Hamburg city: ewige lampe on neuer wall closes down

Nico Hagenah stands in his store Ewige Lampe, now all lights must go out.

Photo: Michael Rauhe / HA

Owner Nico Hagenah has started with the clearance sale. On the shopping mile several areas are empty.

Hamburg. The Lighting House Eternal Lamp is one of the few still owner-operated stores on the Neuer Wall. The company, founded in 1889, has been located on the Nobeleinkaufsmeile for 30 years. In 2006, Nico Hagenah took over the business from his parents. But soon the lights will go out in the approximately 500 square meter store. "Clearance sale due to business closure" can be read on the shop window. Ten percent discount on the approximately 1000 lamps that Hagenah still has in stock. Until 24. December runs the Clearance sale. "The decision to give up this business, which is rich in tradition, was of course not an easy one for me to make. I grew up here, so to speak, and you put a lot of heart and soul into a family business like this," said Hagenah.

The lease expires at the end of the year. The landlord is the company Procom, which is also developing the former Commerzbank site on Neb, not far from the town hall. "The rent we have to pay here is no longer in any relation to the income. That’s also the reason why almost only chains are still represented on Neuer Wall," says the business economist. The amount of rent obviously doesn’t matter there, he says. Since it is a matter of being able to show with its brand a business at the Neuer Wall, said Hagenah, who is also a board member of the community of interests Neuer Wall, further.

The Eternal Lamp has an eventful history

The retailer reports: "Buying behavior has changed. We have fewer walk-in customers here on Neuer Wall, and we’re missing the big conventions. Tourists have always been an important clientele for us, too, but business has also slowed down," he says thoughtfully. The 44-year-old will stay in the business, looking for a small office space in the Poppenbuttel area. "I will continue to offer lighting design," said Hagenah. But the entrepreneur will not rent a store space again.

The Ewige Lampe, which was founded 132 years ago, has an eventful history. Nico Hagenah is already the sixth owner. His parents Monika – now 77 years old – and Uwe – now 80 years old – had taken over the company in the mid-1980s because the then owner Horst Bodenberger himself had no successor.

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Many owner-operated stores have already given up

On Neuer Wall, several storefronts are empty. The store next to the Eternal Lamp has also been deserted. In October, Faber-Castell, which specializes in fine writing instruments, moved out of there and recently opened a new store in Levantehaus on Monckebergstrasse. On the other side of the street, the Jil Sander flagship store moved out at the end of September (we reported). Employees were only informed of the boutique’s closure shortly beforehand. The former Brioni space, an Italian luxury fashion brand, at number 84 has been vacant since April 2017. The real estate service provider Grossmann& Berger is now in charge of leasing the store, but has not yet been able to find a new tenant.

In the past few years, numerous owner-operated stores on the Nobe shopping mile have given up. In summer 2017, for example, the long-established Mohring lingerie store moved from its Neuer Wall location to the Grosse Burstah in the Nikolai Quarter after more than 60 years in business. There, the specialty store struggled with declining sales and closed its doors for good this year. In the past few years, the Hoffmann fashion salon, Steinbruck Pelze and Bornold, a retailer that has moved to new premises on the banks of the Alster, have all closed down on Neuer Wall..

Successor to the Eternal Lamp: There are already interested parties

In the meantime, a new opening is in the pipeline at number 18. The watch brand Tag Heuer will move in there with a flagship store at the end of November. The Lumas Gallery moves from Poststrabe to Neuer Wall.

And what will become of the Eternal Lamp premises? There is obviously no threat of a prolonged vacancy here. "We have several interested parties who want to rent either just the Ewige Lampe space or also in combination with the former Faber-Castell space," Procom managing director Dennis Barth said in response to an Abendblatt inquiry.

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