Instagram bio creation made easy

Instagram bio creation made easy

A well thought out Instagram bio is the first step on your path to more followers. After all, the first glance of your profile visitors falls on this small area. Your Instagram bio determines whether users like you and possibly follow you, or whether they leave your profile again.

In this post, we want to explain to you what the Instagram bio is in the first place and how you can optimize it with a few tips and tricks. Let’s go!

What is Instagram bio anyway?

An Instagram bio is the small area under your username where you can describe yourself and your profile in just a few characters.

It can contain letters, as well as emojis, hashtags or links.

Create your Instagram bio

This is what the Instagram bio of WOW looks like! Gallery currently out. A balanced mix of emojis, facts, hashtag, CTA and link.

The main goal of your Instagram bio is to convince people that your content is interesting enough that they should follow it in the future. What your Instagram bio needs to look like to make your profile look interesting? There is no blanket answer to this question. However, there are a few elements that you should definitely put in your bio…

What belongs in your Instagram bio?

Your name

Since your Instagram name doesn’t have to match your perso, here’s where you can get creative. Give yourself a stage name that suits you and your content. Make sure your name is short and memorable so users can find you via Instagram search.

If you want to be found for a specific term, you should append the term to your name or even include it in your name. So instead of "Max Muster": "Max Muster | Fitness"


A Call-To-Action (CTA) is nothing more than a call to action to your profile visitors. Since you’re only allowed to place one link in your bio, you should think carefully about where you want to attract your profile visitors. It’s also important that you make it clear what users can expect when they click on your link.

Is it your website? Another social media channel? A product or something completely different? No matter what it is, be transparent and don’t redirect your visitors to questionable sites.

Emojis and symbols

Since you only have 150 characters in your Instagram bio, you should use words sparingly. Instead, use icons and emoticons to give your bio structure and make it look more interesting.

An emoji says more than a thousand words.

Even if you run a serious Instagram profile, a few characters and splashes of color here and there can’t hurt to improve your bio. However, don’t overdo it either, otherwise your text will look forced cheerful or even confuse your visitors.

4 Instagram bio designs you should know

The bottom line is that all bios can be divided into four categories, which we would like to introduce to you here.

The informative bio

These bios keep it short. Often consist of only a few keywords, around which topics the Instagram channel revolves and a link to the imprint. These bios don’t seem very playful and are therefore particularly well suited for businesses on Instagram.

Build idea:

Interest | Hobby | Passion
Legal notice / website

The fun bio

If you don’t take yourself and your Instagram profile too seriously, you can dig deep into the humor box and throw around puns, references and quotes. If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, you should look online for funny quotes and sayings for your Instagram bio.

The playful bio

If you are still young and / or want to score with a younger target group, emojis are a must. Make your Instagram bio as colorful as possible and replace words with appropriate Instragam bio characters. Custom fonts are also in demand here. What you like best is allowed.

Instagram bio creation made easy

Juliabeautx shows what a playful bio is all about: she uses emojis and playful fonts and gets to the heart of everything important.

The professional bio

You want to present your professional page on Instagram? Then you should use your Instagram bio to draw profile visitors to your business and point them to your business pages. If you’re looking to attract clients via Instagram, you should link your testimonials here as well. Don’t forget to link your masthead here, too.

More tips for your Instagram bio

Tip 1: Instagram bio and hashtags

Well-chosen hashtags can get more people clicking on your Instagram profile. The point is not to use the most clicked hashtag ever, but to find exactly the hashtags that fit you and your content. Only after that, you should deal with the question of whether these hashtags are frequently searched for

>>>Learn how to find the perfect Instagram hashtags here<<<

Tip 2: Multiple links in your bio

As a rule, Instagram allows you to post only one link. Often you don’t want to post more than that in your bio, otherwise it will quickly become confusing. Instead, you can use so-called link trees, which redirect your users to a page where you can store an unlimited number of links. Again, you should think carefully about where you want your profile visitors to go. If they have to choose between 10 different links, they may close the window again.

Instagram bio tip 3: Use your own Instagram font

Instagram only allows you to use one font on its own. Fortunately, you can still customize your bio on Instagram using what are called font changers. Tools like these help you make your text stand out with exceptional Instagram writing.

An Instagram bio generator is quite easy to use: You simply type in the text you want and click through several options. There are usually hundreds of different fonts and symbols available to you here, giving your bio individuality.

For example, use Hypifyfonts to give your Instagram bio a personal touch. Look what we’ve created with just a few clicks:

Tip 4: Keep it short

Limit your Instagram bio to a handful of clear messages you want to convey. No profile visitor wants to read through half a novel to understand what your Insta profile is about. Since Instagram bios have a 150-character limit anyway, you often can’t help but keep it short. Use keywords, hashtags and emojis to get important information straight to the point!

Bottom line on the Instagram bio

Your bio is like your business card on Instagram. Here you have 150 characters to show future profile visitors who you are, what you do and why people should follow you. Use the limited space wisely and consider beforehand under which keywords and hashtags you want your profile to be found on Instagram.

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