Installing a home sauna – what you need to consider

Your own sauna in the house – doesn’t that sound great?? Especially in the dark season many people like to use the sauna. Unfortunately, many saunas, thermal baths and wellness areas of swimming pools are accordingly overcrowded. So it’s obvious to install your own home sauna instead of sitting uncomfortably on overcrowded wooden benches.

But what should be paid attention to when buying? And what to consider when installing? Does it even make sense to install a home sauna yourself or should you always consult an expert? Are ready-made kits useful? We have collected helpful tips, tricks and info that will help you get an accurate overview of the task ahead of you.

Can I install a sauna myself?

One thing is clear: the installation of a sauna is somewhat complicated. So be quite realistic with their abilities and if in doubt, ask a professional rather than be annoyed afterwards. Modern saunas come in a wide variety of designs and no longer have to be hidden away in the basement. The trendy home sauna is space-saving and can even be placed in the bathroom or visibly in the living area.

Finnish sauna, infrared cabin, steam bath: which model should it be??

The traditional Finnish sauna is commonly what people think of when they hear the term sauna: A cabin made of wood where you sit and sweat at a temperature between sixty to ninety degrees. Modern infrared saunas also have a similar effect. However, the infrared radiation heats the skin directly, instead of just heating the air. The advantage of such cabins: they do not require long warm-up periods and usually have smaller dimensions.

Steam baths are another alternative. Its advantage: due to the high humidity, the temperatures can be lower for the same feeling. This makes it especially pleasant for cardiovascular patients or seniors. Steam baths for home can be installed, for example, in multifunctional showers. These are similar in size to a normal shower cabin and save space.

What you need to consider before and during installation

So the first decision must be made between these models. In the following text we will focus on traditional Finnish sauna for home use. Because this type of sauna is still the most popular and best-selling sauna today.

In which room can be the sauna?

To install a classic Finnish sauna at home, you need enough space, despite modern models. In addition, connections for electricity and water must be located in the immediate vicinity.

One advantage, however, is that in principle it does not matter how the room in which the sauna will be installed is cut. For the traditional sauna cabins can be customized to fit any room. Measure the room and make a note of the dimensions. It is very important that you work accurately here.

Structural requirements for your sauna

A sauna is more than just a wooden cabin to sweat in. A sauna also includes a rest area and at least one shower. Correctly implement these areas is not only a matter of personal preference, but also the basic structural equipment of the room. Is the room equipped with sufficient electrical supply, ventilation and suitable flooring?? Tiles are the most suitable, because the floor must be smooth and waterproof. When choosing, in any case, you should pay attention to those tiles that bring a certain slip resistance. There are different anti-slip classes in the trade, which provide information on what type of tile to consider. You are also welcome to read our article on the subject (link to new article).

Another important question: what is the condition of the interior walls in the room. It is essential to note: For interior walls, the distance from the sauna structure to the wall must be at least five centimeters. At least ten centimeters should be calculated for exterior walls.

What you should definitely pay further attention to: The door of the sauna must open to the outside for safety reasons. Plan the associated room as well!

The ideal layout of the home sauna

Even though in principle it is possible to build a small home sauna on two by two meters, more space always means more comfort. The floor plan also depends on the room and which couch arrangements you prefer. For comfortable saunas, backrests are ergonomically shaped and are more comfortable than simple benches, especially for long sauna sessions. Many users prefer a seat arrangement over, since this is particularly communicative straight for several persons.

If you have limited space, an infrared sauna may be a better alternative. And if you have your own garden, you could even consider an outdoor Finnish sauna – a special experience.

The right wood for the right climate

Heat and moisture must not escape from the sauna. For this reason, well-made sauna wood is always used for the wall and ceiling elements. Nordic spruce (also polar spruce), fir, red cedar or aspen are often used in traditional sauna construction. These types of wood are perfect because they are mostly free of knots and the wood does not resin or splinter.

The control of the sauna and the sauna heater

Intuitive and simple controls are now offered for modern home saunas. In many cases, the current operating data can be read from them. This includes temperature, humidity, time and readiness for bathing.

Sauna control is responsible for the final climate in the wooden cabin, along with the wood and the ventilation of the sauna. Important: The power of the heater must be appropriate for the size of the cabin.

The ventilation of the sauna provides the air exchange and must be able to be adapted to the mode of operation and number of persons. This way you will not only ensure a perfect climate, but also save energy and costs.


It is quite possible to install a home sauna yourself, as long as some basic things are taken into account. The final complexity of the kit is always important. If in doubt, it makes sense to hire a professional.

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