Heimberg against brothel : “it is doubtful whether the women will work there voluntarily”

The construction of a brothel in the commercial zone in Heimberg was approved. The community now publicly expresses its displeasure about the decision of the government governor.

A red light business is to be built on the second floor of this commercial building

On the second floor of this commercial building, a red-light business is to be built.

Numerous objections were received from local residents against the building application

Numerous objections to the building application were received from the local residents.

However, this was rejected by the government governor

However, this has been rejected by the government governor.

In Heimberg, the conversion of a commercial building into a brothel was approved despite numerous objections and two petitions.

In a press release, the municipal council criticizes the decision of the government governor.

The municipality is particularly concerned about the threat of noise and traffic emissions. In addition, there are fundamental concerns in connection with prostitution.

Nine objections and two petitions were of no avail: At the end of December, the former Thun governor Marc Fritschi decided that the first floor of a commercial building in Heimberg may be converted into a brothel. It was "notorious that brothel visitors would behave discreetly," Fritschi said, explaining his decision. Unacceptable night disturbances are therefore not to be expected. Fritschi emphasizes that "idealistic and moral objections to the trade" are "not legally decisive".

Over the granted building permit now also the local council of Heimberg expressed its displeasure. The concerns of the petitioners are shared and have been communicated to the governor in writing, writes the municipal council in its statement on Tuesday. The potential noise and traffic could not only harm Winterhalde, but also diminish the attractiveness of neighboring neighborhoods. "In fact, a brothel can be damaging to the reputation of the entire community and thus hinder competition," it says.

"More traffic is inevitable"

In addition to the adverse effects of emissions, there would be fundamental concerns related to prostitution. "It is doubtful whether the women will work there voluntarily and whether they will be treated correctly," says community president Andrea Erni Hanni on request. Erni is not convinced by Fritschi’s argument that brothel visitors would behave discreetly: "The contact bar, which will be licensed for 30 people, has 16 parking spaces, and customers usually come by car. That there will be increased traffic is inevitable."

The municipal council will now check the missing permits and react if necessary. There is, among other things, the duration of the operating license, says Erni Hanni. While the usual period is five years, the Heimberg local council wants to limit the permit for the brothel to one year for the time being. "We want to first see how the situation develops and then react accordingly," says Erni. Furthermore, it is necessary to "ensure that preventive, social and health-promoting measures are implemented, protection and control are exercised, but also that the population is protected from possible disturbing concomitants associated with prostitution," as the communication of the municipal council further states. The municipal council has decided not to appeal against the building permit.

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Is property owner Rene Haner still comfortable with so much rejection of his conversion plans?? Haner answers with a counter-question: "Imagine you have tried unsuccessfully for four years to rent the 440 square meters of office space. Now there is a project that complies with the law, with which you have a safe tenant again. What do you do then? To forego thousands of francs a month just because the brothel doesn’t suit some people?"There were other interested parties, says Haner: "But a daycare center is not allowed in a commercial zone, and the municipality didn’t approve apartments either. And now that a building project that conforms to zoning regulations has been approved, they are also complaining – who is to make sense of this??"

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