Herken, sophie lucie: the alphabet of invisible things

Book titleHerken, Sophie Lucie: The Alphabet of Invisible Things
(Reduced for blind children 89€, price for all others 129€)

A small preview of the content:

With gobbledygook and silliness, but still with brains. Taking a different look at the alphabet! Instead of boredom with A for apple and B for bear, the "Alphabet of Invisible Things" for learning is about farting, sweetness, earwigs, dreams or being cool. It is full of invisible but tangible surprises. This way learning is fun for children and gives motivation to continue.

This book is an experiment. It was created in four years of ‘research’ and with many helping hands. We wanted to prove that it is possible to produce children’s books for everyone – including children’s books – even industrially, d.h. machine production.

And: Because we couldn’t hear A for apple anymore (yawn) and E for elephant is no information at all for blind children. And: Because there is NO SINGLE alphabet book for blind children!! (Just an alphabet book from the 1980s ("Picture Primer for Blind and Visually Impaired Children").

Inspired, briefed and ‘supervised’ ;-) by Other Seeing, the most awesome and crazy illustrator in the world, Sophie Lucie Herken, developed this book in collaboration with us.

This book makes L like desire to A like touching. Everybody wants to touch! Some children see with their hands, others with their eyes. But the best books are for all children. Like this.

Facts: Hardcover, 20 tactile, lay-flat pages. Large print and colored Braille (Braille) to read along and learn along of course in simple language. Pedagogically valuable and instructive. And: For all! For the start of school or for preschool children. Tactile and visually indescribably wimmelig!

Just by the way: Did you know? We have been making braille in color since 2013 so that sighted people can read it more easily. But this is old hat, old news, cold coffee ;-)

Great also: The book is wonderful for both blind and sighted parents to explain the ABCs to their preschool children.


"Also my favorite pages are the B, D, E, H, L, and M. And which are yours?"
Juliane, age 6

Key data without corners ;-)

  • Color spiral bound book with solid pages in the format 42 x 21 cm, weight 1.261 g
  • 62 pages, 31 of them tactilely illustrated and with color Braille
  • Text in large print and braille (Braille)
  • From 4 to 8 years, for non-readers, beginning readers and readers
  • For Braille readers and print readers
  • Illustrations and text: Sophie Lucie Herken.
  • Non-profit product, made possible by Other Seeing e.V.
  • With the helping hands of very very many nice people. In collaboration and with generous sponsorship. And with a lot of patience and long breath. The idea was born in 2016 – so it took four years to get to the finished product! An impossible project made possible!
  • Generously funded by donations from Druckpartner, Konica Minolta, and Fedrogini
  • Order here at Kohlibri books and media.
  • ISBN: 978-3-9821960-3-9
  • First edition May 2020
  • Subsidized retail price for blind children 89 €, price for all others 129 €

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