Have a life story written

Have your life story written – Is your life an exciting story too?? Would you like this story not to be forgotten and recorded for posterity?

Then have your own life story written.

Not everyone is gifted with writing talent and not everyone has the time to write down their life story.

Have life story written

Have life stories written

However, this does not mean that your biography remains unwritten, because having your life story written is the perfect alternative if you cannot or do not want to write it yourself.

Professional writers / ghostwriters can help you write your biography.

How the process works, the benefits of having your life story written, and how to create your request for a free quote in two minutes.

Have life story written – capture and preserve memories

The treasure of memoirs

If we take a cursory look back at our lives, we miss a lot of things. But if we take the time to look back in detail, we will see that there were many funny, sad, exciting, beautiful, not so beautiful, romantic and annoying moments and situations.

You should record this rich treasure of memories. The life history write gives you the possibility your children, grandchildren, friends and relatives also after your decease to be able to tell much.

Your book of life is worth writing, too. Why we say that. Because we are often told, "But I’m not prominent at all. You don’t have to be, because to your family and friends you are a valuable person whose story should be told and written down.

Have your life story written – happiness and sorrow are so close together

Happiness and sorrow are so close together. Most life stories have this in common. And yet every life is individual and unique. And in every life there are many small and big stories, which can be summarized in a book.

Why not take advantage of an occasion to have your life story written?. A milestone birthday, the birth of the first grandchild, an anniversary, many people find it easier to make the decision when a specific occasion invites them to do so.

Let us write your life story

From the idea to the written book

Embark on a walk through time with your ghostwriter / author. The way from the first idea to the written book is a long way. We support you on this way and sort your memories together with you.

First, you will meet your ghostwriter and discuss your idea with him or her. Then start collecting and sorting your thoughts. First, we note in bullet points everything that spontaneously comes into your head. Feel free to ask friends and relatives who might remember details you can’t remember. It is very nice if photos accompany the life story.

We then look together at which details should be included in the life story and which memories should perhaps be left out. The life story should be easy to read and not get bogged down in minor details that do not have much significance.

Research may be necessary if numbers& facts from the past are to be taken over correctly. Since you don’t want to have a novel written, facts, figures and places mentioned must correspond to reality.

Important: If you want to include friends and relatives, ask for their permission beforehand. If the life story is printed as a book, the unauthorized mention can bring you trouble.

Biography or autobiography?

We need to decide together whether you want to have your life story written as a biography or an autobiography. The biography tells your life from an observational perspective. The autobiography is written by yourself and describes your life from your perspective.

Once all the preliminary work has been done, your ghostwriter gets down to the work of your life and begins writing the life story. If you agree on partial deliveries, you can read through the already completed chapters at set intervals and communicate change requests.

Proofreading for the life story

Life has ups and downs – the book should be error-free

There are a lot of pages being written, and that’s where even a very experienced writer can have the error bug creep in. All books written by our authors are finally edited by our editors. Life has ups and downs. Your book should go to print without errors. This is what we guarantee. The cost of having your life story written already includes proofreading.

You write and we proofread

You have decided to write your life story yourself? Then give your manuscript to our proofreading service before printing and let professional proofreaders find the errors, no matter how small. Once the book is printed, it’s too late and you certainly want people to focus on your story and not on the mistakes in the book.

Have the life story printed or publish it as an eBook

You want to reach a wider readership and not just give the book to friends and family? Today you have several options for publishing your book, because writing books alone will not reach a single reader. Our ghostwriter agency will gladly help you to. But first we will introduce you to the different possibilities.

First of all, frahlingen should be contacted. You should also contact smaller and larger publishers. For this purpose we will gladly prepare a publishing exposa© for you.

If you want to give away / sell your book to friends, family and / or business partners, so-called books-on-demand publishers, such as BoD, are suitable. Here you can have your book made into a beautifully bound book in a small edition and quite inexpensively too.

Another and, most importantly, free option is to publish your book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. It doesn’t cost you a penny, and if you do a little research, you’ll find that many an amateur author has become a real book author through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Satisfaction guarantee : You pay only if you are satisfied with our work.

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