Grow long hair in men: tips for the transition

Grow long hair in men: tips for the transition

You are tired of your short hair? Then just let your hair grow. There are also great hairstyles for men with longer hair to match the styling. Our tips tell you how to grow your hair faster as a man and what you can do in the transition phase.

1. Growing hair: how long it takes

How fast hair grows, depends on various factors. In addition to age and gender, one’s physical health also plays a role, as well as hormone status. In addition, hair does not just grow straight out, but in cycles. So also not all hairs grow the same length or the same amount every day. While some hairs are growing, other hairs may be in the resting phase.

This results in an average hair growth between 0.3 and 0.5 mm per day. So in a month hair can gain about 1 to 1.5 cm in length with it. Depending on the initial length of your hair, you should allow a duration of approx. Allow 1 to 2 years to go from short hair to shoulder length hair.

2. Transition: Keep your hair looking its best

Man to hair styling at the barber

Even if you want to let your hair grow, still go to the hairdresser for maintenance.

Especially the transition from short hair to shoulder-length hair is often perceived as a nuisance. Shape With the right care and transitional hairstyles this time as pleasant as possible. If you take these things to heart during the growth phase, you’ll always look really good during the transition:

  • Visit a hairdresser at regular intervals.
  • Have the ends of your hair cut in spite of hair growth.
  • Try different hairstyles as you transition.
  • Take care of your face and beard, which will distract from your hair.

3. Let your hair grow long: Tips for care

Growing your hair long is back in fashion for men too. However, long hair requires more care, so in addition to just washing and drying, you should also resort to the right products. Our tips show you, How to stimulate hair growth and take good care of your hair.

3.1. Use the right shampoo

The right shampoo is indispensable in hair care. There is a wide range of shampoos on the market, which supposedly accelerate hair growth. But a look at the ingredients reveals that many shampoos contain ingredients that unnecessarily weigh down the hair. For example, silicones, mineral oils and parabens can be found in quite a few care products for hair washing. Prefer to use products that are free of chemical additives. Shampoos with herbal ingredients supply your hair with the necessary nutrients and provide sufficient moisture and care.

3.2. Refrain from blow drying too hot

Man combs his hair for care

Proper care helps hair growth and makes you look good.

After shampooing your hair, you should Do not rub your hair too hard, otherwise you risk breaking the delicate hair in the process. Rather gently squeeze the moisture out of your hair, especially to protect the ends. Start at the top of your head and slowly work your way towards the ends of your hair with the towel. If you really want to blow dry your hair for your hairstyling, choose a medium or cold setting. Also, never hold the hair dryer too long on one spot, but always in motion and also with some distance from the hair.

3.3. Massage your scalp

To stimulate hair growth, make sure your scalp has good circulation. For this you can for example Use a rich oil, which contains many valuable vitamins. Coconut oil or olive oil help to moisturize dry hair and tense scalp and keep both supple. To do this, simply wet your fingertips with some oil and massage it into washed hair. Leave the oil on for about an hour before washing it out again with a mild shampoo.

3.4. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar

If you want to let your hair grow, apple cider vinegar is considered to be proven home remedy for a hair conditioner. Vinegar is not only effective against greasy and flaky hair, but also gives them a natural shine. Since you should also comb your hair well during the transition, apple cider vinegar is also suitable for this purpose to make your hair soft and combable. To do this, mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 500 ml of water and rinse your hair with it. Massage the mixture lightly and do not rinse afterwards. The smell of vinegar will quickly disappear in the air and you will benefit from a simple means for shiny hair.

3.5. Comb your hair well

Man with shoulder-length hair

Accelerating hair growth is only partially possible, patience is needed instead.

Even though, as a man, the laborious combing of hair may be foreign to you, so regular brushing helps hair growth after all. At the same time combed hair looks better cared for especially during the transition. But it depends not only on regular combing, but also on the right brush. With a comb that only plucks at the hair, you will otherwise tear your hair out. First loosen individual strands of hair from each other by gently running your fingers through your hair several times. Then brush your hair carefully so that no knots are formed. Also, you should only comb your hair when it is completely dry. Otherwise, you risk unnecessary hair breakage similar to drying.

4. Ways to accelerate hair growth

Besides just hair care, you usually need to be patient until your hair is long enough. But there are still more recommendations to make your hair grow faster. Read in our table, which are the possibilities and what they are good for.

  • Coffee or coffee grounds are said to stimulate hair growth and protect against hair loss.
  • Coffee grounds are massaged into the hair and rinsed after an exposure time.
  • Whether it helps what, is controversial so far, it does not harm in any case.
  • A hair conditioner with beer is said to have a positive effect on hair and its growth.
  • Beer actually improves hair structure and makes hair more beautiful.
  • However, the hop drink does nothing to accelerate hair growth.
  • Egg yolk contains many nutrients that healthy hair urgently needs.
  • Yolk is massaged into wet hair and rinsed out again with lukewarm water.
  • Especially the contained selenium and zinc should support the lively hair growth.

If you try various household remedies, it can help your hair nourish and grow, however, you should not rely on it alone.

5. What else you can do for healthy hair growth

In addition to the aforementioned care tips, a comprehensive supply of nutrients such as vitamins like biotin and trace elements is important. This strengthens hair and scalp. Minerals such as zinc and iron, as well as proteins such as keratin, are also important for hair growth. With a healthy and Balanced diet plus enough fluids Support the nutrient supply. If the cells of the scalp are well supplied, they also form healthy hair follicles.

In this video you can see some hairstyle tips for men with long hair as an example:

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