Hope for discos and guests: corona loosening in sight

Will discotheques and clubs soon be open again throughout Schleswig-Holstein?? The results of a model project can give hope to operators and party-goers alike.

Celebrating without distance and mask could be possible in Schleswig-Holstein’s discotheques soon again. "With a test and control regime, we can give this beleaguered industry a perspective again", said Minister of Economic Affairs Bernd Buchholz (FDP) on Tuesday. Together with the scientific monitoring team and a disco operator, Buchholz drew a positive balance of a model project in which three clubs had received a total of 2.880 guests.

Of these guests, only four would have had a positive Corona test result after the fact, said medical expert Stephan Ott – but so late that the infection probably did not occur in the discotheques. Buchholz considered this a success and concluded: "There is very well a possibility to celebrate safe parties."

2G or 3G: "Please open our stores"

Buchholz attributed the increase in incidence in the three circles of participating stores to travelers returning home and the start of school: "As far as we know, no one has been infected at the parties." Joy" was one of the participants in the model project in Henstedt-Ulzburg (Segeberg district). Operator Joey Claussen appealed to the minister: "Regardless of whether 2G or 3G – please open our stores at last."

Buchholz held out the prospect of relaxations as early as the next update of the Corona Control Ordinance; the current version is due by 19. September valid. Discotheques and similar establishments are currently allowed to open independently of model projects, but only under strict conditions.

Current Corona rules in SH: 2G-Plus in restaurants and closing time

Stricter Corona rules are currently in force again in Schleswig-Holstein. We have summarized the details for you. more

Currently a maximum of 125 visitors at the same time in the club

In addition to a hygiene concept and the collection of contact details, operators are currently allowed to let a maximum of 125 people into the clubs at any one time. The smaller the club, the fewer visitors are allowed in – one person is allowed in for every ten square meters of walk-in space. In the case of his discotheque "Joy in Henstedt-Ulzburg, that was 45 guests, said operator Claussen. In order to operate profitably, it needs an occupancy rate of at least two-thirds. He had parties with 600 guests in the "Joy" as part of the model project organizes.

Visitors currently also need a negative test, which must not be older than 24 hours. Those who have been fully vaccinated or have recovered must present proof of vaccination. In addition, everyone must wear a qualified mouth-nose covering when dancing indoors.

The model project ran under strict rules

The model project has been running in Schleswig-Holstein since mid-July. With a strict hygiene and testing concept and the 3G rule was in the "Joy" in Henstedt-Ulzburg, at the "Horizon in Oldenburg (Ostholstein district) and in the "Bootshaus" in Flensburg celebrating possible – without a mask and distance. Only vaccinated, recovered and tested people were allowed to enter the clubs. Negative test results could not be older than six hours. The guests had to be tested several times after the parties.

Without mandatory masks only with good ventilation systems

Under these or similar conditions, discotheques could become safe places to party again in the future, especially for young people, says Minister Buchholz. The FDP politician said that the results of the project would be taken into consideration before the new state ordinance came into force – and already announced that the state government would move away from certain points of the model project, such as the night tests. Contact tracking via the Luca app is conceivable, he said. And it is clear that discotheques may only open without a mask requirement if they have good ventilation systems.

Guests are "extremely grateful" according to the operator

Without discos, young people would look for other places to party, said operator Claussen. The response to the model project has been positive, he said. "Guests are extremely grateful to be able to party again." This is obviously also noticeable in the box office. The "Joy Had more turnover per person than before the Corona pandemic, Claussen said.

Corona in SH: Disco model project comes to an end

Three discotheques participated in the experiment. In Flensburg, the party was canceled; in Henstedt-Ulzburg, people were anxious until the very end. more

People in a discotheque © Colourbox Photo: ArenaCreative

Model test in discos starts: Dancing without mask and distance

One disco from Flensburg, one from Oldenburg and one from Henstedt-Ulzburg are taking part in the project. There are conditions for visitors. more

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