Gta online: how to give money to other players?

What is it about? The world of GTA Online is built on earning as much money as possible to buy expensive content such as luxury cars or real estate. But what if you are short of money yourself or want to help out friends and other players??

GTA players always ask in public meetings how to give money to other players. We show you here two methods in which you can do this in 2021 via detours.

This is how you give other players GTA dollars in 2021

There is a function for it? More or less, yes. To do this, you must first complete jobs or heists. You can’t just take your personal assets that you’ve built up over the years.

Can transfer money? Unfortunately you can’t just go to the ATM in GTA Online and transfer your money to other players. A function for it does not exist in GTA Online in this form unfortunately.

1. Method: Give money to players after jobs

How to: The important thing is that the two players play together in the same session. You can invite friends to your GTA Online session via the Social Club or simply join them via the Social Club.

GTA Online King-in-the-Castle Won

Freeroam events go quickly and bring easily earned money

Now you play jobs from GTA Online. These can be orders in freeroam, such as:

  • Drive the farthest distance without crashing your car,
  • Drive the farthest distance with a wheelie
  • Get the most checkpoints
  • Business battles of nightclubs
  • Cause the most damage
  • etc.

But races, missions and heists also count towards this.

Once you’ve done the job, you open the interaction menu, select "Inventory" and then "Cash". Now you have the possibility to share some of the money you earned in the last job with other players.

2. Method: Giving money to players through heists

How it works: You can give more money to other players through heists than through freeroam jobs. However, this is not money that belonged to you before, but an income.

  • You choose a heist you want to play
  • Invite the player with money problems to do so
  • Set the money distribution on the planning board so that the friendly player gets as much % of the loot as possible
  • Successfully complete the heist

After the heist, all players immediately get paid the share they agreed on the planning board.

GTA Online Heist money distribution

According to your % distribution on the planning board, players are paid after the successful heist

Take advantage of these heists: In GTA Online there is a wide range of different heist. If you’re looking to make or distribute a lot of money, certain heists are more worthwhile than others. In our overview we show you all the heists from GTA Online how much money they bring.

Earn fast money – also with new players

Where there is a lot of money? In the world of Los Santos there are many ways to earn money. You can rob the small stores or gas stations on the map to quickly earn a few thousand GTA dollars.

Treasure hunts, on the other hand, bring you even more money. There you are looking for certain parts hidden on the map and pocketing money for each part you find. In addition, you will receive significantly more GTA dollars for completely solving the treasure hunt.

Lucrative treasure hunts in GTA Online

Don’t you like to depend on the help of other players and want to earn a lot of money solo? No problem. You have several opportunities to get rich in Los Santos. As a leader of a motorcycle club or as CEO of your own company.

In our guide we show you 13 ways how to earn a lot of money fast in GTA Online in 2021. There are methods for beginners who have little capital and for advanced players who are ready to invest.

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