“I’m off then!”

Of course, an absolute elation arises spontaneously if your letter of application was successful. And rightly so – and in any case you should celebrate your success exuberantly. But one last hurdle you must first take elegant – your notice of termination with the current employer. And not everyone is cool about it here. For every second person, going to the boss is associated with considerable stomach ache.

This makes it all the more important to prepare for the termination to be prepared accordingly. This applies equally to a termination interview, as well as to the written notice of termination.

Contents: How to give notice as an employee

to bad Payment

to little annual leave

Advancing your career due to job change

permanent disadvantage / Dissatisfaction

annoying colleagues / bad working atmosphere

to little appreciation by the boss

mobbing / sexual Harassment

no compensation for overtime

Leadership weakness of the boss / injustice

high pressure to perform

flack of incentives

no flexible Working models

Company is facing Bankruptcy

family reasons

health reasons

Diplomacy is gold – conduct when giving notice as an employee

However, the same applies to your employer. After all, an adequate replacement has to be found first and a extensive training period be completed. And whether it succeeds on the first try is written in the stars. Not to mention the fear of taking valuable know-how or solvent customers with you. Your initiative brings a lot of inconvenience for the employer!

For one thing, you still have to send your Complete remaining working days, which is already difficult enough. Because from the moment the dismissal becomes known, you are a kind of alien in the company, and no longer really belong. On the other hand, you must not forget that you still have from your employer a good qualified job reference expect.

Therefore it makes sense to keep a good face until the end and to say goodbye without reproaches. And no matter how difficult it may be, you as correct as possible from! Your displeasure only consumes energies that you can use more sensibly from now on.

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The written notice as an employee

The termination of your employment relationship is regulated in the BGB (§§ 622 et seq.) regulated. Here are a few things to keep in mind so that your notice of termination is actually legally valid without extra chapters.

Definition: What is a dismissal?

A notice of termination is a unilateral declaration of intent requiring receipt, by which the person giving notice terminates the current employment relationship with all rights and obligations either immediately or after expiry of the notice period.

If you give notice, you still have to provide your employer with your labor in the remaining days until the notice period expires. So that the period as short as possible you have to provide your employer with a good job in the remaining days until the end of the notice period cushion of remaining vacation to be collected. You are absolutely entitled to your remaining leave.

Important components of a written notice of termination as an employee

Again and again, legal disputes arise before the labor courts because a written notice of termination not all important specifications fulfilled. It’s not that difficult to write a legally compliant notice of termination. A short letter with all relevant information in five or six sentences is quite sufficient.

(regulated in § 623 BGB)

"The termination of employment relationships by notice or dissolution agreement must be in writing to be effective; electronic form is excluded."

So you are not allowed to submit your notice

verbal in conversation

by telephone

in writing by e-mail

in writing by fax

in writing via WhatsApp

in writing via social media

The details of the termination letter

Of course include Your personal data, as the full name, your postal address and your contact details (telephone, e-mail) in the letterhead of your termination letter. This will ensure that your notice can also be assigned to you without any doubt.

A correct company address should be included in every letter, even if it is a letter of termination. Even if you deliver the letter in person, you should use the Address complete fill in, so that afterwards it is indisputably proven what and where notice is given.

Of course, your notice must also be current date included. Although the date of the letter has no relevance for the notice period. The only decisive factor in determining whether your notice of termination is received on time is the date on which the notice of termination is received by the recipient. Nevertheless important in case of dispute to prove when the notice of termination was written by you.

In any case, it should already be clear from the subject that the letter is a termination notice. In this way, the recipient can quickly and precisely classify the content and importance of the letter. And this is also in your own interest. The wording "Termination of my employment contract as of xx.yy.zzzz" would be a sensible subject. In the case of a two-line subject, the personnel number can still be listed. Especially in a very large company this makes sense.

An alternative wording could be like this: "Notice of termination of my employment contract dated xx.yy.zzzz until xx.yy.zzzz"

Since you are very familiar with the company, it should not be difficult for you to choose the right contact person for your notice of termination. This makes it easy to personalize the salutation correctly. In smaller companies, only the boss can be considered, in larger companies the management or the personnel manager. It is self-explanatory that the general formulation "Dear Sir or Madam" is not ideal. Address your termination notice directly to the appropriate person. "Dear Mr./Mrs. Mauss,".

