Internet scam: how to protect yourself from online fraud?

Fraud on the Internet is no longer a rare phenomenon and claims victims again and again. Often the money is then gone and the damage is great. At KLUGO we show the methods used by fraudsters to cheat people out of their money. At the same time we inform about the legal possibilities, Which exist to take action against such online fraud.

Prevention of online fraud:

  • Is the provider, operator, author serious??
  • Do not transfer money and do not pay in advance.
  • Do not open any links in suspicious e-mails.
  • In the event of suspected fraud, act quickly and immediately file a criminal complaint, inform the bank and, if in doubt, consult a lawyer.

Online fraud has long since ceased to be a rarity. The Internet has opened up new ways for scammers to scam money from unknowing consumers.

These are the methods used by fraudsters on the Internet

The tricks of the scammers are becoming more and more versatile and creative. Lures, such as a Inheritance of millions, to be committed as quickly as possible has been a popular scam since the early days of the internet. Just like the surprising lottery winnings. Fraud on the Internet often also takes place on Dating platforms instead of. The victim is fooled into believing that he or she has great feelings, and once love is involved, the scammers keep inventing new reasons to demand money from their victim.

Currently, for the scam Internet are "Fake online stores" and Phishing very popular. In the latter case, mails are sent to consumers and companies demanding that a link be clicked on for a variety of reasons. Immediately the online fraud has succeeded and the fraudster has all the data of the unsuspecting and can now empty the account. Fake online stores are, as the name suggests, fake ordering platforms. The paid goods then never arrive at the customer.

How to recognize online fraud and how to protect yourself?

Although the Internet fraud scam is becoming more and more sophisticated, there are still a few Details, which can make a fraud visible. Here are some points that may indicate fraud on the Internet:

  • Communication takes place by mail in conspicuous bad German or English.
  • The supposed profit or inheritance amounts are utopian high.
  • There is always an appeal to urgency; the victim must be so quickly transfer money as possible, otherwise the profit or inheritance is lost.
  • The website, e-mail appearance or sender names are conspicuously ostentatious.
  • Especially in the case of fake online stores: It must be in Prepayment are committed.

Unfortunately, there is no rule of thumb that promises absolutely reliable protection against online fraud. However, if certain behaviors are followed on the Internet, at least the risk of fraud can be minimized. These include:

  • In no case transfer money in advance.
  • Do not open any links in mails that cannot be allocated.
  • Secure passwords and an anti-virus program.
  • Do not pay in advance and display a healthy skepticism, in the case of particularly unlikely offers or profits.

If you follow these tips, you are not automatically protected, but at least a bit safer from the Internet scam.

What is the legal situation with fraud on the Internet?

Fraud is regulated in §263 StGB (German penal code). Thereby it does not matter for the time being whether digital or analogue committed. Online fraud is a crime, Accordingly, the perpetrator faces a fine or imprisonment of up to five years if convicted. Even the attempt is punishable. Relevant is also the computer fraud according to §263a StGB. This includes unauthorized data use and data manipulation. For example, when bank data is stolen, it is transferred to a false credit card and then used to damage the victim’s assets. Furthermore, the one who has fallen for a con artist also has a civil law Claim for damages according to §823 BGB in connection with §263 StGB.

What can I do if I notice an online scam?

As soon as an online fraud is noticed, criminal charges should first be filed. If money has been transferred, it is not so easy to get it back. In the case of a SEPA direct debit or a credit card payment, a chargeback possible. However, these are limited in time. Therefore, in the case of a rip-off on the Internet, it is important to contact the scammer as quickly as possible Lawyer for contract law to contact. This challenges then immediately illegal contracts with Abofallen or with purchases on Fake on-line Shops. At the same time, the latter takes action against the fraudster(s) and makes possible Compensation claims as well as Claims for repayment to the bank.

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