Into the lion’s den

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Stage 6 People Biography Citizen Predecessor Stolen Supplies
Successor Save Orphanage
Arson attack on orphanage
Save hospital
Danger for the hospital

Table of Contents

Overview[ edit ]

Infiltrate the bandit camp in the cave southeast of the city.

Get a bandit disguise. Enter the bandit safe house Get information from Della Lynxeye, Big City Johnny and Blaize.

Tell Captain Thackeray about the bandits’ plan to attack the town.

Talk to Captain Thackeray.

Reward[ edit]

Solution [ edit]

Get a bandit disguise.

Travels to the village of Shaemoor in King’s Valley. Run to the beggar’s lair, it is located behind the Shaemoor cemetery in the direction of Lake Delavan. In the beggar’s hoard there is a single bandit that you have to defeat to get the disguise.

Enter the bandit safe house Gather information.

After entering the bandit’s lair, Switch greets you. To get the necessary information you have to talk to Blaize, Della Lynxeye and Big City Johnny.

  • Blaize will give you his information after getting his fuses from the back of the cave. These are in a chest and are defended by some lime worms. Attention, when you open the chest and the crates next to it, more enemies appear!
  • Della Lynx Eye must be defeated in a duel to obtain her information.
  • You can get all the information you need from big city Johnny if you convince him you’re not a seraph spy.

Corporal Berra is also held captive in the beggar’s lair. If you approach them, you will have the opportunity to help them escape. To do this, talk to the guards to the right of the cell to get the key to the cell. Secretly gives Corporal Berra the cell key in the second dialogue. Presumably, Corporal Berra still plays a role in the further course of the personal story, if you save her.

Speak with captain Thackeray.

Once you have all the information, you can travel to Gotterfels and share it with Logan Thackeray. Now you have to decide which part of the bandit plan you want to foil, either save the hospital or save the orphanage. Once you have made up your mind, this section of the personal story is over.

My story[ edit ]

Into the lion's den.jpg

Template My Story.png

I warned Captain Thackeray of the impending attack on the orphanage and hospital. We must act quickly. Logan dispatched Lieutenant Francis and a few soldiers in one direction and set off with me in the other.

Dialogue[ edit]

