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Naturally, there are not only countless stories about the traditional Bundesliga dinosaur Hamburger SV, but also many artists have immortalized themselves in song form in the hearts of HSV fans and in the cultural scene. In the Volksparkstadion of Hamburg is sung in fact so many things!

The HSH Nordbank Arena in Hamburg's. AFP PHOTO / JOHN MACDOUGALL

The HSH Nordbank Arena in Hamburg’s. AFP PHOTO / JOHN MACDOUGALL

Hamburg meine Fubballperle – The most famous HSV song of all time

The artist Lotto King Karl, whose native name is Gerrit Heesemann, has clearly expressed his love for his club with the song "Hamburg meine Fubballperle" ("Hamburg my soccer pearl"). The song, which appeared on the artist’s HSV album in 2008, is probably the most famous song about the Hamburg sports club and is still considered the official anthem of the league dinosaur to this day. Before every home game Lotto King Karl, now working as a stadium announcer for the Bundesliga club, performs this song from a crane in front of the famous Nordkurve and every HSV fan sings along at the top of his lungs while holding his club scarf aloft.

Sung live in the video: "Hamburg my pearl" + lyrics

When you come from Dortmund,
money doesn’t score goals here.
If you come from the capital,
we shit on you and your song.

The HSV - as the only club, the HSV is represented from the beginning in the Bundesliga. Picture taken on May 3, 2014 with the Bundesliga time. AFP PHOTO / JOHN MACDOUGALL

HSV – the only club to be represented in the Bundesliga right from the start. Picture of the 3.May 2014 with the Bundesliga time. AFP PHOTO / JOHN MACDOUGALL

The "HSV Forever" entrance song

Immediately after the song "Hamburg meine Perle" the team runs onto the pitch with the melody "HSV Forever. This song was written by David Hanselmann and points out in its lyrics that the HSV has never been relegated. For the most part, no songs are played for the duration of the game, but there is again background music at half-time.

Hamburg until death

As a younger work in the HSV fan scene is "Hamburg Till i die" by Abschlach, which however already dates from 2008.

We are smart, we are fans of HSV

The song "Wir sind schlau, wir sind Fans vom HSV" (We are smart, we are fans of HSV) is especially famous, because it is – due to its catchy hymn-like melody, which is played by My oh my originated by Slade, can be used for both celebrating a victory and as an uplifting song after defeats.

We are smart, we are fans of HSV.
Every day we think of HSV.
not to Bayern or Werder
not to Stuttgart not to Cologne
We are smart, we are fans of HSV.

Rotherbaum, we remember exactly,
Charly Dorfel, Uwe Seeler were ‘n ‘ne show,
Kevin Keegan wonderful,
Emperor Franz the Superstar,
we are smart, we are fans of HSV!

Saturday we move to the people’s park stadium
And we’ll push our eleven all the way forward,
Felix Magath, Uli Stein, Manni, Mile they’re going for it,
our guys are the biggest sensation

We together still win,
don’t fuck around, go forward one more goal – one more goal! –
German champion again and again
with the colors black-white-blue,
We for you, you for us – HSV!

Humor about the HSV

Mickie Krause once critically dealt with "his" club HSV in the song "Hier regiert der HSV" (Here rules the HSV), because in the song he rather points out the negative circumstances of the club and humorously draws them through the cocoa.

German Champion HSV

One song that HSV fans would certainly love to sing at the top of their lungs once again is definitely "Who will be German champion – HA HA HA ES VAU". This song originally comes from a more successful time of the club.

More fan songs

"Hamburger Jungs – we’re all Hamburger Jungs" is a popular healthy chant by HSV fans from the stadium on their way to the Stellingen S-Bahn station.

"Six times German champion, three times cup winner – ALWAYS first league HSV" is an extremely popular song during the game, when things are not going so well for the home team again.

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