Harald gloockler in the jungle camp: fans irritated – why is his face suddenly blue?

However, Harald Gloockler’s fans are always irritated by two details: On the one hand, there has been wild speculation on Twitter since episode 1 about what cult designer Gloockler’s short hair is all about – on the other hand, viewers have recently been wondering where the blue discoloration on the 56-year-old’s face came from. MANNHEIM24 reveals what it is with the changed appearance of Harald Gloockler in the jungle camp:

Name Harald Gloockler
Born 30. May 1965, Maulbronn (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Spouse Dieter Schroth (verh. 2015)

Harald Gloockler: Several beauty surgeries before moving into the jungle camp

Harald Gloockler is known for shaping his appearance according to his taste – and for going under the knife to achieve his desired look. Of course, he could not refrain from preparing for his time in South Africa with various beauty measures even before entering the jungle camp. In order not to look old next to the often only half as old jungle camp contestants, the designer underwent a three-day beautification marathon, as he explained before the start of IBES. "If such a 20-year-old poison sits next to me, then I want to shine next to it, of course," said Gloockler in the RTL program "Punkt 12".

Among the procedures Harald Gloockler underwent, according to the report, was Botox treatment on his forehead. In addition, the 56-year-old had his eyebrows lifted, among other things. "The idea is of course with me that first nothing slips in the jungle, everything remains in place. And that one also really endures 15 days without cream."

Harald Gloockler on his first day in the jungle camp

Harald Gloockler: Hair tattoo instead of quiff for jungle camp

The preparations for the jungle have not only left their mark on Gloockler’s face, but also on his otherwise voluminous head of hair. This led to the fact that various viewers on Twitter were already wondering what it was with the raspelkurzen hair of Harald Gloockler in the jungle camp on itself. "Has Harald Gloockler had hair tattooed?", wondered, for example, a Twitter user during episode 3 of IBES.

And indeed: Gloockler’s tight beauty program before "Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus" also included permanent make-up. New eyebrows, permanent eyeliner and lips were part of the beauty program, as well as the filling of beard and head hair by means of tattoo technique.

Harald Gloockler in the jungle camp: fans irritated – why is his face suddenly discolored blue?

Another detail puzzles the fans of Harald Gloockler: In some scenes, the face of the designer appears heavily discolored, as if he had bruises on his face. Is the unhealthy face color of Mr. Harald Gloockler actually ne late consequence of his OP’s?", asked for example a spectator in the net. "The cheeks of Harald Gloockler look nerotic, you have to worry about it?", wonders another Twitter user.

Another viewer had already theorized on Saturday about Harald Gloockler’s suddenly changed appearance: "Conjecture as to why Gloockler’s face is so blue: The Tyndall effect is the appearance of a bluish discoloration at injection sites for skin fillers. This happens because light is reflected by particles in the filler. Too much volume, injected too superficially."

At least Harald Gloockler looks nowhere near as bad in the jungle camp as he did recently after a bad bout of allergies, which caused his face to swell so much that he even had to be treated with cortisone.

Harald Gloockler: Botox against sweat – advantage in the next jungle test?

In addition to permanent makeup and fillers, Harald Gloockler also got himself another crucial advantage for his participation in the jungle camp: before his departure for South Africa, he also had botox done under his armpits, as he explained in an interview with BILD. So the cult designer hopefully does not sweat also with the next jungle test, which he must deny on day 4 in the Dschungelcamp together with three further fellow campers. (kab)

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