Healthy weight gain: this is how it works!

For many people, successfully gaining weight is a real challenge. The reasons for it are various: Genetic disposition, too small calorie admission or also illness-conditioned underweight can contribute to it, to you the increase nearly impossible to let seem. But this does not have to be! So that you finally come from underweight to your ideal weight, we present here the best tips and strategies, with which healthy gaining weight finally works!

About it we write in this contribution

healthy weight gain

How to gain weight?

Even though underweight people like to Miracle pill for gaining weight would wish: The basis for healthy weight gain is still the right diet. Based on this, you can then use additional aids, such as Weight Gainer Shakes help themselves. First of all, if you are underweight, you have to make sure that you reach a calorie surplus.

What does this mean?

gain weight tips

Basal metabolic rate and calorie surplus

Each person has depending on sex, age, size etc. a so-called basal metabolic rate. This refers to the amount of calories burned at rest without any physical activity. In the case of underweight people, it is usually the case that they consume a daily consume more energy than you take in through food. You are thus in a calorie deficit.

With overweight people the case is exactly the opposite: Here the consumption lies under the sum of the calories supplied by food. So overweight people have a Calorie surplus or. a calorie plus.

Example basal metabolic rate To gain weight
Male, 30 years, 1.80 meters, 80 kilos 1858 calories mind. 2500 calories
Female, 30 years, 1.70 meters, 50 kilos 1300 calories mind. 2000 calories

Tip: To gain weight quickly it is inevitable to create a calorie surplus. To do this, you should first determine your Basal metabolic rate determine. Basal Metabolic Rate Calculators, like this one, make it easy: in less than a minute, you know what calories you’re actually burning.

After the basal metabolic rate has been determined, i.e. you z.B. Found out that you burn 2000 calories every day at rest, now it’s time to count calories. Now you must exactly determine how many calories you consume daily. For this you need

  • a simple Food scale
  • and one Calorie primer, which you can also find online.

Thus equipped nothing more stands to the project healthy increase now in the way.

  • For each meal that you eat in the next 4 weeks, weigh You exactly the ingredients.
  • You multiply whose weight with the respective Calorie unit for this ingredient from the calorie guide.
  • When you have burned all add up, you get the exact amount of calories you eat every day.

Tip: Many foods you buy at the supermarket have already Data on the amount of calories printed on the package. This makes it even easier to record your daily calorie intake.

With this method you can convince yourself from week to week in the mirror that gain healthy weight works. Your arms and legs will slowly fill out and your face will also increase and look rounder and more beautiful.

A good guideline is: Eat a total of 500 calories above your basal metabolic rate every day, and you’re guaranteed to gain weight. In our example, you would need to consume a total of 2500 calories per day: 2000 calories (basal metabolic rate) + 500 calories (excess) = 2500

But be careful: if you move a lot, z.B. job-related, like to make long walks with the dog or even endurance sports, then your basal metabolic rate also increases and you have to eat more accordingly. A good basal metabolic rate calculator therefore also takes into account your physical activity.

Activity calorie consumption (30 minutes)
Driving a car 50 calories
Sex 200 calories
Wipe 160 calories
Vacuum 80 calories
Television 30 calories
Cycling 80 calories
Walking 110 calories
Yoga 80 calories

Carbohydrates – the miracle cure for gaining weight

The big question you’re probably asking yourself now is: How do I manage to eat so much?

The trick is to focus more on certain food groups to concentrate. Basically, a distinction is made between three major food groups:

  • proteins: The building block for muscles; mainly found in meat, fish, eggs and soybeans.
  • fats: The flavor enhancer; z.B. contained in butter, vegetable oils and fatty fish.
  • carbohydrates: The energy supplier; mainly contained in flour and dough products such as bread and pasta, but also in rice and potatoes. Vegetables and fruit also count as carbohydrates.

The key thing is that different foods influence our Feeling hungry varying amounts of. Foods that belong to the proteins and fats produce more quickly a long-lasting feeling of satiety, so make it harder for you to take in extra calories and create a daily calorie surplus.

But also with certain carbohydrates you must watch out: Fruits and especially vegetables have a total low calorie density. If you eat a lot of vegetables, you will eventually feel "full", simply because your stomach volume is exhausted and literally nothing more goes in – but you still have hardly taken in any calories!

Carbohydrates help to gain weight in a healthy way

For underweight people, the first choice is therefore to Carbohydrates from flour and dough productsBread, rolls, pasta, rice and potatoes should be eaten daily, preferably with every meal. These foods have a very high calorie density, but produce hunger again after a short digestion time – perfect for gaining weight.

