“In aller freundschaft” preview (8.2.-1.3.): kathrin and kai must save a patient’s baby

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„In aller Freundschaft“ Vorschau (8.2.-1.3.): Kathrin und Kai müssen das Baby einer Patientin retten

Here you can find out in advance what will happen in "In aller Freundschaft" happens. Thanks to our preview you are ahead of the TV broadcast. Spoilers follow!

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Every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on ARD, viewers can look forward to a new episode of "In aller Freundschaft" rejoice. On 26. October, however, Friendship Night starts at 8:15 p.m. and you’ll see two episodes that day. If you want to find out in advance what will happen in the next few weeks in the Saxon clinic, you can simply read our preview. You can find the respective episode already one week before the broadcast in the ARD-Mediathek.

Instead of the preview first a review? The video takes you and the stars on a nostalgic journey:

„In all friendship"-Preview for Tuesday (8.2.), Episode 961 "Other Plans

On the way to one of his missions Doctor Roland Heilmann almost his grandson. The shock, however, is immediately replaced by another when Jonas‘ Boss Sandra almost collapses because of her back pain and severe fever. Arriving at the Sachsenklinik, Sandra reveals that she has been suffering from her pain for a long time, but did not want to be examined. When her husband reaches the Saxon clinic, he is angry with his wife. She should not have ignored her complaints.

When 19-year-old artistic gymnast Noemi is admitted to the Saxony Clinic with severe nausea, it quickly becomes clear that her discomfort is not from falling off the uneven bars: Noemi is four months pregnant. Because of the fall and a resulting rupture of the spleen, the athlete must be operated on urgently. Together we want Dr. Kathrin Globisch and Dr. Kai Hoffmann help the young woman when suddenly a miscarriage is threatened. To make matters worse, her kidney and liver values are bad. Can they still help the expectant mother and her baby?

„In all friendship-Preview for Tuesday (15.2.), episode 962 "Overreactions

Philipp Brentano tries his good friend Dr. Kai Hoffmann to support. The chief physician wants to Maria fight, however, places itself awkwardly.

When bank employee Jens Schmitt is admitted to the Saxony Clinic for a heart attack, his son Ruben suspects that his parents’ divorce is having an impact on his condition. After Dr. Maria Weber When the doctor places a stent in her patient, he recovers worse than expected. Arzu Knight can figure out what’s actually bothering Jens: Son Ruben dropped out of college to take over a comic book store.

Alma Kremers is at the end of her tether: For two years, the thirty-something has been trying to get pregnant because she was diagnosed with premature menopause, making her desire to have a child incredibly difficult. To guarantee an offspring, she persuades her partner Eik to donate eggs. Shortly before it’s time, Eik doesn’t get in touch anymore. Alma wants to continue the plan without her boyfriend, but her body won’t allow it…

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„In aller Freundschaft"-Preview for Tuesday (15.2.), Episode 963 "Parallel Worlds

When the gardener at the Saxony Clinic falls off a ladder due to an epileptic seizure, he breaks his lower leg. Fabian and Grit, the gardener’s children, are confused: their father has so far been diagnosed with high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia, but no epilepsy. So where does the seizure come from and why doesn’t he wake up from the anesthesia?

The famous basketball player Cora Lewitzki complains of pain in the abdomen, which Dr. Ilay Demir would like to take a closer look. Only a basketball game between the two convinces the athlete to get checked out.

A research project should Dr. Mary Weber distract and offer her a new challenge. Dr. Martin Stein wondering what’s keeping the doctor busy.

„In aller Freundschaft"-Preview for Tuesday (22.2.)

The Saxon Clinic takes a break. Instead of episode 964 of "In aller Freundschaft episode 2 of "ZERV-" is on the air Time of reckoning".

„In aller Freundschaft"-Preview for Tuesday (1.3.)

Also this week the clinic remains closed. Instead, soccer fans can rejoice: the quarterfinals of the DFB Cup will be broadcast from 8:15 pm.

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News and Stories

Here you can find out in advance what will happen in "In aller Freundschaft". Thanks to our preview you are ahead of the TV broadcast. Spoilers follow!

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