Hair thinning phenomenon: why women do it and how it works

We sit in the lunch break together and talk about the topic hair. And really everyone can have a say in this. The big confessions that then fall: "Well, mine are too thin", "mine are too straight", "mine are frizzy", "mine always have split ends" and NOW IT COMES "mine are too thick – that’s why I always have my hair thinned out". What!? All eyes suddenly turn towards this crazy person who is seriously FREELY thinning her hair. Yeah, you kind of can’t really understand that right off the bat. But, if you ask more closely, it is understandable

So, why do women get their hair thinned out:

1. Thick hair are not only heavy, but often also robust and are difficult to style. Volume and natural stand do not exist, so to speak, thanks to gravity. Curls don’t last either because they unhook way too quickly and it takes forever to comb through or style them properly. The longer thick hair is, the more work and care it needs.

2. Too much, thick hair disturbs the proportions. If you imagine a petite, small person with extremely thick hair, you can imagine that the whole head somehow does not fit the rest of the body. Thinning can be used to bring the wale mane back into line with the overall look, creating more beautiful proportions.

3. Short hairstyles not only look more casual, but can also be styled much cooler if they are thinned out and thus made more fringy.

4. Some haircuts often have too hard contours. If very thick hair is added to this, it looks almost wig-like. The hair then needs more structure and especially softer contours.

How does the hair thinning:

Thinning hair actually works like this: individual strands of hair are frayed, so to speak, several, loose hairs are graduated and in the end you have not less, but better distributed hair. The lengths are simply tapered thinner.

The cost at the barber shop for the hair thinning are different depending on hair length and effort. Some ladies may only want to thin out the bangs and tips, while others may want to thin out the entire head. It’s best to ask about the price at a GoSee, so just go there, have your hair looked at and be clear about what you want. This allows the hairdresser to accurately determine the cost.

The DIY method:

1. Basic conditions
You need first of all an Effili shears. There are online, but also in drugstores already from 6 €. However, it is worth investing in a slightly more expensive, stainless steel scissors. They are often better polished and glide through the hair more easily.

Before you reach for the Effili scissors, your hair should be freshly washed and blow-dried. Because only in freshly washed, dry hair shows the full volume. It is best not to use styling products either.

2. Here’s how
1. Part the hair horizontally, starting at the nape of the neck, into a puff and work section by section until you reach the hairline.

2. Set the Effiliation scissors approximately in the middle of your hair length on a strand of hair. Close the scissors and slide them along the hair to the tips. Repeat about a few centimeters below the first attachment point, then move to the next strand. Once a complete yoke is done, you part off the next one.

3. Once you’re all the way through, it’s time to do some touch-ups:
A thorough combing and analysis in the mirror to see where there might still be a few too many hairs. Then start again and pull through the Effilierschere.

Alternatives to Effiliation Scissors:

If you don’t dare to use the effiliation scissors yourself, and you don’t want to leave money at the hairdresser’s, or you don’t want to thin out your hair at all, there are other ways to visually reduce it:

1. There are special shampoos and conditioners that manage to visually reduce the hair and make it look thinner and smoother. This is especially suitable for all those who love their thick hair, but sometimes still wish for a little less fullness.

2. Also a possibility is the straightening iron. This can visually reduce the volume and the hair also gets a nice shine. But as always, please don’t forgo heat protection if you choose this method.

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