Interaction at the door in the beggar’s hoard Oh, fresh meat? Well, come in. We’ll toughen you up so not even Captain Thackeray can make mincemeat of you. Hey. Very well. Thanks. Sequence with Switch Switch: Welcome to the grill, fresh meat. Switch my name. <Character name>: My name is Shadow. Just got out today. Switch: Been pardoned, what? Me too. Cheers to the ministry. Who’d have thought they’d be so understanding?? Switch: We’re getting ready for something big this time around. Make yourself useful and ask around who you can help. With Blaize Heh! Don’t just stand there! Better help me! I can’t find my fuses! I have the powder, but I can’t blow anything up without a fuse. Start in the back of the cave. Hurry up! Fuses? I’ll get it. With Blaize after you get the fuses Heh! Don’t just stand around! Better help me! I can’t find my fuses! I’ve got the powder, but I can’t blow anything up without a fuse. Starts in the back of the cave. Hurry up! You mean these fuses? Yes. Just right. Good job. Now I can really start cooking. Hey! what’s next? I’m on fire. A double order in the city. We torch a few buildings and the seraphs burn right along with them. Do you see what I mean?? Oh yeah. Nothing like a nice roaring fire, right?? Oh yeah! Glaring lights, lots of noise, and smoldering ruins. I can hardly wait. These are the jobs that give life meaning, you know? Meaning and purpose. Anyway, they give meaning to my life. See you there. Exactly. Talk to you later. Have fun. In the back of the lair Bandit Scout: Hurry up. Blaize wait for the fuses. Bandit bat: Apparently the lindworms are trying to hatch it out. Are you sure about that?? Bandit Scout: Well, that was me anyway. Open chest You search the container and find a bundle of fuses tied together with twine. Take the fuses With Della Lynx Eye Fresh blood, what? So you think you’re rotten enough to be part of this gang? Prove it. All right, you asked for it. With Della Lynx Eye after defeating her in a duel No one has challenged me like this in a long time. You’ve got something, kid. Something we can use. Get ready! You come along on the arson attack. It’s going down soon. The arson attack? What is it? You don’t need to know anything other than it’s going to be a huge spectacle. Welcome to the party. Thank you. See you later. Thank You. See you later. With della lynx eye You really are better than me, that’s for sure. Do me a favor and turn your face to me when you fight the seraphs. To give you the face to? Why is that? Well, then the seraphs you fight turn their backs on me. And I can take them out at my leisure. Do you understand? All right, if you wish it. With big city Johnny Euch I’ve never seen before. Who are you?? No one. I will not trouble you. I am shadow from, uh, portage freehold. I just moved to town. You lie. I think you’re a seraph spy. Convince me otherwise, or you’re dead. In that case, I’d better not talk to you. Oh, come on. I’m too good-looking to be a seraph. Ha! It’s obvious that the fine Captain Thackeray won’t take in anyone better looking than he is. Working with you will be a pleasure. I hope you are in my team. Team? There are teams? All clear. You are new here. We’re getting ready for a big incendiary attack on two targets. Ted Turnip Nose wants the two fires started at the same time, so we’ll split into teams. I understand. Thanks for the information. What are the goals? An orphanage and a military hospital. This is Ted’s best plan yet. I hope I get the orphanage. This is more fun. I agree with you. Talk to you later. Fun is good, but I’d rather have cash. What are you guys getting at? Ted has a deal with the Ministry. We make the seraphs look stupid – like they can’t protect anyone – and when the council takes control, they let us do whatever we want. Nasty. Thank you. See you around. Call me a liar again and I’ll nail your tongue to a tree. Don’t make me laugh, greenhorn. At least I know you’re not seraphins – because they know how to threaten someone[sic]. If you end up on my team, stick with me. Maybe you will learn something. Team? There are teams? Ted Turnip Nose sent me. If you don’t like it, make it up with him. It’s all right. I was just testing you. You’re pretty prickly, aren’t you? I hope you are in my team. Team? There are teams? With big-city Johnny I’m curious which side we’ll end up on. But anyway, I’m sure some pretty ladies need comfort after the fire. If you understand what I mean. That’s disgusting. How can you take advantage of other people’s grief? Hey, these are sad, vulnerable women. I just offer them my shoulder to cry on . and take the opportunity to spy on their houses. That’s really touching, Johnny With Corporal Berra captured, gloating drives you here, thief? Not so loud. I am an agent of the Seraphs. Logan sends me. I’m supposed to find out what the bandits are up to. Do you know something? They tell us nothing. They don’t give us food either. Can you get me out of here?? I want to see what I can do, but I can’t promise anything. Shh . They are watching us. Yell at me or something . quickly! Oh! Good, uh. You’re a terrible bandit, aren’t you?? Stop! Leave me alone! I’ll try to organize the key to the cage. Hold out. With bandit gunner Hey, it’s the new guy. What do you want, greenhorn? Switch sends me. He needs your keys to the prisoners’ cells. It’s time for her gruel. Are you sure that you want to bring them the? Last time I tried that, they pasted me with it. Yes, I heard about it. So I’ll do it now. Ghastly to be the greenhorn, isn’t it?? with the captured Corporal Berra Are you starting again?? Psst! Have you found the key? Yes,. Here. Use it to free yourself when the bandits are on the prowl. You owe me something, my friend. Stop talking about my mother like that! Keep your head down, be inconspicuous, and you’ll soon be home. In Logan’s office Logan Thackeray: Ah, there’s our new secret investigative talent. Let’s see if the hero of Shaemoor can shed some light on the matter. With Logan Thackeray I’m glad you got out of there safely. If you find out anything? Ted wants to burn down the antebellum hospital AND the orphanage from the Queen’s heart. That scum! Two goals will be beyond our control. We’ll have to split up to cover both places. I’ll be defending one, Lieutenant Francis will be covering the other. Which one do you want?? I will help in the defense of the orphanage. Then you’ll come with. Good job by the way. If you were a seraph, I’d promote you. Thank you. I am ready when you are. I will help with the defense of the hospital. Then you come along. Good work, by the way. If you were a seraph I would promote you. Thank you. I’m ready when you are. Let me think. At the end Logan Thackeray: Ted thinks we can’t be in two places at once, but that’s exactly what the gods invented teamwork for.

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