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Today we want to explain to you how best to build a phunnel. For this we have also already uploaded a video on YouTube.


First of all you need a suitable phunnel, for example the Oblako Mono S .

How to..

We also prefer to build our phunnels with the appropriate tools. Here we use a tobacco fork and a piercer .

Also, of course, a tobacco of your choice, such as Kauzi from Maridan.

How to..

2. Phunnel construction

First, the tobacco comes loose in the phunnel, here the tobacco nice "fluffy" spread with a fork in your head.

2.1.Which quantity comes into the Phunnel?

The amount of tobacco depends on your preferences. You can build the phunnel in three ways. Either as Full contact (Overpack), with light contact or without contact.

2.1.1. Full contact/packaging

What does overpack mean anyway? With the overpack, you build the head over the edge so that your smokebox/alufoil is in what is called full contact with the tobacco. This creates a lot of heat, because the tobacco gets hot faster and therefore burns faster of course. But of course this also creates a lot of smoke. This Phunnelbau variant is more suitable for advanced, I would say.

2.1.2. Light contact

Phunnel construction with light contact means that you just have a light contact of tobacco and smokebox/alufoil. The tobacco burns slower but still produces a good amount of smoke. I personally prefer to smoke with light contact. Disadvantage of both full contact and light contact is that the smokebox will get dirty in the long run. Where we have to test a few new products (so it remains exciting&).

2.1.3. Without contact

Without contact, should now actually be self-explanatory. You build the phunnel without the tobacco and smokebox/alufoil touching each other. Here, of course, the least heat is generated, the head can be smoked quite longer and is therefore more pleasant to smoke. But there is also less smoke and the tobacco may not taste quite as intense.

Next, take either the tobacco fork or piercer and spread the tobacco further into the head. Make sure that a small gap is left at the edge and that no tobacco sticks to it.

Trick 17: If the tobacco is too strong or too cool for you, press the tobacco lightly with your thumb. This makes everything a little firmer and prevents heat from flowing through it. This way the tobacco doesn’t burn quite as fast and it helps minimize the strength of the tobacco and the squeeze.

2.2. Clean the head

Next, remove excess tobacco from the edge of the phunnel (best done with kitchen roll). Otherwise the tobacco will burn as soon as you put the smokebox on it.

3. Smoking

At last put the phunnel on the shisha and now put either the smokebox or the aluminum foil with sieve on the phunnel.

Important: The charcoal should always be completely on and have no more black spots.

I usually start smoking with three coals and then put one or two down as needed.

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