I reveal my hair secret

Again and again I get many compliments to my hair. And when I then tell my secret everyone is quite amazed and can not believe it at all – and today I will be my Secret share with anyone:

I will not talk long around the bush and air it right away: I wear tape extensions!
The most common questions that I am almost always asked, I have summarized for you today:

My personal experience with extensions:

Since I have been struggling with my thin and very fine hair for a long time and feel much more comfortable with more volume, I started quite early to support Mother Nature with a hair extension. And right from the start: I paid for every one of them myself. Since I already worked beside the school always, I could allow myself this from time to time.

At that time there were unfortunately only the expensive luxury providers in Austria Hairdreams and Great Lengths. Sure, there were also the knotting techniques in Afroshops, but I never tried that. My first hair thickening I have done at Hairdreams and was very satisfied. The thin strands ("bondings") were welded to my hair by means of a keratin layer and heat. This luxury had its price of ca. € 700,- (The price was current a few years ago and I had ca. 100 bondings) and had to renew them every few months. Great Lengths is similarly expensive, but I liked the round bondings from Hairdreams rather than the plates from GL. Since these costs were unfortunately no longer possible after moving into my own apartment, I did not wear extensions for a long time – until I heard about the Tapes HEARD.These are tapes they glued into the hair within a few minutes and much cheaper are. And because I have been longing for a voluminous head of hair again for a long time, I tried it almost a year ago and simply can’t live without! At first I had some doubts because of the width of the tapes of ca. 4-5 cm worried that the stripes would be seen or that they would bother me, but so far neither has been the case and I don’t regret the extensions for a single second.
Stylings like curls hold better and longer with my extensions than with my own hair.
But so was color, which I noticed when I experimented with a hair chalk in pastel purple. This should actually wash out after 2-3 hair washes, but on the tapes it lasted over a month. I am very enthusiastic and love my extensions. The only thing that bothers me: blow-drying now takes much longer, of course ;) A friend of mine has the first days about headaches (probably because of the weight) complained, but that settled after 2 days.

How does a hair extension work with tapes?

The Hair strips are ca. 5cm wide and in numerous colors and lengths available. Should your hair color not fit 100%, the extensions can be colored are also ombre, bright colors or color accents through the extensions are possible. The so-called tapes are applied to the top and bottom of an equally wide section of hair glued and are therefore fixed to the hair, so for one strand you need 2 pieces. They are attached to the whole head so that you are still tie a ponytail can. After 6-8 weeks the tapes have to be put up again, since they grow along with your own hair. To do this, dissolve them with a solvent and put them back on top. I always do this routine twice: the first day the extensions come out, overnight they are cared for by Manu and the next day after coloring the roots of my hair the tapes come back ‘in.

What to keep in mind when caring for your hair?

Since they are from Human hair If you do not have a tape, you can use the style, curl, straighten extensions as usual, etc. (To be on the safe side, ask your hairdresser if real hair is used, because you can’t treat synthetic hair with heat!) dye is theoretically no problem, but I would recommend you to talk to your hairdresser, because the extensions could absorb the color differently than your own hair. Dry shampoo can also be used without problems. Basically you can do everything you do with your own hair. However, one should Therme (especially sulfur baths) avoid, as the hair could curl in this environment. And treat the hair Extra portion of care. Be careful not to use any products containing oil or strong alcohol directly on the tapes, as these can dissolve the adhesive. So that they do not knot in their sleep, I always braid myself a loose plait.

How much does a hair extension or thickening cost??

For one extension you need approx. 40-50 pcs. For one Hair thickening can be done with 20-40 pcs. calculate, it depends on your own hair abundance. Depending on how you take care of the hair, you can reuse them 3-5 times. The best way is to consult a professional hair stylist. Of course Pricing everywhere else, I asked Manu and this is her price scale as of September 2014 (MSRP) for Tapes. This price includes the incorporation, approximation cut and styling:

  • 20 pieces € 215,-
  • 30 pieces € 305,-
  • 40 pieces € 350,-
  • 50 pieces € 390,-
  • Single per strand (=2 pieces) € 13,50
  • Removal costs a flat rate of € 30,- and raising € 2,- per piece.

By the way, I’ve been wearing a hair extension with 50 pieces since this May, which is 25 pairs, and I have it set high every 7-8 weeks. Before that I had a thickening of 40 pieces in my own hair length since October 2013. PS: If you go to her say you come from me ;)

Where do you get your extensions done in Vienna?

I put my hair in Manu’s hands for almost a year now. Before she started her own business, she worked in a store where I always made my appointments with her. *Here* you can see photos of the opening of her hair salon from May. Her salon is right by the Westbahnhof, on the corner of Mariahilferstrabe:

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