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You would like to know how to write a good story or even a funny text message? It doesn’t always have to be a novel, even great authors started small. How to captivate readers – you can find out here.

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There are actually people who like to write. Those who enjoy inventing their own characters, places and plots – whether it’s a crime novel or a love story. But also in class and in exams you will sometimes encounter the task "Continue writing a story". Inventing your own texts, writing poems, coming up with a rap, rewriting stories or even writing texts for pictures – all this is called creative writing.

And why now creative?

Creative means creating something yourself. Writing professionals use a variety of tricks to stimulate their own imagination and bring their language to life. How do they do it? For example, we "beamed" ourselves into the Wild West and a western story continued.

In the beginning was the bank robbery

This is how our Western began: The Colorado Creek Bank Robbery

Long ago, deep in the Wild West, there was a small gold mining town called No-Name City. It lay abandoned in the valley of Colorado Creek. Their inhabitants, prospectors, trappers, cowboys and ranchers, lived peacefully until the railroad was built on the edge of town. With it came not only more prospectors to town, but also some scoundrels. Raids on the stagecoach and railroad struck fear into the hearts of residents. But Sheriff Steven Colt almost always succeeded in catching the thieves. One day, it was a hot Friday morning, the prospectors were just coming out of the saloon and the hot steppe wind was whipping the sand through the streets, it happened. It banged loudly. There was wild shooting in the bank. Two hooded bandits jumped out of the bank building. They threw the sacks with the bundles of money on their horses and galloped off with a loud bang. The teller’s assistant Mister Jack Goldman dragged himself bleeding out of the bank.

With the following Checklists you learn how to better understand the text, describe people and places, and build action. After that, you can use important tips about revising texts find.

Checklist 1


Read and understand the text

Step by step

As you click through one tip at a time, you’ll get a brief guide on how best to handle a foreign text to fully grasp it.

Tip 1

Get to know the text

1. Step: Read through the text quietly and silently.

2. Step: Mark all words that are unclear to you by underlining them with a certain color or with a wavy line.

3. Step: Try to tell in your own words what the text is about and what you already know about the topic of the text.
Example for westerns: cowboys, saloon, gold-rush atmosphere, mountains, Lucky Luke .

Tip 2

Clarify new and unfamiliar words

1. Step: Many words can be deduced from the context of the text. So read the sentences and mark an unknown word.
Example: Sheriff Colt rode through the endless country of the Prairie. Far and wide he saw neither animals nor people nor houses.
Prairie = a wide, uninhabited land Landscape

2. Step: If you can’t make out the words from the context of the text, look them up in the dictionary.

Tip 3

Mark important passages in the text

In a factual text, you can specifically search for important information on a factual topic.

In a literary text, this important information People or special Places, that play an important role in the plot. Equally important are the individual action steps. Mark this information differently in the text, as in the following example, or with different colors.

Example Tip 3

It might look like this:

. With it came not only more Gold diggers to the city, but also some Villains. The stagecoach and the railroad were attacked and the inhabitants were frightened. But Sheriff Steven Colt almost always succeeded in catching the thieves. One day, it was a hot Friday morning, the gold prospectors had just come out of their Saloon and the hot steppe wind whipped the sand through the streets, it happened. It banged loudly. In the Bank was wildly shot.

Tip 4

Summarize text

Now you have already understood much of the text. Now it is important that you write down what you already know. There are several possibilities for this:

– a bullet point list
– a mind map
– a drawing / a comic

Tip 5

If you want to improve your reading skills and text comprehension, click through the GRIPS Deutsch 10 Reading and understanding texts better!

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