Start with the core message right in the introductory sentence of your termination letter: "with this letter I terminate my employment relationship with notice to the next possible termination date"."

In any case, do not try to go far out on a limb and make a long-winded reference to your termination request, just to avoid appearing rude. Don’t give the reader any leeway to misinterpret your resignation.

Fatal are formulations such as "I would like to resign". It is not clear from these words that you have already made up your mind. Anyone who puts words on the gold scale might think you’d like to quit – but don’t yet! Therefore, it is of high importance that you clearly announce your termination statement.

"The employment of a worker or an employee may be terminated with four weeks’ notice to the fifteenth or to the end of a calendar month."

If you want to terminate on 5. May write the notice of termination and
handed over personally, then you can at the earliest
15. June go.

– The provisions of the collective bargaining agreement apply

– the regulation from the employment contract is valid

Not only the end of the notice period is decisive for your departure from the company – because you will be paid until then. Your last day of work is also important, especially for you! Because from then on you are free. As a rule, both days differ from each other.

Your last working day is calculated from the end of the notice period minus the remaining vacation to which you are still entitled. If it is too cumbersome for you to calculate the last working day and your remaining vacation yourself, then you can also leave it to your employer to provide you with the calculated facts. Write then: "Please let me know exactly when my last day of work will be, taking into account any outstanding remaining leave."

In any case, however, it is advisable to calculate the remaining vacation due and the last working day yourself. It is an advantage to hold the reins and know what is going on. Since one more day of vacation is a precious commodity, be sure to keep control and show that you are thinking: "According to my calculation, I am still entitled to 12 days of remaining leave, so that my last working day in your company on xx.yy.zzzz is."

Many employees calculate their remaining vacation incorrectly if the employment relationship ends during the year. If you simply divide the vacation days into twelfths and multiply them by the months concerned, you may be giving away a lot of nice free days! That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the legal requirements.

The legislator has stipulated: Nothing goes below the minimum leave!

With a 5-day week, 20 vacation days are obligatory.

With a 6-day week 24 vacation days are obligatory.



It is very important to request a confirmation of termination. This way you are on the safe side that the notice of termination has also arrived and is on its way. Especially if you use the postal service and do not want to hand over the cover letter personally, a confirmation is needed.

It is even better if you not only have the receipt of the notice confirmed, but also the resignation date, the remaining vacation due and your last working day.

"Please confirm in writing the receipt of my notice of termination, as well as the day on which my employment ends. And inform me of the remaining vacation to which I am still entitled and, as a result, my last working day."

If you hand over the written notice personally, it is sufficient to have the handover receipted.

Even today, the following still applies: No resume without a reference on the job market. Therefore, at the latest with the dismissal, the next job reference is also due. In fact, as an employee, you are entitled to a qualified job reference. In contrast to the simple certificate, the qualified certificate also contains an assessment of your social skills and competencies.

So formulate: "Please provide me with a qualified reference no later than my last day of work."

Your notice also works without thanks. But: In any case, show greatness on the last meters. No matter what, there was a common road, and a few kind, conciliatory words never hurt anyone. "Thank you very much for the many years of cooperation." Or "I thank you for the successful cooperation in your company."

I would avoid the word "cordially" in the context, that rather does not belong to it when you go apart. Alternatively, you could write "many times. If you are leaving on good terms and have had a great, inspiring time there, you can of course be a bit thicker on the subject of thanks!

Stay neutral when it comes to the greeting: "Yours sincerely".

In order for the termination to become legally binding, you should be particularly careful when signing your letter of termination. There are certain requirements to be met here.

The signature must be handwritten

The signature must contain the last name

(only the first name is usually not sufficient)

It must be possible to assign the signature
(with the legibility of signatures it is such a thing)

The signature must not be scanned and as a snippet
have been inserted

Stating a reason for termination as an employee

The good news is – you need not to give a reason for termination, so that your dismissal is legally effective. Therefore, you should remain neutral in your written notice of termination, and not make any statement about the reason for leaving the company. Since you have worked long and closely with colleagues and your supervisor, they can guess why you don’t stay anyway.

The situation is different Termination without notice (extraordinary). In the case of termination without notice, in contrast to ordinary termination, the employment relationship is terminated immediately – a notice period no longer needs to be observed here.