Use preferably whole grain products to make the process of gaining weight as healthy as possible. The whole supplemented by healthy, high calorie fats, that are high in omega-3 fatty acids (z.B. fatty fish, olive oil and nuts) and occasionally some Meat as a source of protein – this is the perfect food mix for healthy weight gain.

Gain weight despite sport

Exercise is very healthy, but it can easily ruin your efforts to gain weight. Therefore, those who exercise regularly must make sure to include their increased physical activity when calculating basal metabolic rate.

endurance sports is particularly problematic in this respect, as it exceeds the strongly boosts calorie consumption. In the fitness and bodybuilding sector, on the other hand, mass and muscle building is a pronounced goal, so it can be very well combined with the desired weight gain.

As an ectomorph bodybuilder, in addition to eating plenty of carbohydrates as a basis for gaining weight, you should also eat some healthy sources of protein include how z.B.:

  • lean meat
  • Oily fish
  • Organic eggs or curd cheese

protein is the basis for successful muscle building.

Recipes for healthy weight gain find

Knowing the proper techniques of gaining weight is not enough: Gaining weight also has a psychological component – it has to be fun, otherwise you won’t keep it up. The decisive factor here is to "eat more" with the right Recipes to gain weight healthy as pleasant as possible. We have put together a sample diet plan for this here.

Already the meal preparation should be a highlight: browse cookbooks, research recipes for gaining weight on the Internet, buy great ingredients on the market and stand together with your partner or family in the kitchen. Sometimes it is precisely this social drumbeat that you need to cultivate in order to regain your appetite and to get to the ideal weight with pleasure.

This is also a very promising approach, if your own Child healthy weight gain. Social interaction shows children that cooking and eating are positive experiences, and that having an appetite is worthwhile.

Gain weight healthily with proteins

To make your search a little easier, here are some simple snack ideas to quickly and conveniently pick up a few extra calories:

Tuna Sandwich

2 slices of white bread
1 can of tuna
Half avocado
Some lettuce
3 tomato slices
5 cucumber slices

Peanut butter deluxe

2 slices of white bread
Peanut butter
Favorite jam
1 banana cut into pieces
Chocolate chips

Muesli bar

25 g almonds
25 g hazelnuts
25 g sunflower seeds
100 g dried fruit z.B. Dates
50 g raisins
75 g flour
75 g oatmeal
2 tablespoons honey
1 apple
1 pinch of salt
Mix, form bars, put in the oven

Tablets for gaining weight

Less recommendable are tablets for gaining weight, which one occasionally gets offered online. But this is almost always consumer deception: the small tabs already because of the small volume can not do what they promise. So better reach for carbohydrates and healthy fats as a base when cooking, or high calorie weight gainer powder (example).

The role of the physique for gaining weight

Another important tool to get clear about your own status quo in terms of weight is the Determining your own physique. The body type has a significant influence on how easy or difficult it is for us to gain weight in a healthy way.

In medicine one distinguishes three physique classes, the so-called endomorphs. Somatotypes:

  • The ectomorph type Is popularly known as the "Spargeltarzan": Short torso, long arms and legs are typical for this type, with usually high body height. Muscles are long and sinewy. This type has great problems with fat storage, which is why he finds it very difficult to gain weight. Gaining weight for no reason is practically never a problem for the ectomorph.
  • The mesomorphic type is the typical athlete: a strong chest, a V-shaped back in men or the feminine hourglass shape in women characterize him. This type has well-developed muscles and usually stores fat only in a few places, such as the abdomen or hips.
  • The endomorphic type is also jokingly referred to as the "beer host": Small physique, short arms and legs, often in conjunction with severe overweight – because like no other physique, this type tends to accumulate fat.

It is important to understand which of these classes you belong to in order to gain weight successfully and healthily. If you z.B. is the endomorphic type, gaining weight is usually easy, but unfortunately only in the wrong places! For the endomorph, it is therefore crucial to have Gain weight only in connection with a purposeful muscle structure plan to be tackled, preferably in combination with additional endurance sports.

Compared to this, the ectomorph has much more freedom. Since it is difficult for him to accumulate fat, a Calorie surplus through calorie-rich food in any case a must. He or she hardly has to worry about problem areas, and exercise isn’t a must either. The adjusting screw here is above all the right diet.


Successfully gaining weight may seem like an impossible project in the beginning. But with our tips even the most stubborn will succeed Hardgainer, more kilos on the scale to bring. However, not only the techniques are crucial, but also the right attitude. Success does not come overnight, but comes when you never give up. The philosopher Lao-Tsu said:

"A journey of 1000 kilometers begins with the first step."

Start your journey today, don’t get discouraged and master your underweight.

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