Increase probability of twins and triplets | the sims 4

Even if it is in Sims 4 is possible to have twins or even triplets, chances are very low that your Sim will give birth to several babies at once. There are several methods to increase the possibility for twins and triplets. What they are, we show you here.

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  • 1 Increase probability for twins and triplets | The Sims 4
  • 1.1 Get twins and triplets through reward feature
  • 1.2 Get multiple babies through plot feature
  • 1.3 Getting twins and triplets through pregnancy massages

No matter how different the character traits of twins are, they always make up after a fight

Get twins and triplets by reward feature

The probably most well-known variant is the reward characteristic Fertile at Reward Store. You can use the feature for 3.000 points and it must be bought separately for each Sim. The chance for twins and triplets is therefore greater if both partners are equipped with the feature. However, the Fertile trait is not a guarantee for multiples.

If you don’t know how to make a baby, here we show you step by step what is necessary and how a pregnancy works.

Get multiple babies through plot feature

Since the appearance of the expansion „Big city life" were Property features unlocked. The more extensions you have, the more plot features you can choose from. Here are two features that can help you conceive twins and triplets:

Fertile soil: This feature applies to all Sims, regardless of whether they are hybrids or not. According to the info description, twins are often born with this trait. This feature is also very helpful in the 100 baby challenge.

Behind the dark line: This feature is only Vampire expansion available and therefore works only for vampire hybrids. For mermaids, mages, aliens or other hybrid forms this feature does not.

Get twins and triplets through pregnancy massages

With the Wellness extension you can make Moodlet generate a boost for pregnancy and fertility. The prerequisite for this is Massage table, which you have to place on your plot of land. After that you can order a masseur to your home, who will work on a female Sim one Pregnancy massage can perform. After finishing the massage this Sim gets a boost and you should make a baby with the desired partner as soon as possible.

Once your Sims become parents, just like real parents, you have to pay attention to what your child does in their free time and what they should rather stay away from. Some games that your parents forbade you back then, we have collected in this picture gallery.

Start photo gallery(10 images)

Increase probability of twins and triplets | the sims 4

If all this takes too long for you, you can use mods like MC Command Center, to help you out more quickly and determine not only the number, but also the genders of the babies. You can find instructions on how to install and apply the feature in the MC Command Center Guide, which you can access by clicking on the blue link.

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