Holding hands: how to reach for her hand on a date.

But that’s exactly where the difficulty lies for you. You simply lack a bit of practice so far. You’ve been flirting more and more lately, but you’re still unsure when you can take the next step and touch her.

8 tips for the first kiss

Evaluate your situation correctly

Pay attention to what she says, how she says it and how she behaves. People are constantly sending signals through their body language. This happens unconsciously. So body language easily reveals how your counterpart feels.

Many men find it difficult to tell if the lady across from them is really flirting with them or if she is simply being polite and therefore having a friendly conversation with them. If you also find yourself in this situation, you should pay more attention to how she acts during the conversation with you. Maybe she plays with her hair?

This is a good sign. Not only does she seem interested, but she literally hangs on your lips and can’t take her eyes off you? Then the whole thing is much more than just a conversation between friends for her. She may even have touched you inconspicuously several times already? Many men dismiss this as an oversight and think nothing of it. However, a woman never touches a man without a reason. If you make her laugh and she lightly grabs your shoulder afterwards, she’s obviously interested in you.

By the way, before you start holding hands, you should do a quick check: Are your nails cut short and clean?? Have you washed your hands after cooking so that they are neither sticky nor smell of food?? All right, let’s get on with it.

Hold hands

Time for the next step: holding hands

So she’s already touched you several times. This is her way of signaling you to go ahead, after all, she likes you. Remember, however, that it always depends a little bit on the place and the event. If you are sitting at a table with her friends, she will be anything but thrilled if you suddenly try to make out with her. A little togetherness or at least not quite so many spectators from the close circle of friends are quite advantageous if you want to approach it.

If you want to hold hands with her, you should not grab her hand wildly and firmly. Just let your fingers slide into hers instead. Pay attention to how she reacts. Can you move her arm loosely with your hand?? Or is her arm stiff and are her shoulders tense? Tension is a sign of feeling uncomfortable. If you feel that holding her hand is going too fast, you can simply let go of her hand.

However, you may also think that holding hands with her is still too rash. In this case you can also just whisper in her ear and explain that you want to show her something. Then you say "come" and take her by the hand. Once you reach your destination, you let go of her hand.

This way you can test how much closeness she already allows. If you have already held hands once, it will be easier for you to hold her hand again at a later time, because you already have her trust. It is important that you do not talk about the fact that you are holding hands. She feels it. So don’t divert your attention to that, but continue talking normally about the topic you were chatting about until just now. Even if you let go of her hand again, you should continue to talk to her normally.

Through playful activities, you can also take her hand, for example, by comparing the size of your hands.

At the latest when she asks you to feel how cold her hands are, this is a clear request on her part. So go ahead.

Holding hands

Holding hands leads to stronger trust

By holding hands, you build more closeness with her. If you want to keep your flirting going, you can increase the physical contact, for example, by gently stroking her hand with your thumb while you are holding hands. The touch between you becomes even more intense when you take them by both hands.

By the way: Of course, you should not squeeze too hard, because you don’t want to hurt her. Nevertheless, you may calmly grab her hand so that she feels that you are a strong man and that you support her. If you are already holding hands, the step to a kiss is not necessarily far away. Because a woman may talk to a man out of pure politeness, but she does not hold hands with him out of pure friendliness.

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