeliner
  • Lips: Lipstick, lip gloss

Brushes, sponges and applicators (for applying eye shadow) are needed to apply the various components. Now there are very expensive makeup from various designers, such as Yves Saint Laurent or Dior and inexpensive ones like P2, Manhattan and drugstore own brands (for example Balea as a DM brand).

I am of the opinion that make-up should not be too expensive. You put it on in the morning, look great for the day, and remove it in the evening. The decision, how expensive your make-up may be, must make everyone for itself. I show you once which products I use for my daily beauty, with which I am very satisfied.

Tip #1: MANHATTAN Endless Perfection Make Up

Preview Product Rating Price
alt="Manhattan Endless Idealion Make-up, Long-lasting liquid foundation with high coverage, color Soft Ivory 58, 1 x 30ml" /> Manhattan Endless Idealion Make-up, long-lasting liquid foundation with high coverage, color. 528 reviews View

This makeup perfectly covers redness and blemishes. It can be applied easily, evenly and lasts the whole day.

I use the Soft Ivory here because I am a very light skin type and I don’t want it to look masked.

With the bottle I get along well 1 to 2 months. It is always a question how often it is used. During the week I use the make-up every day. At the weekend it may be gladly also times nature. &

Tip #2: Makeup Revolution Shimmers And Matte Nudes

Preview Product Rating Price
alt="Makeup Revolution Shimmers And Matte Nudes Ultra 32 Eyeshadows Flawless Palette" /> Makeup Revolution Shimmers And Matte Nudes Ultra 32 Eyeshadows Flawless Palette 4.030 reviews 19,05 EUR View

Especially when it comes to eyeshadow, I like to have a wide range of different shades to choose from. In this palette there are 32 different colors, which can be combined with each other. From dramatic moments for the evening, as well as a subtle day makeup can be created with this palette easily.

With these two products as basic equipment you are styled for the day. You can of course use extras like kajal, highlighter and eyeliner as well as blush and topcoats. It’s up to your personal taste.

Alternative #2: Nature, unadorned

True beauty comes from within! But not everyone is necessarily equipped with a radiant, naturally beautiful complexion. Redness and pimples and small wrinkles make you want to touch up with makeup. How about a nourishing cream or a cream for the lips? Hyaluron capsules against the first small wrinkles?

My cream tip: rich face cream with avocado oil and B12

Preview Product Rating Price
Dr. Biechele Vitamin Cream with Avocado & Vitamin B 12 I Moisturizing face cream with ginger extract I Moisturizing cream for normal to dry skin I Cosmetic care product I 50 ml

Dr. Biechele Vitamin Cream with Avocado& Vitamin B 12 I Moisturizing face cream with. 17 ratings View

The contained avocado oil helps the skin to become elastic and leaves a pleasant, smooth feeling. Vitamin B12 prevents skin aging. The pleasant fragrance completes this care cream, which is applied thinly on the face in the morning.

Alternative #3: Emphasize eyes in another way

The eyes are the mirror of your soul! Through them you finally make contact with your environment.

Your eyes can be accentuated not only with make-up, but also with cosmetic procedures such as Microblading or one Eyelash extension.

Through such treatments you emphasize your eyes, bring the contours in the optimal shape and thus provide an incomparable moment.

My opinion about the mentioned alternatives for permanent make-up

Permanent make-up my experience

I consider self-make-up to be a successful alternative. It gives you the opportunity to try something new every day. You can create your look to match your makeup or the other way around.

Depending on how you feel, you can vary the make-up from day to day. In combination with microblading or eyelash extensions you can create a great expression in your eyes. I am not blessed with beautiful, long eyelashes and lengthening them would be an alternative I can definitely imagine.

My skin appearance is truly not the most flawless. That’s why I only wear make-up within my own four walls. I stand by the fact that I help here and there with make-up and I really like to put on make-up. I like to try new color combinations and make-up techniques, creating an individual make-up every day.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of permanent make-up??

Up to here you have received some information about permanent make-up. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this cosmetic tattooing?


Permanent make-up saves time
With permanent make-up, you save time in the morning that you would have spent putting on make-up in the bathroom.

Pigmenting saves you the cost of other cosmetic products
Pigmenting permanent make-up costs some money at first. Depending on what you have done, the cost is several hundred euros. In return you have to buy less cosmetic products and save money in the long run.

Permanent makeup creates space in your closet
Your bathroom cabinet is overflowing with cosmetic products? With the permanent make-up you don’t need any more storage space for it. You can use the newly gained space for other nice things. &

The permanent make-up has a long durability
The permanent make-up is stitched under the skin – similar to a tattoo. The pigments have a durability of 2 to 5 years.


Side effects
As with any cosmetic treatment, side effects can also occur with permanent makeup. This includes:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Allergic reactions to the pigments used
  • Burning of the skin areas
  • Lymphatic discharge after the procedure
  • Scars
  • Formation of lip herpes

Plus, complications can arise when you undergo an MRI exam. This is the case when the pigments used contain iron oxide. Permanent make-up can heat up and even lead to burns. It is therefore necessary that you teach the doctor from the permanent make-up. In the worst case the examination can not be done.

Individuality is lost with permanent make-up
With permanent make-up you look the same every day. A piece of your individuality is lost, because you cannot try out new colors, trends or looks.

Permanent make-up costs
The cost of permanent make-up is high. With about 200 euros you should already count at least.

Conclusion: For whom is permanent make-up worthwhile??

Getting up in the morning at the last minute, hurrying to get to work on time! Who doesn’t know this problem? In this case permanent make-up is a sensible solution. Just like for those who either don’t have time or don’t feel like taking care of elaborate daytime makeup in the morning.

For women who want to feel like a woman again and have had a bad medical treatment, permanent makeup is a noteworthy option. Lost hairs on brows or eyelashes can be painted on with pigmentation and look natural.

For women who want to look fresh and good in every situation in life, permanent makeup is a viable alternative. Whether you just got out of bed, danced the night away, or didn’t have time to take care of your makeup: With cosmetic pigmentation, you’ll always look fresh and made up.

I really like make-up, like to try out new looks and make me – depending on the day and the occasion – also sometimes extreme. For this you need the necessary self-confidence. The permanent make-up takes away a bit of it. You look the same every day.

Due to the time saved and the fact that you always look good, I have been thinking about having permanent make-up done for a while now. I haven’t done it yet – because I have a lot of respect for possible side effects and of course the costs are not without. &

Is permanent makeup worth it from your point of view?

Your opinion is important to us, so we have included a small poll here.

Besides, we would of course appreciate your comments, especially if you yourself have already had experience with permanent make-up!

Product recommendations from this post:

Preview Product Rating Price
alt="Manhattan Endless Idealion Make-up, Long-lasting liquid foundation with high coverage, color Soft Ivory 58, 1 x 30ml" /> Manhattan Endless Idealion Make-up, Long-lasting liquid foundation with high coverage, color. 528 reviews View
alt="Makeup Revolution Shimmers And Matte Nudes Ultra 32 Eyeshadows Flawless Palette" /> Makeup Revolution Shimmers And Matte Nudes Ultra 32 Eyeshadows Flawless Palette 4.030 reviews 19.05 EUR Reputation
Dr. Biechele Vitamin Cream with Avocado & Vitamin B 12 I Moisturizing Face Cream with Ginger Extract I Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry Skin I Cosmetic Care Product I 50 ml
Dr. Biechele vitamin cream with avocado& Vitamin B 12 I Moisturizing face cream with. 17 reviews Reputation

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