However, termination without notice is only possible under serious reasons possible, namely when it is no longer reasonable to continue working.

if Wage / Salary despite a warning not paid become

if the employee gross insults is suspended

if the employee sexual harassment will

if the employee is at work threatened becomes

if the statutory Workplace safety is not respected becomes

when the employee is at work assault
Suspended will

If the employee has been dismissed without notice, the following is required
Initially, do not mention a reason for termination in the letter of termination

But on demand of the employer is the reason for termination
immediately notify the employee in writing. This is also the case after-
enforceable, because due to the special hardship the
Reason for termination must be transparent.

Delivery of the notice as an employee

The effectiveness of a dismissal starts with the receipt by the recipient. If the notice is handed over personally and receipted, the receipt is unproblematic.

Access is more difficult if the Notice of termination sent by mail becomes. In this case, the notice of termination becomes effective at the moment "Scope of power" of the recipient comes. To make it concrete, in the mailbox of the addressee. It can be assumed that, under normal circumstances, a mailbox will be emptied every working day in the morning.


Start the notice period

The notice period begins the day AFTER access to run.

The termination interview as an employee

If you only give verbal notice, your termination is not legally valid. Nevertheless, it is customary, in addition to the written notice of termination, to also to address the termination in a conversation.

The reason for termination is also communicated here at the latest. You should be clear beforehand how openly you want to talk about your reasons for changing jobs or whether you prefer to get off the hook with neutral statements. It has proven to be as honest and authentic as possible – without hurting.

A termination meeting is not a normal conversation. Therefore Timing for an exit interview choose carefully. Try to find a quiet moment or, even better, make an appointment. It is difficult to conduct a termination meeting if there are constant interruptions.

If you want to address several points, it won’t hurt if you consult with a cheat sheet arm yourself so that nothing is forgotten. As with the written notice of termination, you should here immediately and without mincing words get to the point.

If you are looking for an open exchange of blows, be sure to wait until the end of the last day of work.

Conclusion to the letter of notice employee

In order to write a legally valid notice of termination, you must follow some basics. It is indispensable to give notice in writing. A verbal termination is invalid. A termination meeting will still be unavoidable. Make all preparations for this and remain diplomatic. Accumulate a cushion of remaining vacation days in a timely manner to keep working hours short after termination is. In the termination letter, limit yourself to the essentials and formulate clearly. Calculate your remaining leave and the notice period. Ask for a qualified job reference. Sign original (not digital) first and last names.

Frequently asked questions: FAQs on the letter of termination

What do I write in a letter of termination?
1. Sender 2. Correct company address 3. Current date with place of residence 4. Subject that includes the word termination 5. Personalized salutation 6. Cancellation statement: "..i resign to …" 7. Notice period: "..my notice period begins …" 8. Remaining leave and last working day: "..according to my calculations .." 9. Confirmation of termination: "..please confirm .." 10. Request for a qualified job reference: ".. please send me .." 11. Express thanks for the cooperation 12. Greeting 13. Signature

How do I write a notice of termination as an employee?
A notice of termination Must be in writing. Verbal, telephone or e-mail notice of termination is not effective! With the notice it is meaningful, sober and unemotional to ask for the termination of the current employment relationship. It is better to communicate the reason for termination in a conversation and not in the termination letter. Communicate to which date you exactly cancel. If you have calculated your notice period yourself, you can set out from when your notice period runs. The employer will check. The same applies to Calculation of remaining leave and the last working day. You are entitled to a qualified employer’s reference, you can also refer to this in the termination letter. If possible, thank you for the cooperation. Also important handwritten signature. A typed name is not sufficient!

What do I have to pay attention to when I quit my job?
1. The notice period must be respected. The period of notice is based on either employment contract. If nothing is settled there, the legal notice period. 2. Cancellation must be in writing and in due time.

What is a termination?
A cancellation is a unilateral, declaration of intent subject to receipt, by the dismissing the current employer-employee relationship with all rights and obligations either immediately or after expiration of the period of notice terminates.

Text for a written notice of termination of the employment relationship?
"Please confirm in writing that you have received my notice of termination, as well as the date on which my employment will end. And inform me of the remaining vacation to which I am still entitled and, as a result, my last working day. Please provide me with a qualified employer’s reference no later than my last day of employment."

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