Inner courtyard at frankenwald-gymnasium gives way to teachers’ room

It is stuffy in the teachers’ room at Frankenwald-Gymnasium (G). No wonder – there are two teachers to every seat in the room. Or to put it another way: a teacher only has just under one square meter of space.
Therefore, director Klaus Morsch and the teachers at the G are very happy about the decision of the district committee. "This is an ingenious solution, says Morsch. Up to now it has been quite crowded in the teachers’ room. 70 to 80 teachers are always there, but there are only 50 seats. "When you walk in the door at recess, you’re already faced with a wall of teachers; you’re literally pushed through to your subject.", reports the principal. The extension of the teachers’ room is therefore more than urgently needed.

In the course of the general refurbishment of the specialist class wing at the school center, an extension of the teachers’ room by around 40 square meters was already planned. Due to the increasing number of students, the number of teachers also increases, which is why even more space is needed. In addition, due to the expansion of afternoon classes and the all-day school, the attendance times of the teachers at the school have risen sharply.

Therefore the circle committee decided – after the school and culture committee and the Zweckverband had already done this -, a further extension of 32 square meters. For this, the previous inner courtyard, which directly adjoins the previous teachers’ room, has to give way.

A small kitchenette, a location for photocopiers, a checkroom, paper shelves and cupboards are planned for the additional extension area. This will provide spatial and acoustic relief in the central teachers’ room area. A silent room will be created there, which will be separated from the main room by a glass wall. The teachers should be able to work there in peace, including on computers. In addition, the central area will house the mailboxes of the teachers and student councils, as well as a presentation wall and the seating and tables.

On the total of 200 square meters, which are then available to the teachers by the two extensions, the installation of a ventilation system will be necessary, which alone with 53 800 euros to the bill.
Altogether the desired extension costs 187,000 euro now more. 29 of the 32 square meters will probably be subsidized.

"Every cent that is invested here is good and sensible", district councilor Horst Pfadenhauer (CSU), who is himself a vice principal at the Kaspar-Zeub-Gymnasium, pleaded for the expansion. Among other things, due to more teachers and changed areas of responsibility, there is a need for "adequate workplaces. District Administrator Oswald Marr (SPD) had a similar view: "Storage space and seats are needed for 80 people."

The committee unanimously approved the additional extension, which Director Klaus Morsch described not as a "luxury, but a necessity" sees. The fact that the political representatives were so sympathetic to the whole project was not a matter of course, "after all, it costs a lot of money", Morsch is grateful.

By the end of next year at the latest, the teachers should be able to work in the larger room. According to district treasurer Gunther Daum, it is not yet clear whether they will have to move to another room during the renovation work.

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