Happy end for badly injured cat lady

Frieda, a cat living in Bad Driburg, disappeared from the face of the earth for two months until she was hit by a car and found seriously injured in Ludenscheid, 170 kilometers away. The fact that she can now snuggle back into the arms of her owners Sabrina and Tjark Hansen is thanks to the help of animal-loving police officers and the animal welfare organization Tasso, which operates Europe’s largest free pet registry.

02.02.2022, 09:33

Happy end for badly injured cat lady

When the Hansen family brought Frieda, then eight weeks old, to Bad Driburg, it was love at first sight. Even though the little cat lady was a real tomboy in the beginning, she quickly settled into her new home.

Frieda also got along splendidly with her two animal roommates. She often accompanied dog Poppy for a bit on her walks, and with tomcat Mimpy she enjoyed her outdoor trips.

"Frieda and Mimpy were always very reliable. When we let them out in the evening, they were back for breakfast in the morning," says Tjark Hansen.

100 wanted posters

But at the end of October last year, Frieda never returned from one of her tours. When she didn’t come home even at noon, the cat lovers knew something was wrong. They reported Frieda missing the same day at Tasso, distributed more than 100 search posters and informed all neighbors as well as veterinarians and animal shelters in the area.

In addition, Tjark Hansen together with dog Poppy searched for their little friend for days, but nothing helped and Frieda remained missing. "Every time I walked by the supermarket or pharmacy and saw our lost and found poster, I got a twinge in my heart. It was really strange that Frieda was not sighted anywhere or by anyone," the cat owner recalls.

Call a week before Christmas Eve

The weeks passed and with them the hope of ever seeing Frieda again. But it came differently: A week before Christmas Eve, the Hansen family got the surprising call from Tasso – Frieda was found severely injured by the police in Ludenscheid, 170 kilometers away, and brought to a nearby veterinary practice. There, the cat lady could be clearly identified by her transponder number and the registration at Tasso. "When I saw the number of Tasso in the display, I was insanely afraid to answer the phone for a moment, because after such a long time and the wet and cold weather I expected a death find. But our Frieda lived, I was overjoyed," says Tjark Hansen.

Immediately, the Hansens made their way to Ludenscheid to check on their injured velvet paw.

Frieda was hit by a car with high probability and had several severe bone fractures. "The vet told us that Frieda was also very apathetic, but when she saw my wife, she immediately started purring and allowed herself to be petted," the cat lover says.

Almost back to her old self

Just a few days later, Frieda could be transported to the animal hospital in Bielefeld, where she underwent surgery. Meanwhile, the cat lady is back home with the Hansens and their animal roommates.

"It was very important to us that Frieda did not suffer unnecessarily, but the doctors told us that the chances are good that she will be the old again. She may not be able to jump two meters, but she can easily manage one and a half meters," says Tjark Hansen with a laugh. For now, however, the velvet paw is still grounded for four to five months.

Thanks to the police, veterinarians and Tasso

Where Frieda was during the two months of her disappearance remains her secret. However, her owners suspect that she was taken by someone to Ludenscheid, ran away there and then hit by a car. "Unfortunately, many people still don’t know that you can’t just keep an animal. Without the police officers, the veterinarians and Tasso, we would not have gotten our Frieda back, we are very grateful," says Tjark Hansen happily.

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